When people are working with the Law of Attraction, there is one hurdle that can often seem more challenging to get over than some of the other positive changes that are being made in their lives.

This hurdle is forgiveness.

I would like to explain to you about it so that you can clearly see and understand how the Law of Attraction works with forgiveness, so that you will be able to easily unlearn your own beliefs about forgiveness.

The Universe does not dwell on past mistakes or anything that has already been done. The Universe does not attract to you things that you wanted to attract ten or twenty years ago. The Universe and the Law of Attraction are obedient only to what is happening in the present and what you are planning in the future.

As far as it is concerned past actions are past actions. What has been done has already passed. It is good to learn from past mistakes, but the learning process does not require you to hold onto grudges or resentments.

You might feel that resentment is a good reminder to avoid certain kinds of people – but it is not. Resentment is not positive or transformative; it is negative and counter-productive. Let me give you an example of what happens when you do not forgive and let go of past injustices;

A friend asks to borrow your lawnmower, promising to return it within a couple of days and you agree to this arrangement. A few days pass and it has not been returned and your friend is not even answering your calls. You start to feel frustrated, angry and let down. Time passes and you learn that this so called “friend” has moved out of the area taking your lawnmower with them.

You certainly feel entitled to be extremely angry and you call your former friend many different names including being a thief. You hold onto that anger, not letting go and even in years to come you still tell other people the story of how you trusted someone and how they stole from you and as you tell your story, you can still feel those old angry feelings as if it was today.

Can you see what has been created here? Yes, taking your lawnmower was wrong – but your judgement of the other person has created within you a whole lot of anger and resentment, being held inside always in the present moment. It is you holding onto the suffering and anger.

Holding grudges and being an unforgiving person requires a lot of energy. Dwelling in the negative realm requires double the energy and the effort. So can you see how you really are just wasting energy on something that you cannot do anything about anymore?

By forgiving everyone, including yourself, and letting go of your judgments; forgiveness dissolves all of the negativity within you and frees you from the bondage of resentment and allows you to heal inside. By relinquishing the last strands of anger and resentment, you can begin to form happier and more positive thoughts and emotions.

As I have already said this can be a challenge to some people, this method can take time to learn and apply in real life. So begin with letting go of your personal judgments, and forgiveness will come more easily, which will bring you peace of mind and more clarity to focus on what you truly wish to order from the Universe. Remember, you want to be in the best position to manifest your desires and Non-forgiveness will hold you back.

So now you know that when you hold on to a grudge against someone, you are holding on to a negative energy. It might have been something as small as a misunderstanding or something as big as a spouse cheating on you.

Either way, if you hold on to that negative energy, it begins to negatively affect you. It can spoil your day, your week, and your year or for as long as you chose to hold on to it, the negative effects will continue. You become more irritable, less patient, less understanding, more reactive, more emotional, more stressed and may even become ill.

The cure for that negative energy is forgiveness.

Next to gratitude, forgiveness is the single most powerful way to positively transform your life, no matter what has happened in the past.

I recommend that you write down a forgiveness script for yourself and whoever it may concern, then find a quiet place and a time that you will not be disturbed, spend a minute or two to become centred and grounded and then focus completely on reading your written script out loud. When you do this with sincerity and honesty – you will only need to this once.

Here is an example of a script that forgives and releases a person, friend or partner that is no longer a positive influence in your life. It is only a guideline and you may change and tweak it to fit with who or what is going on in your own life.

“I, (your name), forgive myself and am sorry for any not living up to the expectations that you, (their name), required from me, for any promises that I did not fulfil, any anger I directed to you and any hurt known or unknown that I caused you. I forgive you, (their name), for any promises that you did not fulfil, any anger you directed to me and any hurt you caused me known or unknown by you. Each one of us has suffered, known anger, abandonment and isolation. With love, I let go of any vows, contracts, promises and any agreements known or not known that I made to you and you have made to me, that keeps us both stuck in our suffering and pain, feeling rejected, tired and stuck. I now declare us individually complete and that you, just like me, find happiness and love within and without as you continue on your journey”.

When you apply this concept of forgiving yourself and the other person you will instantly feel better as you will no longer have to have this persons energy in your life, or stuck within your auric field on any level, mentally, emotionally or physically. You then become balanced and free, and you are stronger for having forgiven and let go of the past. This empowers you, revitalizes you and gives you a more positive outlook on your life in the present moment and your future. Making decisions will be easier about who and what is good for you in the present moment as you continue to honour yourself and connect to the wonderful authentic person you truly are.

I have endeavoured to keep the explanation of Forgiveness as simple as possible so that you can start to have a better understanding of it.

As you are now becoming aware this is a huge subject and if you feel that you need any support and guidance I am available by phone or online via Skype as well as in person during a one-to-one session.