Do You Often Feel Tired and Stressed?

Do You Often Feel Tired and Stressed?

Do you often feel tired and stressed?
That it takes a lot effort to keep up with your daily activities?

One if the main causes of tiredness that goes unrecognised is that you are dehydrated. When you are not drinking enough water on a daily basis, you become fatigued, feel stressed out and that in turn will lead to headaches and aches and pains throughout your body.

Your body does a marvellous job at keeping you alive. Just for a minute I would like you to imagine that all your joints in your body are like a shower head and that when you are getting the correct amount of water to drink, the water gets distributed evenly throughout your body, into all of your organs and your joints.

Now, imagine it from the body’s point of view that if there was not enough water to go round, where would be the best place to cut back on first?

The answer is: where it is needed least in order for you to survive. This starts with your joints, maybe in your fingers first, then your knees, shoulders, ankles etc. Those shower heads get turned off!!

The last sign of dehydration is dry lips; a common mistake that many of us can make – is mistaking thirst as hunger, and will have something to eat rather than having a glass of water. So, the next time you feel or hear your tummy rumble, have a glass of water and if, in 20 minutes time, it is still rumbling go ahead and have something to eat.

You need to drink approximately 2 litres of water or more per day; if you have a very active life then you will need more. In the beginning when you increase your water intake you will be visiting the toilet more, this is normal and is the body’s way of releasing any unwanted toxins, it will soon settle down and become more regular again.

Another thing that many people do is push themselves throughout the day, without taking enough time to stop and rest. No matter what you do on a daily basis it is very important to stop and rest often. I recommend wherever possible you take a short break every 45 minutes or at the longest every one and a half hours or settle for a time somewhere in-between.

When you completely stop what you are doing and take the time to have a short walk, have a glass of water, stretch etc. It will help you to refocus on what you were doing, inspire you with new ideas and give you motivation to continue on.

Often we can become so busy that our mental energy actually expands and shows up outside our head. When I see this in someone’s auric field it will often be above the head or to one side of it, then you will feel out of sorts and often get the feeling of running around like a headless chicken!

If you can recognise this feeling or experience something similar, you will know it also becomes hard to think straight, you become forgetful and start to make mistakes.

Here is a quick and easy technique for you to do, to become grounded and centred

You can do this standing or sitting and almost anywhere at any time although obviously not while driving or operating machinery etc.

Take a deep breath in and hold it for 4 seconds, then when you release it, take your time, extending it to the count of eight of more. This simple breathing technique will signal to your body that it is okay to relax. Just like when you come home from a busy day out and flop into the sofa with a huge sigh!!

You may use this breathing technique anytime you need to let go of any tension or anxiety and you may breathe in and out for as long as you need to, the more you practice this the easier and quicker it will be to relax in any situation.

Next close your eyes and bring your full awareness to the base of your spine and into the coccyx area, just feel your energy dropping down into that lower area of your body, expand it into your hips and genitals. You may experience it as a feeling of being weighed down or heaviness, and then just allow that energy to travel down your legs, into your knees and your feet. This will connect you to the earth’s energy making you feel grounded.

Now imagine that at the top of your ears going through the middle of your head there is an imaginary floor, and that a small version of yourself is just sitting there. Allow yourself to open your eyes and as you open your eyes, the mini version of you is looking through them.

You will know that you are doing this right, when your vision becomes more binocular – what I mean by this is that as you look out of your eyes, you will become aware of the bridge or tip of your nose, maybe your cheek bones, your eye lashes etc. Now you are back inside your head, and all the time you have an awareness of the tip of your nose then you will know that you are safely centred within your own head.

You can practice these techniques often throughout the day, at any time when needed, and in no time at all you will able to do them effortlessly and easily, helping to keep yourself grounded and centred throughout the day.