Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I hope you had an enjoyable New Years Evening, whether you were snuggled up at home or out partying!!

Before you set about making your New Years Resolutions, I recommend that you take the time to reflect back on the year of 2015 and remember the opportunities that you had, changes you made and things you accomplished. Chances are you accomplished a lot more than you realised!

When you make your New Year Resolutions, please ensure that they are ones that you would like to accomplish and not those of another. Ask yourself why do I want to achieve this resolution and how will it benefit me?

As you decide what your goals are for the year, break them down into smaller steps so that they will be easier to achieve -, some goals will take longer than others. Setting goals will bring changes into your life, so be prepared to go with the flow and be in sync with the universal flow then life will run more smoothly for you.

Know also that the journey you are on is as important as the goal itself and that it is okay to change your goals if they are no longer of benefit to you – so review them once in a while to ensure that you are still enjoying the journey and not setting yourself up for any failures by making the goal so huge and then deciding to achieve it within a month etc. It is good to stretch outside your comfort zone, yet not good to overdo it.

Life is all about choice and experiences. Say, for example, you decide to save two thousand pounds this coming year and travel around India for a month and an opportunity comes up once you have saved one thousand pounds to go to Bali for three weeks. You simply make a choice as to whether to change your goal and go to Bali and then continue to save once you have returned. You may decide not to go to Bali and that is okay too as it is just a choice. You would not be a failure if you changed your mind and went to Bali.

Choose the goals that are most important to you now and put yourself in control of the changes that you would like to achieve.