2016 is the Universal Year 9

2016 is the Universal Year 9

The weather is certainly letting us know we are now in winter, and has given us the first snowflakes of the year. My snowdrops in the garden are out early and the central heating has been turned on. I hope you are having a good start to the year and looking forward to the coming months ahead.

2016 is the Universal Year 9. It is easily calculated by adding up the numbers 2+0+1+6=9. Number 9 symbolizes the ending of a cycle. This number is all about completions and endings, as when a cycle ends another starts.

So in this year 2016 you have the opportunity to look back over the last eight years and choose what has served you and what hasn’t. Experiences you have enjoyed and would like to create more of and the not so good experiences that you have learned from do not want to be repeated.

This gives you the opportunity to release anything or anybody that maybe holding you back and will not be of positive influence/benefit to you in the future. As you revise all the things you have done, some will be able to be altered and tweaked for better and others will be best left alone.

Maybe you had some good ideas that you never acted on. This year is a good year to decide whether to bring them into the light or let them go completely.  As the year continues, regularly check all areas of your life to ensure that this is the energy that you want to take with you into 2017 which is a new cycle, another new beginning. You may decide to lay down new foundations this year and have them firmly in place ready for 2017.

This is like collecting in your harvest and sorting out the weak seeds that will not be planted next year!

We all have a limited amount of time, so it is important that you recognise and understand that as you create new changes, you must let go of the old that no longer serves you. It is impossible to keep the old and the new together as there will not be enough time to do so and you will become out of balance, tired and exhausted. So focus your time and energy on the aspects of your life that will provide you with the greatest benefit and ensure you allow time for rest and play.

Letting go is much is easier said than done and can be challenging at times, maybe change it to saying “goodbye” then you can look forward to saying “hello” to the new people and new opportunities that come your way. When a door closes on you take it as a sign that these people or opportunities are not required in your future plans, which then frees you up to meet new people and do other things. Life is simply making room for you to receive more and better experiences, bringing you more happiness and success.

As you make your choices tune into your intuition and follow its guidance. Here is a way that can help you in your decisions, I use it regularly myself.

Imagine for a moment you are sitting or standing opposite somebody having a conversation, if you are enjoying the subject you will automatically step or lean forward to be closer to the person talking, if it is a subject that is of no interest to you or making you feel uncomfortable, you will step back or lean back.

So here is what you do, standing upright with your feet pointing forward and legs slightly apart (just hips width) then soften your knees so they are flexible. Now ask yourself a ‘yes or no’ question; e.g. is this person, situation, or job good for me?

Your body will respond as a YES by tilting/swaying forward or a tilting/swaying backwards for a NO sometimes the body will be quite discreet and the movement will be subtle and at other times it can nearly unbalance you completely. You are now communicating with yourself as a human pendulum connecting to your intuition and body wisdom.

Practice this often and very soon you will be able to trust yourself completely with your own choices in life.

You may also like to use an actual pendulum at times and if so then I recommend you click here.

When you trust in yourself and create the changes needed, you become the leader of your own journey!