Clairsentience is the ability to feel and interpret the feelings of others.

Being an empath can be richly rewarding, but it can also have its downside. Some who are very sensitive may find that they inadvertently take on the emotions or symptoms of others.

It is important to ask yourself where your feelings are coming from, particularly if you feel a particular emotion or physical symptom come on suddenly. If you are around a very anxious person, you may start to feel a lot of tension, or if you are around a very angry or depressed person, you may feel inexplicably low on energy, irritable, or sad.

It is important for empaths to clear and balance the chakra system, and to guard themselves against the potential to have their energy drained.

Some people are just energy zappers, and they don’t realize they are doing it. This doesn’t mean you need to remove yourself from your family or society, It means you need to take certain precautions to ensure you don’t lose your vitality.

With clairsentience/empathy, it can be difficult to find that balance. On one hand, you have to be able to take on feelings/symptoms from others to a certain extent, to be of help, but if you become so involved that you become affected negatively, that balance is lost.

Objectivity is difficult for empaths at times, but is absolutely essential.

There is a place where you come to where you can remain empathetic but detached, and that is the goal to work for.

This is when we can feel or sense a person’s emotional layers and physical ailments through our Heart Chakra. There is no visual experience attached, but there is strong sensing or emotional feeling.

This gift goes beyond just being sympathetic to a person’s plights. You may be around a person and feel happy, sad, angry, comfort, pain etc. because you are picking up on their body. e.g. You may feel a pain in your head and it turns out they have a headache, or you may feel tears for no reason when thinking of someone and this is because they are actually crying at that moment.

Clairsentients feel or sense how another person is emotionally and physically. Even if they are happy on the outside you can literally ‘feel’ their sadness on the inside.

Often those with Clairsentience live their lives around how it feels to them more than anything else. Anyone who is a Clairsentient would have a very sensitive heart. They tend to take on other’s feelings as their own which burdens their own heart and clogs the heart chakra. They can be over-sensitive; they just want to help everyone by acting as a counsellor for friends & family all the time, often at the expense of their own wellbeing.

This can cause many to see this gift as a burden, but actually when fine-tuned and controlled properly it is a powerful strength and can be a stronger gift than Clairvoyance.

Undeveloped empaths tend to take on other’s feelings as their own which burdens and overloads the heart chakra. Empaths can be over-sensitive, just want to help by acting as a counsellor for friends and family and help others, often at the expense of their own wellbeing. While this is noble, it is not healthy and hinders your own spiritual development. Balance is essential. Learning to not take on other people’s ‘stuff’ is key and includes encounters with anyone, anywhere – the checkout girl at the supermarket, the person you spoke to on the phone, etc. To become a developed Clairsentient, a lot of inner work and healing must be done on yourself first, so that you are strong enough to help others without the attachment to their drama/emotions.

Developed clairsentients often are natural Energy Healers and Mediums. Clairsentients also tend to receive spiritual messages in their dreams and should make effort to interpret their dreams.

The key to developing and controlling clairsentience is:

  1. Learn how to protect yourself from taking on another person’s energy.
  2. Learn how to release any energy you take on.
  3. Recognise when you’re taking on other people’s energy instead of thinking it’s your own.

Clairsentients can feel or sense a person’s emotional layers and physical ailments through their Heart Chakra.

This gift operates by you psychically picking up on either a person’s thoughts or can also be a message from spirit, and it’s immediately translated into a feeling or emotion.

Clairvoyants translate those same things into visions.

Clairaudients translate them into sounds or words.

Examples of Undeveloped Clairsentience Abilities

You might feel fine, then interact with someone or even just think of someone and then feel terrible seemingly out of nowhere, because of what’s going on for them at that time.

You might be in the presence of a very negative person or out in a public place and feel unusually drained afterwards (this is because of your sensitivity to their energy.)

You may think of someone or see someone who has a physical ailment – e.g. a headache or a cold and your clairsentience gift means that it translates for you into your head aching or your nose running even though you aren’t sick.

Clairsentience can mean you feel a Spirit or Angel around you rather than seeing them. You may also sense or feel if they are a male or female energy, and really feel what they look like even though you can’t see them. You might just sense they have brown hair or blue eyes rather than actually being able to see them visually. And those feelings/senses would be accurate, you should trust them. When this beautiful gift is properly developed we see powerful Healers at hand.

We must remember that being Empathic is not a burden, it’s a gift. It is a valuable tool, it is part of who you are and this gift allows you to potentially help many.

The single biggest issue with translating psychic information into an emotion is that if you aren’t conscious of it, often we confuse it as our own emotions and don’t realize we have actually taken it on from another and in fact that emotion does not belong to us.

Or – if we are conscious of ourselves taking on the person’s energy, we don’t fully understand how to stop ourselves from taking it on.

And so because of that, often many of us perceive Clairsentience to be a burden and enter into a victim role mind-set. But we must remember how our thoughts manifest – if you believe it’s a burden, then, it will be. If you believe that you can’t protect yourself from other people’s energy, then you won’t. But if you know and trust it’s a gift and strength, that you are safe and protected, then, you will be.

Fine Tuning Your Clairsentience

Learning to not take on other people’s ‘stuff’ is the key. Balance is essential. Begin by having awareness of encounters with other people – phone, Facebook, email, in-person.

Be conscious of how those interactions make you feel and using your sensitivity, notice when you begin to take on their energy. When you identify it happening, this is your moment to actively stop taking it on.

Use your breathing– you can actively breathe in your own divine pure energy, and breathe out everyone else’s.

Use the power of your mind. Power of the mind is fundamental. Don’t slip into that victim role of worrying that you’re taking bad energy on, because worry is a form of fear.

Often a good cry is a most effective release.

Try keeping a spiritual protection tool with you such as a Crystal. Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Green Fluorite, or whatever you’re drawn too, can be an excellent tool/helping hand –in keeping unwanted energy away. Crystal protection is a good when being in a public place.

Connect with mother earth. Go for a swim in the ocean, lie on the grass, and breathe the fresh air.

Developing Your Clairsentience

One of the most important lessons to remember is that it will take time for you to accurately interpret the senses you receive.

You will likely pick up accurately on the situation, e.g. the person feels unwell; however it is how you gauge the severity of it that will need fine tuning, for example, you may feel like this person has a brain tumour when in fact all they have is a headache.

To become a developed Clairsentient, a lot of inner work and healing must be done on yourself first, so that your heart remains fully open without barriers up and operates from love so that you are strong enough to help others without the attachment to their drama/emotions.

The vulnerability of your heart is what will make you an incredibly powerful empath.

When you pick up on negative vibes, acknowledge them, and then let them go.

Then ask spirit to show you some POSITIVE things about that person or situation. When you’re in the company of someone and you pick up on their negative vibes, do not get caught up in them – let them go and ask spirit to show you the ‘good’ in them.

The empath in you needs to see both the good and bad, but then focus on the good – everyone’s soul is divine, there are no exceptions.

Negative vibes you pick up on simply show you that a person is at a different stage of their journey than you are. In choosing love, sustain a vision that they will become a far better person soon and hold that vision.

With Clairsentience, you have the opportunity to help many, you can use the power of empathy abilities to nurture humanity through trying times, you have unique perception into how to help a person who is experiencing feelings or situations that you know nothing about, yet you can help them because you feel what they feel.

When you can do that without taking on their energy, it allows you to stay level headed and with clarity, rather than getting caught up in the drama of the emotion with them. And, that is where you gain power to help and heal them – insight, understanding and a level head combined with a powerful heart that is open, makes for a very divine gift.

My advice to anyone who is strongly empathic is to take a course in Healing. This can help you learn how to maintain that balance and use your abilities to heal both yourself and others.