Energetic Spring Clean

Energetic Spring Clean

Spring is the time of new beginnings

Springtime is a perfect time to renew your energy, create fresh focus and vibrant inspirations. It is a great time for you to build momentum, make new choices and realign yourself with your desires and values.

Spring is my favourite time of year, I love the lighter evenings, seeing the newborn lambs in the countryside fields, watching the bare trees grow new leaves and spotting the first magnolia trees bud and display their beautiful colourful flowers!

I am always amazed at how Mother Nature knows exactly when and how to balance and take care of herself. Energetically this natural occurrence has a profound effect on us too as the planet literally creates a huge surge of energy for renewal. In turn, the creative planetary energy has a huge impact on our own energetic field (prana, chi, life force) releasing a surge of photon activity (light) encouraging our own cells to shed their heavy wintery load. This makes it an excellent time to let go and detoxify on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally.

We begin to feel refreshed and more energetic and have the sudden desire to start clearing out the cobwebs of the winter months.

Many of us focus this newfound energy burst by cleaning our homes (have you noticed how nearly every supermarket has cleaning products on offer at this time of the year!).

I would like you to consider that as well as doing your spring cleaning, that you also do a spring de-cluttering that will allow the energy to flow more easily throughout your home, and throughout your physical body.

Spring is about clearing out the old energy and bringing in new energy. It is a wonderful time to do a thorough home cleaning and energetic space clearing, which opens the door for new beginnings and new-found optimism in many other areas of your life.

Our homes often fill up with things we no longer need or use. Before we know it we are overwhelmed with stuff and clutter and often don’t know where or how to begin to clear out the clutter and make space for the new.

Start your spring clearing by cleaning all of the places that are not part of your usual routine. Clear out the junk drawer and focus on the hard-to-get-to places that never see the light of day – like the pan shelves, under the bed and the airing cupboard.

Open all of the windows as you clean, this allows the stale air out and the new crisp fresh air to flow around your home creating a natural space clearing, and you will immediately feel the difference.

The best way to get started is to aim to clear out one cupboard at a time – this will make it seem easier and much less daunting!

Sort through the things you no longer use, wear or like.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I love it?
  • Is it useful or something I use on a regular basis?
  • Does it reflect my current taste and style?

If not, pass it on to someone to whom it will be of use, moving the energy in a natural flow of recycling and reusing. Give them to charity or sell them at a car boot sale.

When you have decided on the items you no longer want or need, put them all in one place and take a moment to appreciate them and thank them for the service they have given you i.e. Your old magazines and books which held stories and pictures you enjoyed, or maybe it is your old plates and dishes that held so many memorable meals.

Truly take a brief moment to be thankful and grateful for all the things that you have packed-up to give away, sell or dispose of. This appreciation will allow you to let them go with ease and you will find comfort in knowing that another person will also benefit from them.

Once you have done your spring cleaning, decluttered and created new space, put down your feather duster and bring in items from nature that represent new beginnings;  fresh spring bulbs, cut spring flowers and colourful blossoms off flowering trees. Create spring baskets and arrangements, and display them prominently throughout your home. Their energy will be symbolic of new growth, to move your life forward in a positive new direction.

Time to Spring Cleanse and Revitalize your Body, Mind and Spirit

In the midst of all this cleaning, it is sometimes easy to forget that our bodies and spirits need a deep cleaning as well. We can hold onto past negative memories and emotional reactions in our energetic bodies, which eventually become held in the physical body. When our energy gets blocked we start to discover physical ailments such as tension, aches and disease.

If, over the winter, you have been prone to feeling:

Tired, low in energy and don’t have the energy to get things done; feel unfocussed, not grounded and scattered, stressed and drained. Maybe you have been getting poor sleep, have annoying aches and pains and brain fog! Maybe it feels like you are carrying other people’s problems as well as your own.

Then it is time to get an energetic spring clean.

As an intuitive holistic healer, I can help you to get your energies realigned, by clearing any blockages you may have within your auric field. Strengthen, clear, cleanse and balance your chakras, remove any lower negative entities, and dissolve any emotional cords that may be draining your energy.

Your energetic body is the foundation for your physical and spiritual health and vitality

The power of cleansing your energy shouldn’t be underestimated. When you cleanse your energetic bodies and chakras from any negative energy that may have been accumulating for years within your auric field, then you are able move forward in your life with positive emotions and a spring in your step.

Energetic Spring cleaning of the self brings incredible benefits, ranging from increased energy to a new, higher vision for your life. This healing lets you reclaim the space that negative energies have been occupying and fill it with your own divine vision.

As you let go of the old and open to the new, you will feel more balanced, grounded and in control of your life, be able to focus and have clarity in your life.

Once your energy is realigned, you will feel more energised, relaxed, yet alert and awake and this allows you room for personal growth, and to be able to focus more easily on the many other areas in your life.

Maybe you are new to the idea of receiving healing and have not even thought about having an energetic spring clean before?

Then why not give it a try?

You might be amazed at how rejuvenating it can be for you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Are you ready to dust off the energetic cobwebs and make way for new growth?

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It’s time to care for you.