Healing for Healers

Healing for Healers

We are surrounded by healers. They are easy to recognise, they are the ones who help ease your emotional and mental suffering. They are the ones who listen, laugh and cry with you.

Healers are amongst us every day. There are some that are easily recognised like doctors, nurses, therapists, reiki practitioners, carers, even hairdressers, masseurs and beauticians and then there are the ones who walk quietly with us – a friend, a loved one, a neighbour or a stranger.

Their energy is strong, caring and loving. They always have the right words to say and just being in their presence can even ease your physical and emotional pain, they give you strength, hope and encouragement.

Healers seem to be wise and have an understanding of life; they are empathic to your stories and your pain and give you the guidance and help that no other person is able to. They seem to be just like a magnet attracting those who need help and guidance.

Maybe you can recognise yourself in the description above and you know that on a deeper level this is one of the roles you are here to do. You are like a beacon of light, guiding people gently forward. Frequently putting those who need help first, even before their own needs, and often asking for nothing in return.  Helping and healing others makes you feel alive and gives you a sense of purpose, a feeling of this is what you are here to do.

Yet, many will not allow enough time, or even forget, to look after themselves. Being so busy looking after, healing and caring for others can take its toll. Leaving them exhausted, shattered and out of balance, often taking on the pain and sufferings of others and losing a part of themselves along the way as they get caught up and immersed in others stories and miseries that they forget their own.

Along the way their pain can accumulate and the help, healing and cures they give to another person do not seem to apply to themselves; they become an expert at hiding and burying their own problems as they continue to focus on others! Often they appear strong on the outside while inside they are hiding an emotional turmoil combined of a mixture of their own pain and others.

Because they give of their own personal energies, they become depleted, tired and often unwell themselves – yet still continue to give. Over time, this is not a good energy or place to be in for the healer or the person receiving the healing as the energies become weak, drained and not as effective. In order for a person to continue helping another, their own energies need to be in good strength, balanced and cleared from blockages that could be transferred to another person.

If you are reading this and the words are resonating with you then it is important to face your own conflicts and be able to grow in confidence and strength, to learn how to help another without absorbing their energies into your own, to be able to create boundaries and learn how to become detached from the outcomes, to be able to give fully without draining your own energies.

It is important to acknowledge that it is okay to receive help and healing for yourself as YOU are human too. I offer my service to you as an experienced Intuitive Holistic Healer to help clear you of any unwanted negative emotions and blockages that are your own and also may be that of others. I am able to give you guidance and help so that you can remain strong and powerful in your own energy which will enable you to continue to love help and heal others without draining your own energy and leaving you feeling exhausted. When you are feeling healthy physically, mentally and emotionally it will be easier to help another and make a difference in the world, as you attend to your own needs you too will become healed.

Remember, all Healers in all their chosen paths are regular normal people who also need healing at times and need the same help and guidance as they offer to others.

Is this you?

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