External Clairvoyance

External Clairvoyance

As you continue to develop and strengthen your natural senses you may start to see colours around your family, friends and those around you. This is a completely natural vision and is known as external clairvoyance.

Often, people will dismiss what they are seeing as their imagination or that the light is playing a trick on them. Auras are seen by using the peripheral vision, and an example of this would be when you go to the opticians and they do the eye test where you rest your chin and look into a white blank box and you are given a clicker to hold, then you are told to look straight ahead only and whenever you see a small flashing dot of light anywhere in the screen to click your clicker.

Another example of using your peripheral vision which I am sure all parents will understand is; having to focus on the job in hand while keeping your vision wide to keep an eye on the little ones! How many times has your child/children thought that you have eyes in the back of your head as you caught them doing something they were not meant to be doing!

One of the main reasons that most people fail to see the Aura around people, plants and animals is that they give up too easily, dismiss what they are seeing and do not give the time, effort and patience that is required to develop the underused muscles in their eyes. Imagine for a moment a horse that is walking with blinkers on, only looking straight ahead and not being able to see all the beautiful scenery around them – this is how life has become for many of you, just focusing on what is in front of you only.

Maybe you have tried looking at another person’s aura and this or something similar has happened!

Your volunteer sits and waits, for a long time, while you strain for a glimpse of their aura. You try to relax and concentrate and master a tricky visual technique, all at the same time. Inside you worry about what they are thinking of you. Are they getting bored or impatient? Do they think you foolish, a failure, or both? This kind of pressure causes tension that negatively affects the relaxed state needed to see the aura. Trying to get results under this kind of pressure, as a beginner, is next to impossible.

Practicing to See Auras

To see the aura you have to be able to relax and concentrate, at the same time, and there is a technique to focusing the eyes in a special way.

You need a soft dimmed light to train in. You do not want any harsh light shining or reflecting in your eyes! This is because while using your peripheral vision, the pupils of your eyes widen and to do this in bright sunlight would be harmful to you.

Make sure you have a plain neutral background – cream or white is best. If the wall colour is wrong, hang a sheet of a neutral colour as a backdrop.

Have a friend sit in front of the background, preferably wearing cream, white or black clothing (wearing bright coloured clothing can affect the colours of the aura) as the lighting is soft and dim, shadows will appear around the room, this is because colours get absorbed by the presence of light. You need to sitting or standing opposite them preferably at least four to six feet away.

Take as much time as you like to notice all the shadows that are around, so that you feel confident where they are, then ask your volunteer to remain still, they may like to close their eyes, making it easier for them if they feel uncomfortable being stared at!

Next, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. When you are calm, open your eyes and begin to focus on their face, gently hold that focus without straining your eyes, concentrate and blink normally without changing focus, and do not become preoccupied with blinking, as later when you are seeing the aura it may cause the aura to disappear for a second, but it will reappear quickly if you stay relaxed and hold your focus. If you just stare without blinking, your eyes will tense, become dry or water. It is important not to strain your eyes or tense your forehead, remember this is a completely natural way of seeing, yet you haven’t been using it very much and the muscles in and around your eyes need to relearn how to see this way.

Now, keeping relaxed (this may feel like a day dreaming state to you) focus on their nose as if it was the centre of a clock and the time is five past eleven and gently widen your vision so that you begin to take in each side of the room, when you have achieved this increase your vision so you are able to see the ceiling and the floor at the same time. Should your eyes become tired take a break and then do the process again and again until you are feeling confident and it becomes easy and natural for you.

As you hold your focus on your volunteer, the first thing that you will notice is that around their head, shoulder and body area is a glow of light. This may appear smokey to you or similar to a petrol haze on a road on a bright sunny day, it will appear white or blueish white in colour and if any of you can remember the “Ready Brek” adverts that warm glow around the body – just like that!

Congratulations, you are now seeing the first layer known as the etheric layer within the aura. This layer can be as small as quarter of an inch to three to four or more inches wide, depending on the health and how your volunteer is feeling in this given moment.

Keep your gaze relaxed and allow the aura to show more, as you continue to observe, keep your mind and own feelings positive, expect to see more and you will. Colours will start to show and some may be bright, others may be more subtle and/or some will be a flash of colour. It is important at this stage not to doubt what you are seeing, do not think it is just your imagination or that you are making it up. Enjoy what you see and look forward to seeing more each time you practise. Often, some of the first colours seen are Yellow, Blue and Green.

REMEMBER: DON’T CHANGE FOCUS or look directly at the aura as it will disappear – this is because your outer field of vision is many times more sensitive than the focused area is.

It takes practise to see auras, so don’t be disappointed if you fail, or see very little, the first few times you try, just resolve not to give up, once you have seen the etheric layer then you will know for definite that you have to abilities to see much more with practise and time. Keep a journal on what you see and begin to learn what the colours mean to you. There are many good books on the meaning of colours, which will create a foundation of knowledge for you. Yet, it will ultimately be what that colour means to you when you see it.

Here are some meanings usually given to colours that appear in the aura:         

  • Red: strength, sexuality, vitality, power, energy, anger, life
  • Pink: love, passion, defence, compassion
  • Orange: happiness, joy, caring, friendly, independent, emotional
  • Yellow: mental activity, intelligent, judgmental, teacher, critical, optimism, psychic abilities
  • Green: love, harmony, stability, balanced, sympathy, empathy, love, affinity with nature, a natural healer
  • Turquoise: purity, communication, going with the flow
  • Blue: relaxed, calm, self-expression, quiet, at peace with themselves
  • Violet: Spiritual development, creative, selflessness intuitiveness, imagination
  • White: innocence, wisdom, honesty, truth
  • Black and Grey: negative energy, illness, protection, secrets

I have been practising and teaching people to see auras for many years, it is a subject that I am passionate about and never cease learning from as time has passed, I am now able to recognise many things within the auric field and use that knowledge within my healing abilities to help others.

It has helped me in my personal life to recognise and stay away from negative people and situations – as the old saying goes “a person cannot hide his/her true colours” or is it “their true colours have emerged” which ever, as people become more aware of being able to “act” honestly the deceit will always show up in their colours.

By learning and developing your ability to see auras it is just one step in developing all of your other senses and combined together with your clairsentience and clairaudience will give you another way of seeing people and the world around you.

From practising this one way of seeing differently, you may also begin to see those who are in spirit around you as well.

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