Living in the present moment without attaching yourself to regrets about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow goes a long way towards clearing the chaos of everyday life!

Time never stands still it is always moving forward not waiting for anyone!We all have the same 86,400 seconds as each other within a 24 hour day; most of us sleep for an average of 8 hours leaving us with 16 hours to attend to our day.

How are you spending your hours? Maybe you work a 9 to 5 job with half an hour travelling either side so now you are left with only 7 hours.

Maybe it takes up to 2 hours a day to prepare and eat your meals leaving you now with just 5 hours spare.

For others of you it might work out that you have less than 5 hours, what with other commitments you need to attend to first before you have any time for yourself – that you could call quality personal time.

It could be that you have a load of time on your hands yet are wasting it by sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, procrastinating, or daydreaming about a future that you would like – yet taking no action towards achieving it.

In five hours one could achieve many positive things, including improving your health, your mind, and your spirituality. One could learn a new language, visit and connect with loved ones and friends. Relax and rejuvenate your energy from the day that you have had.

How many positive things can you think of that you would like to do?

Whether you have just one hour a day free time or more, make it count. The clock is ticking and time is passing you by.

Ensure that you keep an eye on the time and be disciplined when it comes to watching the television, spending hours on Facebook etc. Life is too short for unnecessary distractions; check in with what you are doing and ask yourself is it a positive interaction?

I think it is incredible that we have such amazing technology to learn from and connect with people from all over the world – are you using it wisely to connect with like-minded people who can help you grow or just floating around the web allowing time to just pass you by as you get distracted?

A lot of people today complain that they don’t have enough time and this is why it is important for you make each second count.

Ask yourself what is the best use of my time now?

It’s time for you to create positive changes and transformation in your life, it is time to focus on what you love and want to bring into your life that supports your highest potential.

Your lifetime isn’t very long, so stop for a moment and think about all the different areas of life and check in with which areas make you feel good, happy and relaxed.  Any areas that don’t make you feel good, know that you can start to take action to change them now – don’t wait as there are only so many tomorrows in this lifetime! You don’t know how many more tomorrows you will get to enjoy – so get busy by making the most of them.

Remember that this second, this moment is your life, the now is between each breath you take.  Keep focused in the present, the here and now, and stop mulling over regrets from the past, you know they cannot be changed. Decide what future you would like to create and with clarity put your intention into creating it, one second, one minute, one hour and one day at a time!

Decide now to live each moment in full, being happy and with no fear or regret!

Listen to your heart, when you are in the moment of what is truly right for you, your heart feels open, warm, it expands and things feel pleasant and joyous putting a smile on your face – yet when your heart is out of balance it feels constricted and heavy causing you to frown.

Remember: never allow waiting to become a habit, live your dreams and take risks and live your life to the full. Life is happening now!