Congratulations Melanie and Joy,who have recently, and successfully, completed the Intuitive Holistic Healing Course and are now fully qualified Healers.

Have you ever wondered why we are known as beings of light or why healers call themselves light-workers?

This is because at the centre of each cell within our body there is a spark of light. There is also a spark of light within the air particles that we breathe.

We all have an energy field which is known as an Aura which is within and around our body and is shaped like an egg. Often when the auric field is wider on one side than the other, a person may feel tired and out of balance. The aura is made up of colours representing who you are and showing what is going on within your body.

We also have Chakras (energy vortices) throughout our bodies which resonate to our energy field and if these become low or blocked then eventually this could lead to depression and even onto more serious illnesses. For example the chakra at the base of your spine is known as the root chakra and is the colour red, it links to your survival energy, home, money and sexual energy. When this chakra is low in energy then a person will experience problems with their lower back, hips, legs and feet.

I recommend that on a daily basis throughout the day and especially before going to sleep at night that you take the time to call back any parts of you that you may have left behind elsewhere throughout the day – this could be at work, with a friend and or loved one, the gym or the supermarket. Visualize yourself like a magnet attracting any splinters of yourself returning back to you or you could imagine it is like a parent calling a child home. Then you can sleep soundly knowing and feeling that you are whole and complete.

  • Would you like to become a certified Intuitive Holistic Healer?
  • Maybe you are looking for a new career opportunity?
  • Would like to add to your existing profession?

Intuitive Holistic Healing’s 4-day training course will give you the skills and techniques to help you to heal yourself and others. As an energy healer you will learn the ability to see the person as a whole and connect beyond the physical body by using the universal energy that is all around us, to help restore the body, mind and soul to a state of balance and harmony.