The Aura and Chakras are both independent subjects, but due to the interaction between them, it would be more beneficial to merge these subjects into one to give you a more complete understanding of them.

The Chakras, or energy centres, create an energy field around the body. This energy field is called the Aura. The Aura is described as layers of thermal energy located from the skin outwards into the atmosphere up to one metre wide and often further. The Chakras influence how the Aura is constructed because of the different energies sent into the Aura.

The Chakras and the Aura separately require a great deal of study. Because of the amount of study involved in this subject I will give you a brief outline to introduce the basic elements involved, this will make it easier for you to assimilate the information.

Each Chakra has its own colour; element; musical note; sense; mantra; gemstone; preferred food; gland and organ.

The history of Auras goes way back to the first person that saw the glow around other people. More familiar examples are Christian mystics who described the Aura as a halo or spiritual radiance. Today, modern researchers measure the Aura as an electro-magnetic field that surrounds all living things.

Chakras are also called energy centres or psychic centres which indicate that they are a living force. Chakra is the ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel.

THE FIRST CHAKRA is known as the Root or Base Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the colour RED. This Chakra is the life force as it channels energy to the physical body. It relates to instincts, self-preservation and survival as we know it.

THE SECOND CHAKRA is known as the Sacral or Navel Chakra. It is located in the region of the abdomen near the navel area and associated with the colour ORANGE. It relates to physical energy and vitality, emotions and harmony.

THE THIRD CHAKRA is known as the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is located in the region of the solar plexus and is associated with the colour YELLOW. It relates to emotional issues, transformation and soul awakening.

THE FOURTH CHAKRA is known as the Heart Chakra. It is located in the centre of the chest and is associated with the colour GREEN. It relates to unconditional love, compassion, understanding, harmony and the life force from the higher self.

THE FIFTH CHAKRA is known as the Throat Chakra. It is located in the region of the throat and is associated with the colour BLUE. It relates to sound and creative communication concerning the written and spoken word.

THE SIXTH CHAKRA is known as the Third Eye or Brow Chakra. It is located just between the eyebrows and just above the bridge of the nose and is associated with the colour INDIGO. It relates to thought, soul realisation, visualisation, insight and intuition.

THE SEVENTH CHAKRA is known as the Crown Chakra. It is located on the top of the head and is associated with the colour VIOLET. This chakra relates to the unification of the higher self with the human personality, including divine wisdom and understanding, inspiration and super consciousness.

As well as these seven main chakras we have many minor chakras throughout out body and within our auric field.

The most important of the Minor Chakras are those in the palms of your hands and the tips of your fingers.

Even though they are considered as minor chakras, the energy centres located in the palm of your hands are a very powerful tool for perception and healing. Healers appreciate the quality of energy flowing through their hand chakras, but also anyone, with a little awareness of energy, can grasp the importance of these centres.  They allow healing energy to flow both in and out and are associated with the act of giving and receiving. They are often seen as silver/white or gold/white in colour – yet have the ability to channel all colours when giving healing.

Just like the other chakras, the centres of energy located in your hands are what allow you to interact with the world on an energetic level – think about how many people you shake hands with on a daily basis as you extend your hand in friendship, you are also directing your energy towards them at the same time and receiving information about their energy at the same time. Can you remember a time when afterwards you felt a bit off or maybe unsettled? This would be because the energy transfer was not a good one and the chances are you would have discreetly wiped your hands or shook it off!

Just like the hand, the foot has its main chakra and then individual ones on each toe. Here we connect to the earth and its energies. Its colour is a deep red/brown just like that of a good brandy!

These chakras give you the strength to walk forward with confidence as you go through your life’s journey. With each step we take we receive information about the place we are in and send that information into our energy field whether we are at work, home, out in nature or out at an event.

They are connected to the present moment and what is always directly in front of you. When you pay attention to your feet and give them direction and attention they will guide you on the best possible energy route available to you and your life journey.

We have different minor chakras throughout our bodies in our elbows, our wrists, our shoulders to name a few. Each one has the ability to receive information and to give information out to others and it is important to ensure that the energy in your body is flowing easily in and around your body. So the next time that you feel a block in your knees ask yourself what could this pain be about. The chakras in the knees represent your will – maybe somebody has brought you to your knees or you have to bend down against your will to somebody?  How about your shoulders? Our bodies are designed to carry weight on our shoulders – but are the weights you are carrying energetically too much?

In a healthy, balanced system, energy flows freely and without any blocks. When you work with the Chakras and your auric field in your healing, you will discover that the majority of diseases are caused by an imbalance somewhere in your personal or work life. An excess of energy, whether positive or negative, in one chakra will result in another receiving too little.