Letting Go

Letting Go

One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go, letting go of past hurts, anger, guilt, love, loss and betrayal.

It is easy to say “Let Go” yet often much more challenging to do so!

When you let go, you are creating space for something new, something better and giving yourself the room and the opportunity to continue to grow.

Change is never easy, we fight to hold on and we fight to let go. We are afraid of losing things and have a fear of things being taken away from us. Yet, it is easy to give something away!

Often when a person is trying to lose weight – they will gain weight as the body recognises that there is a shortage of nourishment being given to the body. It will begin to store fat reserves as this is what it is designed to do for survival or maybe, you lose weight in the beginning only to find that later you put it all back on and then some more on top!

Our minds and our emotions have collected and stored all the experiences we have had in the past and then automatically trigger the feelings and negative thoughts of those experiences, continuing to collect and absorbing them into your very being.

Imagine for a moment a small child being told off for breaking a toy (this may have been accidental, a curious nature enquiring what happens when you take something apart) the parent is angry (maybe, it took them some time to save up for the item) and this energy is directed to the child, the toy taken away and the child is sent to his/her room in solitude as a punishment. This one experience is enough for the body and the unconscious mind to store and remember for a lifetime even if, in time, the conscious mind forgets. From this one incident many issues can be created; fear of doing something wrong, fear of loss, fear of being abandoned, fear of conflict, fear of what someone may think of them, fear of exploring and discovering – to name a few…..

As their life continues, even the smallest of incidents will be received emotionally, maybe a door got closed in their face accidentality, emotionally this would be added to the feelings of being shut out, not wanted etc. all adding to the hurt that is being stored! As the child grows into an adult the logical/conscious mind starts to understand that it wasn’t done on purpose, yet the emotional part of a person does not always recognise this and they can be left feeling out of sorts for no logical reason!

We as humans like to have a reason as to why something has happened and why we feel a certain way. We also like to blame another for hurting us, yet, we allow the hurt feeling to arise. We are also very good at blaming ourselves, beating ourselves up and feeling guilty, again surfacing the hurt from within.

Underneath all of the reasons/labels that we can logically justify, we are hurting and this hurt is a learned energy that thinks it is protecting us as it can only respond to the feelings it has experienced and learnt from the past.

This is why it is so challenging for people to let go of their suffering, and also why they continue to get hurt easily and often. They can also create a fear of the future, the unknown and it is easier to stay with what is familiar even though it hurts and to build an energetic wall around them, closing themselves off from other people and experiencing life in the fear they will get hurt again, when in reality they are still hurting.

Maybe you have heard somebody say “I am not going to fall in love again. It hurts too much” then this person has NOT “Let Go” and is still hurting.

I am not saying it is easy to “let go” if fact in the beginning when you have so much stored within you – it is painful, YET, WHEN YOU DO “LET GO” IT IS SO WORTH IT.

It gives you the opportunity to live in the present moment and when you are in the present moment, any new hurts are more easily dealt with in the moment rather than from the past and you can move on quickly with no fear of the future!

There are many ways to start to “LET GO” of the past hurts that still affect you today.

You can learn to become aware of where and how your past experiences are being held in your body and affecting you in your everyday life.

Here is a FREE MEDITATION that will help you to start “Letting Go”.

One of the most courageous decisions you will ever make is to finally let go of what’s hurting your heart and your soul.