The Light of One Candle

The Light of One Candle

The light of one candle never diminishes by lighting another candle

I have always had a passion for helping others from a small child. My mother once said to me that I collected those in trouble, those not as strong as others and would take them under my wing to protect them from harm.

As I grew older I developed a keen interest in how the mind works and switched from reading fiction books to self-help books, devouring all the information that I could. Just like everyone else I have been through many life-changing situations and there have been times of happiness, times of loss, times of being unwell and within each situation times of growth – even if I didn’t recognise it at the time. Like the saying goes “hindsight is a wonderful thing”.

I am often asked” When did you start your spiritual journey?”

My answer is always the same. I have always been on my spiritual journey – yet I never recognised it was until around the age of 28. I wasn’t a child who saw spirit or colours around people naturally or if I did, I certainly cannot remember anything!

I wasn’t consciously looking to develop my senses and had no plans of becoming a healer/medium. Yet, here I am now with the ability to connect to those who have passed over and able to intuitively know and understand how and why a person has become unwell. (If you would like to know more of my story, I encourage you to download my FREE EBook “Acknowledging you are Psychic”).

I have been working and healing with hundreds of people for over 20 years and even to this day I still get amazed at the results that happen and often feel very humble at the miracles that take place. My experience of working with energy means that I have been able to help people and animals with various healing techniques – yet within those techniques, miracles happen which are unexplainable to me and even to science.

So how does the healing work and how am I able to help?

I have been able to develop, and I am always continuing to learn, how to be a master of my expanded natural senses – including my sight and how I feel the energy of others.

Let’s start with how I see – just like you I see the world in normal vision, yet I am also able to see much more than just the human body, I am able to see the energy within and around the body which is known as the Aura. Within the Aura are energy vortexes which are known as Chakras. You may already be aware of the 7 main Chakras and the roles that they play in your life, yet there are also over 200 minor Chakras throughout your body. All these vortexes have an important role to play with your health and the energy that you need to be able to enjoy a healthy and balanced life. I see the energy of a person in colours and, depending on what I see, help me to understand where the person is unwell, out of balance, or feeling stuck in their life. Also, at times, certain organs within the body are shown to me and when a person shares a conversation with me, different parts of the body light up and this shows me where stress/emotion or mental anxiety is being held.

I am highly sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others and am able to feel what another person is feeling and, again, this helps me to understand where and why the pain/hurt is being caused and enables me to channel and direct the universal white light healing energy to that area. I do not use my personal energy in any healing sessions – I use my intuition and mediumistic abilities to connect with my healing guides and have been working with two in particular for over 15 years with amazing outcomes and results that have had the doctors baffled many times, when a client has been told that they would just have to accept and live with their problem for the rest of their lives!!

So whether a person is just feeling out of sorts, looking for direction in life, feels depressed or has a serious ongoing illness and feels it is time now to look at alternative help, I am here to help.

Please feel free to phone or email me any questions you may have about how I could help you.