The Soul’s Journey

The Soul’s Journey

We are all individual souls – yet at times we forget and know ourselves just as human beings!

As a soul we also encompass all that is human about us and as you read this newsletter the actual word soul gets lost and/or changed. This is a huge subject and I have described its process as simply as I can so you can understand that you are always connected to your soul!!

Imagine for a moment that you are an orb high above the earth and this orb is filled with your unique energy/intelligence – this is you as an individual soul – your soul/orb being made up of a very fine translucent white light which contains all colours.

You are not alone. Next to you and all around you are other individual souls/orbs – so many that your energies touch. Each one uniquely different, yet, all being able to connect and communicate with each other. All of these souls make up the universal/unity consciousness.

Now it is time for you to incarnate down to earth and you have chosen the body that you wish to reside in. Two thirds of the soul/orb is now contained within and around the physical body which becomes known as the aura and one third remains above – still individual and connected to the universal consciousness – and is now known as the higher self/the witness/intuition. Your previous life experiences remain within the higher self, so you have a brand new clean canvas to work with. At this point I would like to add that it is never separated completely as it stays connected by a thread of its own energy known as the silver cord.

Within your aura are energy vortices known as chakras which have the ability to receive and send information to the higher self and the physical body. The aura is also made of different layers of density, being heaviest and thickest nearer to the body and getting much lighter and finer towards the outside of the energy field.

The physical body contains its own mind which is divided into two parts known as the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind stores what is learnt so a person can automatically do things without having to put conscious effort into what they are doing such as tying your shoe laces, riding a bike, cleaning your teeth etc. It also stores your memories and beliefs and these beliefs can become hardwired into you, sometimes making it a challenge for you to change them.

I find the easiest way to understand this is to liken it to a computer: the Soul is the main computer collecting information which is made up from the experiences of many lifetimes. And what we call the human conscious mind (also known as the ego) is the back-up drive collecting a second copy of information and storing what is collected into different folders!

When it is time to pass over and leave the earthly world the soul ensures that it has all the information needed and the back-up drive is wiped clean and made redundant – maybe this is why some of us fear death as the conscious mind knows it is now out of a job!

The physical body gets recycled into the earth and the soul leaves the physical body and then reconnects and blends its energy back into the original single soul/orb of where it started within the universal consciousness.

The soul is now ready, in its own time, to decide when to reincarnate and have new experiences on Earth.

Let’s bring our attention back to the body. So, now we have a conscious mind, an unconscious mind and an aura which is layered and contains major and minor chakras within it – quite a recipe indeed!! Yet there are still more ingredients to add, the physical body itself has, within each of its cells, knowledge and memories from its ancestors including belief systems and has the ability to communicate in its own language how it is feeling to the human mind. This is often expressed through feelings and, when necessary, pain and illness. The body has the amazing ability to continually heal and regenerate itself for as many years as it can.

Feelings and emotions are communications which often have more meaning than the words we actually speak. They are meant to be experienced in full and then let go of completely, leaving you ready to be able to experience more (this is why the soul has incarnated, to experience as much as it can) whether it be good or not, so it/you can continue to grow and create.

When negative feelings and emotions are held on to for a long period of time this affects your energetic field/aura and energy becomes blocked, which in turn leads to you feeling out of sorts and could cause illness.

When we encounter problems our conscious/unconscious mind, combined with the held onto feelings/emotions, reacts in the only way it knows how – by acting the way it has learnt through previous experience.

The ONLY way that we can change this is by recognising and having an awareness of what is happening and what we are doing that we have done before, to know and trust that our Higher Self will show us a different way, which will bring about changes to the situation to create a more favourable result.

As you begin to become aware that your conscious thoughts and feelings are not truly who you are, but are there as assets to help you in this lifetime, then it becomes easier not to live in fear and for you to remain aware of yourself as the unique soul that you are, which in turn helps you recognise and more easily stay connected with your Higher Self with all the wisdom you already have – helping you in this lifetimes journey.

I hope this helps you to understand that you are indeed a beautiful individual soul that has incarnated to earth and taken on a body, thoughts and feelings to help you navigate this lifetimes journey and, when understood and used constructively, are the most amazing tools for you to have experiences that help you grow as a soul and as a person.