Your auric field is an intelligent and amazing energy system that is able to protect you from outside influences and at the same time able to help you recognise and communicate with other energies that are around you.

Some highly sensitive people are able to see or feel their aura and this enables them to recognize their own energetic imbalances before they manifest physically as dis-ease.

It is great that science in now able to detect the aura which in known as our electro-magnetic field or bio-field and they are able to confirm through various studies that the energy within your aura plays an essential role in your health and how you feel both mentally and emotionally.

We now live in a world which has become really advanced in technology which in so many ways is wonderful, you can connect to your loved ones who live on the other side of the world, discover countries and learn new things without stepping outside of your front room. All this fantastic technology is made up of electricity – passing messages, images and sounds with lightning speed!

You also are made up of low level of electricity within your body and your auric field and are also able to receive and send messages/thoughts, images and sounds with lightning speed.

Your brain is a made up of electrical signals, processing and delivering millions of messages to your entire body every second.  At any given time, the human brain produces enough electrical current to power a 15 – 20 watt light bulb.

Each muscle contraction and movement you make, your nervous system, your perception of pain, your healing and regeneration, and brain activity to name a few are all electrically driven functions of the body.

Your heart being one of the main organs in your body is a muscle driven by low levels of electrical current and can be monitored and measured with an ECG machine and when the electrical signals become weak or inconsistent as people age, it is possible to stimulate the life-giving beat with small surges of electrical current from a device known as a pacemaker.

Your heart is a source of electro-magnetism that, even at a few meters away, is detectable by modern scientific instruments. I am sure there have been many times when you have sensed somebody come up to you from behind, you have not seen or heard them, yet felt them enter into your auric field or what you may call your space.

Each one of us is all genetically different, so it is with our electrical systems, each one of us has a specific electrical current (or fingerprint if you like) that defines our electrical structure.

There are billions of nerve impulses within the body and these are constantly creating the amazing and complex electro-magnetic field, which is known as your aura.

Have you had one of those days when you have touched something metal and got an electric shock as you release a build-up of static electricity that you have accumulated during the day?

You may have spent time with a particular person and come away feeling quite drained from being in their company. This is because that person has absorbed your energy or you may have spent time with a person who makes you feel more uplifted, energised and this is because they have charged your energy field.

You may get a good or bad vibe about someone that you have just recently met, yet many of you will ignore this feeling, allowing yourself to follow and become increasingly dependent on the logic of your brain, which can often lead to regrets in the future rather than trusting your gut instinct.

A baby or small child who has not learned to use their logical mind will rely purely on their senses to pick up whether the person or situation around them feels good or bad, often resulting in tears as they are not able to express themselves yet if they are picking up a bad feeling.

Animals are a good example of trusting this vibe even and the friendliest dog can potentially pick out a person with bad vibes from a crowd of dozens in an instant. Also, animals have a way of knowing when the energy fields of the earth are changing, which is really important when it comes to natural disasters and severe weather changes.

When your body becomes injured there is a break in the natural energy flow of the body and within a few seconds, especially in the epidermis (skin), your body senses the disruption and sends an electrical signal to the brain, which then releases more electrical signals to begin the process of stimulating the biological repair, regeneration and renewal of the damage in an attempt to heal the body.

Often healers will have a higher level or different current of energy than most people and when channelling the appropriate amount of universal energy, a touch of the hand can charge the disrupted flow of energy in another individual enough for the natural healing process to begin.

You are constantly absorbing energy from the environment, including light energy, the intake of oxygen, the food you eat and the earth itself. As well as the positive energy you absorb there is also negative energy which is invisible to the eye in the man-made/unnatural energies like computers, mobile phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi etc.

You are completely surrounded or soaked in these energies including the wiring in the walls of your home and in your bedroom, which can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep and all of this will increase the stress on your immune system.

As we are all unique then each person will react differently to the outside/man-made energies with some of you not being able to tolerate very much at all before feeling zapped, exhausted and run down or feeling quite ill/becoming ill.

The Earth itself is the natural antidote for electron deficiency and can provide you with an infinite flow of electrons, helping to keep you energised, fit and healthy. Yet, we have lost touch with our connection to the earth, becoming ungrounded – literally. Once we walked barefoot across the grass, mountains and sands having a complete connection to the earth at all times!

Then we made ourselves some shoes, first from animal’s hides/leather which still allowed some connection to the earth. When you wear a shoe with a leather sole, your feet sweat and permeate the leather with moisture and body salts, so the shoe becomes a semi-conductor permitting you to receive some electrons.

Now the majority of people walk on plastic or rubber soled shoes, wooden floors or carpet and sleep above the ground in beds, and some people are living very high up in flats and working in multi-level buildings all of which decreases the contact with the Earth’s natural energy.

The Earth is the biggest electrical object, and we are part of it. The reason it feels good to walk on grass and sandy beaches is because you are receiving a surge of healing electrons from the ground. You cannot get too much of this energy and when you are recharged the process stops, making it a safe and natural way to keep yourself fully charged.

Simply put your bare feet in contact with the earth, damp earth/grass is best whenever possible as water is a wonderful conductor or go for a paddle or swim in the sea.

When you are grounded to the Earth, the electrons flow instantly throughout your whole body, which is much quicker than waiting for particles to travel around in your bloodstream.

To recharge completely if you are feeling exhausted then it is best to remain connected to the earth for an hour or so and then you can top up at regular intervals that feel right to you 10 or 20 minutes at a time throughout the day. This will greatly help your struggling immune system.

Have you noticed that if your dog or cat is not feeling well they will go and lie under trees, porches and search out bare earth or grass to lie on as they are finding ways to connect to earths healing energies! Animals in the wild are rarely affected with inflammation, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer or other illness that humans suffer from – yet pets that no longer have the connection to as much nature that they need will get similar illnesses to humans. What animals have always known, “modern science” is just now figuring out.

So now there’s no doubt that you truly are an electrical being!  

As you can now easily connect to the wide world at the push of a button on the remote control or a click of the mouse, within a second you bring the whole world into your living room on a daily basis. Many of you are witnessing a lot of violence, natural disasters, human pollution killing wildlife, the global economy, war, murders and other tragedies to name a few.  The newspapers are regularly filled with stories for us to feel empathic or angry about as well and for those of you that tune into these stories – this constant negative input of energy will eventually soak in and fill up and attach in your physical body and auric field, weighing you down, creating an impact on your health physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you are an empathic person you will often find that you absorb the negative energy from situations or another person into your own body often not noticing it at the time until it is too late. It can cause blockages and tears within your aura and your chakras, which in turn makes your life more difficult to manage and lowers your energetic levels which can be very disempowering, leaving you exhausted and often living in fear.

When you live or work in circumstances that require you to give of your time and energy to help uplift another, it is very important that you make the effort and take the time to ensure that you yourself are in good health and filled with positive energy.

In fact, the first thing I teach in the healing course I do – is how to channel the universal energy so that it can be delivered to the person in need, rather than giving from your own personal energy, which can leave you feeling depleted and tired.

Make sure that you limit your time spent in negative situations, places and people and spend some quality time with yourself relaxing, unwinding, detaching from the day’s events, grounding to the earths energy and add in some positive socialising, laughter and play time to ensure that you are getting the right balance of energies within your life.

If you are worn out, feeling stressed and need a helping hand then an intuitive holistic healing session can help balance your chakras and remove negative energy from your aura helping you feel re-energised, in balance and re-vitalised.