The Future of Healing Hands

The Future of Healing Hands

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A couple of weeks ago I read an interesting article which shared information about how Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could affect the future of mankind and although, in reality, at this moment nobody really knows in full how individuals could be affected it opened up my mind to thinking about how the possibilities could be very positive and helpful, yet at the same time also have a very negative effect for a lot of people.

Some Billionaire Companies are investing a lot of time and money into developing more efficient Robots and AI. What we do know is that at some time in the future they will be a large part of our lives – it is like the Science Fiction films we watch coming true into our reality.

So, for the moment, let’s imagine what the future may hold for lots of people throughout the world. Maybe, within the next 10 years or so, society as we know it will be changed dramatically as AI and the Robots could take away more than 50% of human jobs. This could even include many hands-on jobs including some of the skilled labours like building a house, putting in electrical wiring and plumbing. Can you imagine what it would be like to go into your favourite restaurant for a romantic dinner and find out that the food has been prepared, cooked and then served by a Robot? It might be the perfect recipe and have the exact measurements of ingredients in it – but have no feeling of love or soul!

As more AI was introduced into the world more people would find themselves with no work and, therefore, would have to go on some sort of universal income supplied by the government. This may be good for some people who are already trapped in a low paying job that they do not like, as it would cover their basic needs but their income would obviously be limited by the amount that the government decided was enough for that person’s needs!

Yet, what about those who were already in a higher paying profession and would no longer be able to spend on holidays, education, organic food and extra healthcare etc.?

I wonder how it would affect the people who actually loved their jobs – with it being a part of their main purpose in life.

When you meet a person for the first time, nearly always, they will share with you what they do for a living as this is a huge part of their life and who they have become through the work that they do. For many it will be that if their job was taken away it would also remove their main purpose in life!

For some, this may be good news as they can take the time to look for a deeper and more meaningful life purpose. Yet, there could be more people who would become lost within themselves, feel hurt, rejected and become numb to life!

Is this really a good thing or is it what the larger companies really want to achieve from the human life population?

You maybe be wondering why as an INTUITIVE HOLISTIC HEALER I am choosing to lightly touch on upon the subject of Robots and AI and I do realise that it could be open to much discussion and debate being a huge subject on its own and one that could cause many different opinions.

Yet, as a healer, and maybe as you are reading this you too are a Healer or perhaps a Counsellor, a Life Coach or similar then you will already understand that as we move forward into the future that there will be a high demand for your services.

AI and Robots are not spiritual; they do not have emotions, compassion and love and no matter how intelligent they get – they will never have a soul.

As we move forward into the future, all Spiritual Healers, Life Coaches, Counsellors and Mentors will be in even higher demand and chances are that there won’t be enough Healers to meet that demand.

This means that any field of work that requires emotional or spiritual mastery will be irreplaceable and I would like to encourage you to start getting ready now for the future as it takes practice and plenty of experiences to become a skilled Healer.

Start to take action now and find yourself work that has emotion, passion, love and gives you a deep sense of purpose, whether it is being an artist, a musician or in the spiritual arts – it is important for you to find something that AI and Robots will not be able to do!

Put your heart and soul into your chosen skill and the personal growth that you will achieve over the next few years will reap rewards beyond your imagination.

Be ahead of the masses and don’t wait until AI and Robots have taken over your existing job. When this happens millions of people will be looking for healing and spiritual guidance and perhaps thousands will also be looking to become Healers, Counsellors etc.

Yet – if they leave it too late – they will have had only a limited amount of experience in their chosen field.

 Here a few signs that you could be a natural healer

  • You genuinely enjoy being of service to other people. You may already be in a role of helping others as a practitioner, such as a nurse, chiropractor, counsellor or massage therapist.
  • You can be sensitive and experience heightened awareness in public places and can tell if there has been a fight or argument when you walk into a room.
  • Being in large crowds is draining and overwhelming and it’s a relief to get home so you can recharge your batteries and regain your energy.
  • You are intuitive and people often turn to you when they have a problem that needs solving.
  • The palms of your hands often tend to feel like they are buzzing, vibrating, or pulsating.
  • Animals and small children are comfortable around you even when they are mostly shy around others.
  • Strangers tend to share their life stories with you.
  • It brings you happiness, joy and deep meaning when you help others.
  • You can easily feel other people’s pain.
  • People often feel better or comforted in your presence, and feel safe when sharing their life secrets with you.
  • The word “healing” excites you and you have a knowing within that you are a healer just waiting to emerge.

You may be planning to change your future and start a new career which involves energy healing or maybe you are already a coach, counsellor or complementary therapist who sees immense value in adding energy healing to the services you offer, helping your clients to be able to create massive breakthroughs within their lives.

Maybe, you have an interest in energy healing, and the mind body spiritual connection for yourself then this Intuitive Holistic Healing course not only teaches you the principles of healing, it will also be a support for you on your own healing journey.

As you become committed to your own healing and growth, then you will definitely be in the best energetic space to act as a guiding light to help your friends, family and others on a professional level.