Your Soul is Eternal

Your Soul is Eternal

Imagine that you are a beautiful orb of energy and you are made up of light containing all the colours of the rainbow and many more.

Now imagine that you are residing in the universe surrounded by more beautiful orbs similar to yourself, each one of them sitting side by side, touching; making up the universal consciousness. Each one still individual, yet you are able to communicate/know and absorb all the information from each one.

You may liken this to being an individual drop of water in the ocean and when all the drops come together the sea is created containing all the individual drops of water!

As this beautiful individual orb of energy you have the ability to store all the knowledge and experiences that you have taken part in. You may think of this as being a “super advanced computer” which also has access to the experiences that the other orbs around you have had at the same time.

You then decide that you would like to have an experience on Earth so you incarnate as a human being. Two thirds of your orb’s energy is then located to your chosen body which then resides within and around it (this is known as your aura and contains your chakra’s) and one third stays within the universal sea of energy and the 2 separated parts stay connected by a thread of energy often known as a silver cord.

So, the part of your energy that remains above is now known as your higher self/intuition etc. The higher self continues to collect information through the silver cord from the energy that has incarnated which we will call the lower self (or the unconscious mind). The lower self also has its own mind (also sometimes known as your ego) which can be likened to the backup drive on a computer that collects and stores information for what it needs for this earthly lifetime.

Now, when it is time for you to pass over at the end of this lifetime, your physical body will be recycled into the earth. The two thirds of the orb that incarnated (aura/chakra’s) get reunited with your higher self – becoming complete once again in the universal consciousness and the mind/backup drive is deleted as all this life’s information and experiences are being held in the complete orb which we are likening to the “super advanced computer” and this is why the human mind fears death as it is aware that it will no longer have a job or role to play within the energetic cycle of life.

As your soul enters a human body it gives the body life. When the soul leaves your human body it no longer has life. Every living thing is sustained and given life by the energy of a soul.

The energy of your soul enables your heart, lungs and all other organs within your body to be able to do their individual jobs in keeping your body healthy and working properly.

To help your physical body work smoothly you need to create a lifestyle where you can eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and be in an environment free from as many man-made toxins as possible.

Maintaining a nutritionally healthy physical body supports and helps your energy body in a really positive way.

Yet, one also has to remember that energy also makes up your thoughts, emotions and feelings as well. As energy gives life to your entire existence then you will now understand how important it is to look after, maintain and balance it. This way you can recognise the difference between a healthy vibrant energy and one that is depleted which, in turn, can create depression and illness.

The majority of the time, people seek out medical care after they are already showing symptoms of a problem within their mental health or physical body.

Intuitive Holistic Healing can help you maintain a healthy energetic level through balancing your chakras and cleansing your Auric Field and can help as a preventative towards illnesses manifesting within the physical body.

Maintaining a healthy energy level enables your body to be able to release and clear any negative or stagnant energy that potentially could create physical or mental illness.

With regular maintenance, either fortnightly or monthly, your energy body will naturally keep you mentally, spiritually, psychologically and physically healthy.   Sustaining a vibrant and flowing energy system is the key to a healthy life.