Safe At Home

Safe At Home

Here in the UK and throughout the world governments, with the support of other experts, are doing their best to control the outbreak of COVID-19

We are continuously being given updates throughout each day and so much of the outcome is still unknown. In the midst of this global pandemic it can feel as if you are being bombarded with frightening and negative news which can cause you a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Negative news often travels faster than positive news, so now is a good time for you to decide how often you are listening to everything and, maybe, make the decision to receive the updates just once or twice a day rather than being immersed in them all day long!

This will help remove some of the overwhelm and give you the opportunity to relax and take a breath while you begin to sort out your own priority list of the things you need to do as you settle into the changes of all that is happening.

Many people are now confined to their home and it is important to have a positive mental attitude to this and hold the knowing that you are safe at home rather than being a prisoner within your home. It is wonderful that you can now use your computer and mobile phones to be able to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends, making it much easier to stay in contact. Ensure that you balance your conversations with positivity and remind all that this time will pass and you will be able to go outside and meet up again.

It is important to keep yourself in the present moment and when you find yourself worrying about the future then acknowledge that is what is happening in full and then let it go, then bring your thoughts back into the now, what is happening in this minute, and be grateful and have appreciation for the things that you have and what you are now able to do – it could be something as simple as reading that book you have had on the shelf for years, the opportunity to clear out some cupboards, start a new hobby or take an online course etc.

Remember, that worrying is not just a waste of energy it causes anxiety and this then affects your immune system.

Create a routine that you can follow throughout the day – which includes looking after yourself, as well as others with eating a well-balanced diet, getting some exercise, daily meditation and some fresh air. Once the household duties are done then find something that gives you pleasure to do.

When you are feeling good, strong and healthy it will be much easier for you to cope with whatever else is taking place around you.

As our human activity slows down around the world one can sense the world itself taking a breath as it is now able, within this quiet time, do some healing of its own. Air Pollution is lower in the cities, rivers and seas are becoming clearer and the birds and animals have a chance to breed in peace.

The energy outside feels refreshed and peaceful and this also gives you the opportunity, in this pause of not being over busy, to heal, explore who you are and have a deeper look within at your own life and what changes you would like to make and what you would like to keep moving forward.

Planet Earth is now beginning to lift itself to a higher vibration and we can decide to lift and keep our energy vibrations high and find the blessings that are happening amongst the fear and chaos so that our positive energy ripples out into the world helping others.

We are all in this together and how we respond and act will affect many people. Staying centred; grounded and keeping our vibrations high will help to support our loved ones, friends and community and people throughout the world and will go a long way in combating the fear and positively help those around us.

It can be challenging to let go of the fear of the unknown and to trust in the unknown as you wait for the future to unfold as we like to think that we have control over our lives and a virus like the COVID-19 reminds us of how fragile human life really is as it has no personal agenda with anybody.

I share compassion for everyone whose lives have been affected by it and for those who have lost loved ones.

Support is vital right now and should you be feeling stressed, anxious, isolated, your energy depleted or stuck in fear then I am here to help you with a Telephone, WhatsApp or Skype call followed by Absent Healing.