Fifth Chakra Energy

Fifth Chakra Energy

It has been over 100 days since the UK went into lockdown due to Covid-19 and although some of the limiting rules are softening – it’s still not over yet!

It has been a very limiting and confusing time for many. With so many changes happening one after another it can be a challenge to keep up with it all with the News completely filled with Covid-19.

As well as being a Healer, I am also a Hypnotherapist and have noticed that there has been a lot of fear instilled into the people of every country as it lingers and the future is still uncertain as to how it will affect the world’s economies. Wearing my Hypnotherapist’s hat for the moment I have seen that the new ways of living and moving around have been going on for a long time. If someone wishes to create a NEW belief or way of life then it takes 21 days for the new neurological pathways to be created within the mind and a total of just 66 days for that belief to become hardwired and fixed in your psyche.

As we move forward it is important that you know whether you have become hardwired and conditioned to living in fear or whether you have been able to follow the guidelines to the best of your abilities and not soaked up the consistent saturation of fear!

If you move forward in constant fear then you will be continually stressed and may even start to suffer from anxiety attacks and depression, which could affect you for many years to come.

The universal sign of using the Traffic Light system has been in constant use from the government over the last few months and now it is even being incorporated into many other areas as well including the Track and Trace system and whether the trains and buses are full or not!

We are already well trained (hardwired) on following the Traffic Light system – automatically stopping at a red light and not crossing it even if you can see the traffic is clear from all directions. Have you ever sat waiting at a broken Traffic Light with the light on red and the queue has grown as far back as you can see in your rear view mirror? It takes either a brave person to venture forward knowing that they are breaking the law driving through the red light or somebody who has moved forward with anger and frustration. Some may even turn around and find a different route!

Here is a way that you can use the Traffic Light symbols in a positive way to help develop your intuition.

RED If something does not feel right then STOP and do not do it.

AMBER If something feels mostly good but you have a small nagging feeling something is off then PROCEED WITH CAUTION – you can put on the brakes or accelerate at any time from this position.

GREEN When it feels good then you can GO ahead feeling confident.

Trust in your intuition more than what your head tells you!! When you trust and follow through on your intuition you will find that over time you will become even more intuitive and be able to go with the flow of your life’s journey.

I would also recommend that you pay attention to your 5th Chakra which is connected to your personal truth and expression and situated in the base of the throat and expands through the top of the shoulders.

The whole world is in a situation at the moment where the 5th Chakra is highly activated and, symbolically, this is showing up in many different ways from wearing a mask so your mouth is covered to the passing of George Floyd with the knee to the neck. People are waking up and want the truth, people are realising that not all that they are being told is true!

When the energy flow is out of balance within the throat chakra it can lead to physical symptoms which can affect your head, throat, neck and mouth. This often causes neck pain which can travel into the shoulders, headaches, earaches and a sore throat. Other symptoms can include colds, dental issues, mouth ulcers and even thyroid problems. As well as affecting you physically it can impact you in other areas of your life – a person may not be able to express their personal thoughts and views clearly, have social anxiety and the fear of speaking in groups or public speaking. It may also show as becoming quiet and shy when this was not a problem in the past and begin to affect your personal and professional life, even causing you not to trust your inner voice!

Have you ever sat with somebody who is constantly gossiping, being overly critical, rude and has the inability to listen? This is a sign that they have an overactive throat chakra.

Your throat chakra is motivated by expression and truth, allowing you to see beyond the limitations of social conditioning. It is responsible for communicating effectively and with conviction. When your fifth chakras energy is in balance and harmony, you will be able to stand up confident, unafraid and assertively for what you honestly believe in and speak your truth.

With so much going on the world today it is important to find your authentic voice and discover the power of your 5th Chakra so you can be inspired to align with your own vision and how you would like to move forward into the future with integrity, creating a reality that empowers you and allows your creativity to flow and then be able to share it with others around you and the world.

It is also important to remember that all the chakras within your body and subtle bodies are interconnected and when one chakra is experiencing a blockage or is not in balance this affects the other chakras and the life force (prana) becomes disrupted and the flow becomes out of balance.

Most of us have energetic blockages and imbalances throughout our chakra system that vary at different times within our lives and outside circumstances which can, when left unattended, prevent us from accessing our full vitality, often leaving us feeling exhausted, scattered and vulnerable to various illnesses.

To help your throat chakra keep in balance and full of vitality you need to learn to work through and let go of negative emotions, including guilt, hurt and resentment. Not to swallow your words and speak your truth clearly with confidence, trusting your inner voice.

Other practices that can help are doing a mindful mediation incorporating the throat chakra colour turquoise/blue; you can also bring blue flowers into your home, decorate with turquoise/blue furnishings like lamp shades, cushions and wear turquoise/blue clothes. Singing can also help and allowing your-self to have a good cry will also help to relieve blockages in the 5th Chakra.

Energy healing is a great way for you to be able to relax and let go of your built up emotions and clear any negative blockages within your chakra and aura system, helping you to feel much lighter and brighter within yourself to be able to move forward in your life with more clarity and confidence.

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