Your Intuition Matters

Your Intuition Matters

Every person on the planet has Intuition but not every person chooses to listen to it.

Over the last 6 months so much in our day to day lives has changed due to Covid-19 and with so many new rules that are continuously being changed, confusion and chaos has set in – as we are being told what to do and how to do it – sending many peoples Solar Plexus into a spin and raising their cortisol levels higher!

As this new “abnormal normal” pace of life continues it can be easy to shut down and become conditioned to do as you are told, even if it does not make sense or resonate in a good way with you, as fear continues to grow within while you try to carry on in a normal way that no longer feels normal.

2020 has certainly been a journey that is not over yet as more changes are on their way and although it will be uncomfortable for a while longer this wakeup call has been needed so that the whole world can wake up and take stock of the damage that has been done to the earth and its residents – the animals, birds, plants, insects, the weather and the sea to name a few. Then there is us, the human population, with so many still totally unconnected to the energy of the earth, themselves and the damage being done all around them!

With so many changes happening rapidly around us it is giving us the opportunity to notice more of the imbalances and injustices in life and allowing the human race to bond together and speak up to heal the planet and all the different forms of life that live on it (including ourselves) so we can create a world where all lives can evolve and co-create together.

It is really important in times of troubled changes and huge transformations that you re-learn how to connect to your intuition and go within for the answers you seek as life continues to change to ensure that you are following your own path and not being led in a direction that is not good for your soul.

It is time to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and although Google and advice from your friends can be valuable at times, the most important resource of all is often neglected – your own INTUITION.

Even as a small child you could name all five of your senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell as these relate to the existing world around us that we can actually see, hear, touch, taste and smell in the three dimensional world we live in.

On an energetic level there is so much more going on in the Universe than can be observed by the five senses alone and there is one invisible sense that every human on Earth has and it is called “Intuition”.

Intuition expresses itself through a “knowing” that cannot be explained by fact or thought, but through a deep inner feeling that words often cannot explain. It is the main/first language of Intuition where you feel it in your Solar Plexus, your gut, it is a feeling and not at all logical!

It is a feeling that senses what is right for you even before your mind has time to process the situation or even before the situation actually happens. It is there to protect you – alerting you to potential danger as well as assuring you when something is right for you to proceed ahead. It is like an internal compass; continuously guiding you and helping you feel comfortable even if you are still not certain on a logical level.

How many times have you had a feeling not to do something and then on a logical level, because it did not make sense, decided to follow through on it – only to regret it afterwards wishing you had paid more attention to that feeling, that knowing, that gut reaction?

In today’s society it is not often taught to follow your Intuition – rather it focuses on the analytical mind and critical thinking skills. Your Intuition is a powerful survival instinct and if you feel something is not right then give it your full attention and respond to it, as it is not wasting your time, take the time to feel into it, listen to it and then follow up if needed with the help of the rational parts of your brain to achieve a balance in helping you make the best decisions.

It is essential when developing your Intuition that you TRUST in what you are feeling and take action, before self-doubt sets in. The more you trust and continue to take action, the more your Intuition will grow, decisions will come easily and you will never feel regretful about them.

When you are in tune with your Intuition you will be able to sense the meaning in things and have an understanding of concepts and connections beyond your everyday knowledge.

One of the biggest signs that you are not tuned into your Intuition is the feeling of confusion, struggling to make the right decisions, the lack of clarity. Another sign is that you allow and expect somebody else to make all your decisions for you or saying “Yes” to people all the time without putting yourself first!

When you are listening to your Intuition you will be able to say “No” when it is not in alignment with your higher self!

When your Intuition is blocked you lose the ability to interpret it properly and end up making ego and mind-based choices or from fear which leads you to regretting your decisions.

To improve your Intuition you need to be willing to go with flow, to be flexible about changing plans and, above all, TRUST as your Intuition leads you forward in your journey of life.

You need to slow down and even stop at times to listen to the feelings that your Intuition is giving you. Take the time in your busy life schedule to stop and check in with how you are feeling throughout the day, whether it be sitting quietly, taking a walk or doing a short meditation.

Add time for your Intuition to your “To Do List” making it a top priority throughout the day and give yourself the gift of receiving the wisdom, knowledge and protection that you truly deserve that will enable you to become your authentic self and live a life that is more balanced, safe and secure, giving you experiences that you will not regret and new opportunities to enjoy!

When you listen to that feeling inside, you won’t be confused, you’re inner knowing and outer synchronicities will align with a decision that will take you towards the right path for you. As you develop more trust with what you feel then your Intuition will get stronger and also then send you information in other ways – through a thought which will arrive when you were not consciously thinking, an image or vision of something, maybe the words of a song that will have meaning etc.

True Intuition will never put you down or support destructive attitudes or behaviour. Whereas fear will have a physical reaction like a racing heart, mental confusion, sweating, a feeling of running away, anger etc. Your Intuition will have clear unemotional, yet compassionate messages that feel right and also feel detached from your personal emotions – a bit like when you are watching a film at the cinema.

Another way which may help you understand how your Intuition is communicating with you is to liken it to Wi-Fi. You cannot see it, yet its energy is connecting to your device that you use and other outlets that you own i.e. computer, phone etc. Your Intuition connects to your Solar Plexus (gut) and other Chakras as the other outlets! You may not have known how to use your new phone at first, yet you took the time and patience to learn how it works. It is the same with your Intuition take the time and have patience and you will begin to notice the difference between your go forward signs and your warning signals and all the other information that it has to offer.

Intuition is a completely natural sense that we all have – so enjoy the benefits it has to offer as you trust and strengthen your connection to make better decisions, solve problems, achieve your goals faster and enjoy a happier more authentic successful balanced life.