Intuition Is The Mind Of The Soul

Intuition Is The Mind Of The Soul

Logic will get you from A to B

Intuition will get you everywhere

At all times we are unconsciously in tune with both our universe and our immediate environment.

Intuition is an incredible resource that is there for the taking.

Intuition is the knowing you have within – without it you would be like a computer: not alive!

Intuition is the key to knowing yourself and your life purpose – in other words the key to life itself!

Maybe you recognise intuition as a hunch, an inner voice, gut instinct, common sense or inspiration. With increased intuition, you can easily discern new channels for creativity in your life.

Intuition is the method for continually staying in touch with your life vision or dreams – encouraging and enabling you to accurately live out your evolving life purpose. It acts as a vehicle bringing you the experience of connecting with life, which is true spiritual knowing.

Intuition always needs to be grounded and related to what’s practical.

Intuition should fund your logical mind, not the other way around.

By increasing your attention on your sensory awareness and learning how to trust and interpret sensations, symbols, and the imagery that is constantly streaming from your unconscious, you’ll find a source of information that is direct and highly useful in all aspects of your life.

You can apply this kind of attentiveness to problem-solving, creativity and innovation, self-guidance, relationships and communication; you can use your intuitive awareness to tap into your evolving life purpose.

You do not have a soul – you ARE a soul and you have a body.

YOU are NOT average!

Your fingerprints are different from anyone else’s on this earth.

You are a unique combination of DNA that has never been seen before and will never be seen again in the world.

YOU, in this lifetime, will never happen again!

I am able to provide you with a safe and nurturing healing space that is calm and tranquil, to help guide you through the transformational process to connect to your deeper self, enabling you to heal old wounds and gain an understanding of who you really are – bringing sacredness and a sense of purpose back into your life.

Too often we get trapped by so many tasks and responsibilities in life that we forget how to actually live. When the rhythm of life is disturbed it is often difficult to get back to a natural flow – leaving us feeling out of balance, tired, stressed and stuck in many areas of our life.

Fear + Struggle = Stuck

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life?

Or perhaps holding on to past memories or “stories” which are guaranteed to tie up your energy and block your ability to attract what you want.

Stress causes failure and saps your energy.  Breakthroughs do not happen when we are stressed – they happen when we finally let go and stop struggling and connect with who we truly are.

As an Intuitive Holistic Healer I am able to support you as you explore your inner-being, helping you to overcome any blockages and regain balance in your personal or work life and provide you with clarity, focus and direction in areas that you feel stuck in and align you with your true values, life purpose and fullest potential, helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

As a skilled Intuitive I can help put you back in touch with your most central truths, the goals that fulfil all aspects of yourself and help create the most efficient and joyful paths of action. Look below the surface into the hidden patterns of your life and help you recognise your talents and gifts.

We all have our own personal power and it is time now to own your worth and an empowered way of living.

The pathway to creating any significant change in your life begins by changing who you are BEING and sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Tiptoe if you must, but take the step.

Tiny tweaks = big changes

Have you noticed that logic and willpower often don’t get you the results you want?

With intuition, your insights, choices, and timing will be immediate and in perfect alignment with what’s right for you.

Within an Intuitive Holistic Healing Session you are able explore your experience and any intuitive insights you may have and their meanings for you. I will offer guidance when necessary, to help you to identify with the resources within you. Giving you a nurturing space to connect to life and that voice within, a place to give you time to ground yourself, take stock of life, balance your emotions and well-being, finding clarity and aligning you with your true values and highest potential.