Holding Hands is a Great Stress Reliever

Holding Hands is a Great Stress Reliever

Holding hands is a great stress reliever and good for your heart.

Holding hands is a powerful non-verbal communication which can positively impact your life!

Your hands are an intimate expression of yourself, reaching out and receiving information at the same time, as your hands have a large concentration of nerve endings within the palm and fingertips.

When you become stressed, you release cortisol, and your skin becomes more sensitive. When a loved one/partner or friend holds your hand for support oxytocin is released and this strengthens empathy and communication between the two of you which helps you feel more loved, content, safe and better about yourself. This then helps to reduce the increased blood pressure that occurs while you are stressed, and the warm touch creates a comfortable feeling within the heart which again helps to reduce the blood pressure even more.

Can you remember, as a child, your mother or father holding your hand as they taught you how to cross the road safely – firstly holding your hand in support and then, when you became more confident, allowing you to walk alone? Holding your hand created a feeling of safety and support while you were learning to overcome the huge challenge of such a task!

Many of you are already aware of the 7 major chakras but did you know that your entire body is filled with numerous, smaller chakras that have their own special functions, helping to purify your own life energies and contributing to the harmony of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self.

Your hand chakras are among the most important ones. The palm chakras can help you heal – just for the moment you could imagine they are like a magnet! Can you remember a time when you were given some shocking news and your mind went blank? Or a time when you have bumped into something hard, and it hurt – you automatically put your hand to that area. Here’s why the chakra in the palm of your hand is acting like a magnet – it helps to bring more blood to that area to help release and heal the trauma, lowering the cortisol and adding oxytocin all at the same time.

Here are a few other ways your palm chakras help to support the main chakras within you:

  • You unconsciously place your hand to your throat when there is a debate, argument, or confusion in a subject, you are unable to find/receive the right words to respond which indicates the energy level within your throat chakra is low.
  • When you are depressed, confused or outraged, you will place your hand instinctively to your forehead. This is your third eye chakra helping you to find a clearer way out of your situation.
  • When you hear some touching news or become excited, you will often put your hand on your chest, which is where the heart chakra is located, to support the feeling that is happening there.

Every day you are using the energy in your hands to communicate with what is being received and given out in your life, whether you have a conscious awareness of it or not!

The colour of the hand chakras is predominantly white and has all the other colours of the chakras within it. Healers know the importance of keeping their hand chakras clear, energised, and strong. They are used as a powerful tool to be able to scan the aura of a client – enabling them to receive information about the persons auric field, chakras, and their psychical energy, discover where blockages may be and then be able channel the universal energy effectively to their clients to help assist in the healing and regeneration energy they receive.

When your palm chakras are not balanced and are underactive then you may find that you have the inability to ask for help from others, refuse healing, and find yourself shutting down and staying away from people and what the world has to offer, silently suffering with the illnesses and depression that you may be carrying.

When your palm chakras are overactive you will find you want to touch everything, may have itchy palms, rashes, skin peel and are not able to let go of issues, find that you get overwhelmed easily and soak up other people’s emotions and problems bringing them into your own energy field. This will leave you feeling depleted, exhausted and can even lead to depression.

When your palm chakras are balanced you will have enhanced creativity, be able to manifest the things you want in your life more and give and receive without expectation or guilt. You will be able express your love more clearly and reach out to life confidently, handling problems more easily.

You also have chakras in each of your fingertips and each finger is also connected to one of the earth elements:

  • Thumb represents Fire
  • The index finger represents the Air
  • The middle finger represents Space/Ether
  • The ring finger represents the Earth
  • The pinkie finger represents Water

The palm chakra is reflected in the crown chakra giving a direct connection to source. As an intuitive holistic healer, I connect with the universal source energy through my crown chakra and channel this energy down through my arms and out of my hand chakras to the client. Being able to see auras it is always interesting to see where the healing energy travels to within the client and what colours are used during the process. The bulk of the energy leaves through my palm chakras and from my fingertip’s separate laser streams of energy often target specific areas that need finer attention.

You receive energy through your left palm and give energy with your right palm.

When one of your palm chakras is out of balance then this could reflect that you are having some issues with giving or receiving.

When a person has pain in their shoulders, arms, and hands it can reflect that they are unable to express themselves easily or clearly; are not able to create what they want; or that they have tried to do this and feel they have failed; or another person has put a stop to the creativity, so they withdraw all their energy back into their heart.

Here is a simple but effective way to activate the chakra energy in your hands:

  • Vigorously rub your hands together, this will stimulate your hand chakras, then allow your hands to hang freely, you might notice a tingling sensation in your palms. This is nothing to be worried about, as this is a normal symptom, which indicates that the energy in the palm of your hands has been activated.
  • Now, bring your hands up again in front of you and hold them about 4 inches apart, then gently widen the distance and then shorten the distance between your hands – you will begin to feel the energy between both of your hands!
  • Continue to do this and at the same time notice the feeling and how you are sensing the experience.

This is an easy, yet powerful, way to connect to your energetic body and you may like to continue to explore this by passing your hands over various parts of your body and notice what happens. Relax into the awareness of it and have fun!

Another simple way of cleansing the energy in your hands is to put a teaspoon of rock salt in the palm of your hand, add your normal squirt of liquid hand soap and wash as normal. This will help remove any blocked or excess energy from your hand chakras, leave your hands exfoliated and soft, and, for you ladies, you are now ready to finish off with your favourite hand cream!

So, next time you are having problems with your hands ask yourself are you having problems with giving and receiving? Maybe, you can’t hold on to or can’t release something/someone or want to reach out and touch something/someone, yet are finding fear and insecurity are holding you back?

In today’s world we have all had to become extra vigilant over washing our hands, often using strong alcohol-based products that are at the front of every store due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I would like to encourage you to do some of your own research and find out about more natural products for cleaning your hands as many toxic chemicals can easily enter your bloodstream through your skin, causing and adding to our already low immune systems, illnesses etc.

I would like to end this newsletter with something for you to ponder on!

There are many people who choose to want to be safe and protected at all times – keeping themselves locked away, lonely and isolated whilst blocking out many life experiences.

I would like you to imagine for the moment you are sterilised, clear water and being kept in a clear glass jar, the jar is your shield to keep out all contamination and negative energies.

Purity does not consist of guarding yourself against all forms of contact in life by keeping yourself shut up in a jar!

This kind of purity is created from fear, and thinking only in terms of self-protection, is useless and can even be harmful.

True purity is the water that gushes from a spring, and this gushing force repels everything that is harmful, negative, dirty, and dark.

True purity is the purity of crystal-clear gushing water, nourishing the fields and gardens along its journey, soaking into the hearts and souls of everyone it encounters!

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