Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This year seems to have passed so quickly and has been such a roller coaster journey, with its highs and lows, and has even been quite scary at times!

Therefore, it is important to remember to trust in your own intuition and guidance given from spirit and take the time to sit and breathe, relax, snuggle up on the sofa with a warm drink and reflect on what you have experienced and learnt over the last eleven months. The good and not so good, how you have reacted to the huge changes and check how you are really feeling – some of you may still be suffering from losing loved ones over the past year, and for many it has been a stressful time creating anxiety, leading to many physical body symptoms like headaches, digestive issues, pain within the body itself and much more.

You can download for FREE a CD which I created called Heal Your Body and there is also one to help you with Creating Positive Changes. Both will help you overcome any stress or anxiety you may have and help to heal your body. (Please feel free to share with your friends and family!)

Amongst all the confusion, chaos, and the unknown of the future it can be easy to forget that the universe has always got your back and within the chaos there is order that we cannot always see or be aware of!

December always reminds me of a Friday, with it being the end of the week and then having the time to relax and enjoy the weekend. December being at the end of all months gives you the opportunity to enjoy every part of it. It gives you extra time for you to connect with your family, loved ones and friends, sharing all the many different Christmas festivities together, creating new and happy memories with plenty of laughter, kisses, warm hugs, and extra quality time together!

December also gives you the opportunity to get inspired and create new visions for the coming future. Being in winter it reminds you this is only one critical part of life’s continuous cycle, it’s a time to slow down, rest and renew your energies before the re-birth of spring.

It is also an excellent month for strengthening your root chakra energy, giving you the time to clear any blockages and let go of those last remnants of beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours that will no longer serve your highest good as you travel on your personal journey into 2022 knowing what you will be doing differently next year.

So, allow this December to be a time for you to let go of the pasts old negative energies and tie up any loose ends. Then hold the knowing and trust that new beginnings and a whole New Year is waiting for you just round the corner which just like this Christmas you will continue to fill with happy memories, laughter, and love.

I wish you a Merry Christmas. May it be filled with peace, happiness, good health, and an abundant lifestyle you deserve!  I would also like to gently remind you that Christmas is also about receiving, so remind yourself regularly when you are amidst the hustle and bustle of all the gift giving and preparation for celebrations during this time of year make sure you take the time to care for you.

Give yourself the greatest gift this holiday season – your well-being!

I will be taking my Christmas and New Year Holiday from the 23rd of December and will be available again for guidance and healing sessions on the 5th of January 2022 where I look forward to reconnecting with you.