Every Person’s Story is Different

Every Person’s Story is Different

We are in the tail end of winter with Spring on the horizon – as you look back over the past few years the world has been totally transformed and it is as if we are living in a different world compared to 2019!

The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone in one way or another, and everyone has their own personal story as to how it has affected them and how they have been able to adapt/cope with the all the continuous changes that have been put in place.

There have been many lives lost causing heartbreak for the loved ones left behind, many side effects that are still in the process of being recognised from the Covid-19 vaccine, separation of families, jobs lost and businesses that have had to close!

For the future it does not look as if things will ever go back to the normal that we once used to know and there are many further changes happening throughout the world which will continue to affect everyone’s individual experiences in their own life story!

Amongst all the chaos from economic struggles, food shortages, animal extinction, climate change and even war! It is a time to trust that even if it does not feel like it right now that the light will overcome the dark and that the universe has got a plan in place to bring back balance to all that occupy her!

When Princess Diana suddenly died the energetic shock travelled like a tsunami across the world. People everywhere went into anger, grief, and sadness at the loss of such a special soul! As their tears accumulated and the energy intensified over the week before her funeral, yet another layer of energetic release was being felt as the tears increased for her and all those loved ones that had passed before her! It was as if the whole world was coming together, and a huge release and cleansing took place at the same time.

I can remember the week before the funeral being able to sense such a tense and heavy atmosphere in the air. At the time I owned what was then called a New Age Shop and it was filled with crystals, beautiful silver crystal jewellery and personal and unique gifts for all. I regularly did Healing Sessions from a room within the shop and on the days when I was not doing Healing – other spiritually minded people used the room for their own various therapies.

On one of these days a talented Medium was working and in between her clients she shared a message with me from Princess Diana who wanted to thank me for the healing work I had been doing and presented me with the gift of a white rose. I was surprised to receive such a message and it also felt very humbling at the same time! I took the gift of the rose to be symbolic in the moment and carried on with my day.

(I need to back track a moment to let you know that a few months previously I had purchased a beautiful indoor Gardenia plant that was filled with loads of buds and upon bringing it home over the next few weeks all the buds fell off – I was quite upset and was blaming the growers for maybe force growing it and then blaming myself that maybe I was watering it wrong or had not put it the right place for it to get a enough sunlight etc as I now had a plant with no buds on it all – I had completely resigned myself to having to wait and see if it would bud and flower the following year!)

So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I returned home that evening to discover that the Gardenia plant that was totally green and with no buds on was displaying so proudly one huge white fully opened rose – it was totally amazing to look at and I couldn’t help myself, I just had to examine the rest of the plant to check if there were some other buds that I had missed, there were NO other buds to seen! There were also no other flowers until the following year, even though I had never met or talked with Princess Diana personally, she became a part of my life story and a reminder that those in spirit do not necessarily need to be in your close family group or friends to be watching over you!

It is important that in stressful times you look after your well-being. A good diet, and some regular exercise is a good start, yet you also need to ensure that you are aware of your mental and emotional well-being as well!

When you are feeling out of balance then your energy field (which is made up of your aura and chakras) can become stagnated, which in turn can cause blockages within your energy field. Your energetic colours become dull and grey and murky colours appear throughout it!

Your aura is egg shaped and flows through and around your body. The average healthy, balanced aura is equal on each side and, if you were to stretch your arms out either side of your body, it would extend at least 3 to 6 inches beyond the tips of your fingers and at least 3 feet above and below you, with you being within the centre.

Your aura is constantly receiving information from all that is going on around you and only some of this information is filtered through to you. It is like a sieve, sorting through what is important for you as an individual and what is not.

This is then delivered to you through your energy vortexes which are called chakras – could you imagine if you received every piece of information that was around you? It would be complete overload to your physical, mental, and emotional systems.

Your aura, more than any other single human trait, manifests the sum and substance of your existence as an endless life force in the universe. Its vibration is the energy that you emanate throughout space. It is the life force that flows through your entire body and dictates the flow of your life.

And, while there is such a thing as “healthy” stress that can provide you with motivation that helps you stretch and grow, as you take on new challenges or overcome difficulties, a huge proportion of the stress in today’s world has become fearful of the future, which is damaging, and unhealthy.

Over time, continuous stress can become a way of being. It can become habitual without a person realising it.  I am aware that over the last couple of years people have been afraid to hug and kiss when meeting a loved one or friend, and now it has become normal for many to continue this way of greeting as it is now become a hard-wired habit!

The fear of everyday interactions is still held within by many people, as they do not know what the future holds, and this affects the physical body creating tension throughout – muscles becoming tighter, joints stiffer, heart beating faster etc. which prevents them from enjoying being with others, even at work and the ability to fully relax with friends, keeping them on high alert, it saps the joy of life from you!

Stress affects us all differently, yet what we all have in common is that it affects us emotionally, mentally, physically and in different ways – here are a few symptoms that you may recognise:

Aches and pains, headaches, fatigue/lethargy, stomach upsets, loss of sexual drive, anxiousness/worry, tense, irritable, depressed, forgetful, poor concentration, mental blocks, sleep problems, difficulty in making decisions, crying, always getting a cold, run down, withdrawing from friends and family, negative outlook on life, anxious or racing thoughts, constant worrying, the inability to relax, feeling angry, lonely, eating too much or not enough, bowel problems, procrastinating or neglecting life’s responsibilities, using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax – did I say a few different ways the list goes on…..

Each day in your daily life every interaction and reaction you have impacts on your energy level and your state of being. Your energy is constantly changing its frequency of vibration sometimes being higher and sometimes lower and this is okay as it helps you navigate through your own life story. Yet, when outside circumstances keep your energy low, and sometimes you may not even have a conscious awareness of it, or you may find that you become overwhelmed easily with all the worldly upheavals that are going on around you and have difficulty making small decisions and larger choices become impossible.

Have you ever wondered why when your physical body gets dirty, it affects your general sense of wellbeing?

This is because the dirt you have picked up contains energy too and, depending on where you got it from, can make you feel tired and depleted. If you were to stop your personal hygiene completely, then obviously your body would get dirtier by the day and after a while it would affect you mentally and emotionally.

So, whether you pick up dirt that is visible or invisible it is all made up of energy that affects your wellbeing and personal energy field.

As we move into Spring it can be the perfect time to renew your energy and create fresh focus. It is a great time for you to build momentum, make new choices and realign yourself with your desires and values.

Spring is my favourite time of year, I love the lighter evenings, seeing the new-born lambs in the fields, watching the bare trees grow new leaves and spotting the first magnolia trees bud and display their beautiful colourful flowers!

I am always amazed at how Mother Nature knows exactly when and how to balance and take care of herself. Energetically this natural occurrence has a profound effect on us too as the planet literally creates a huge surge of energy for renewal. In turn, the creative planetary energy has a huge impact on our own energetic field (prana, chi, life force) releasing a surge of photon activity (light) encouraging our own cells to shed their heavy wintery load. This makes it an excellent time to let go and detoxify on all levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We begin to feel refreshed and more energetic and have the sudden desire to start clearing out the cobwebs of the winter months.

Many of us focus this newfound energy burst by cleaning our homes (have you noticed how nearly every supermarket has cleaning products on offer at this time of year!).

Once you have done your spring cleaning, decluttered, and created new space, put down your feather duster and bring in items from nature that represent new beginnings; fresh spring bulbs, cut spring flowers and colourful blossoms off flowering trees. Create spring baskets and arrangements and display them prominently throughout your home. Their energy will be symbolic of new growth, to move your life forward in a positive new direction.

So, if over this last winter, you have been prone to feeling:

Overwhelmed with the constant world changes, tired, low in energy and don’t have the energy to get things done; feel unfocussed, not grounded, and scattered, stressed, and drained. Maybe you have been getting poor sleep, have annoying aches and pains and brain fog! Maybe it feels like you are carrying other people’s problems as well as your own.

Then it is time for you to get an energetic spring clean!

As an intuitive holistic healer, I can help you to get your energies realigned, by clearing any blockages you may have within your auric field. Strengthen, clear, cleanse and balance your chakras, remove any lower negative entities, and dissolve any emotional cords that may be draining your energy.

Your energetic body is the foundation for your physical and spiritual health and vitality.

The power of cleansing your energy shouldn’t be underestimated. When you cleanse your energetic bodies and chakras from any negative energy that may have been accumulating for years within your auric field, then you are able move forward in your life with positive emotions and a spring in your step.

Energetic Spring cleaning of the self brings incredible benefits, ranging from increased energy to a new, higher vision for your life. This healing lets you reclaim the space that negative energies have been occupying and fill it with your own divine vision.

As you let go of the old and open to the new, you will feel more balanced, grounded and in control of your life, be able to focus and have clarity in your life.

Once your energy is realigned, you will feel more energised, relaxed, yet alert and awake and this allows you room for personal growth, and to be able to focus more easily on the many other areas in your life.

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It is said that life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away. How many memories can you recollect that left you breathless and in absolute awe?