Why You Need to Take Care of Your Energetic Body

Why You Need to Take Care of Your Energetic Body

The world is going through a big energy shift and everyone in it has been affected one way or another!

Everything is changing and, while many people are trying to get back to what they would say is the “old normal,” life doesn’t really work that way as the universe is always moving forward.

In the past one was accustomed to hearing bad or unsettling news now and again, normally one being announced at a time. Now, the news bombards everyone with so many disasters each and every day including the Economy, Gas Prices, War, Covid, sudden unexplainable deaths, Catastrophes and Flooding throughout the world etc which, in turn, is creating fear in the masses!

Negative energy is beginning to saturate the whole world!

Many people are becoming scared, stressed, and fearful of losing their jobs, their loved ones, their homes, and their health! They are frightened as to what the future may bring, some of it known and a lot of it unknown!

This is worldwide and the fear is beginning to saturate into so many people and when your energetic energy field, known as your aura, holds onto fear it can become very fragile! With the world changing at such a furious pace it is important for you to understand how your energy can be affected by it all.

Your aura, which is also known as a biofield, surrounds your body and is also within your body. It is made up of major and minor chakras which is your life force which in turn creates intricate rhythms, channels and is constantly moving and changing! It is, in part, created by your heart, brain, the earth polarities, and the universal energies that we are all part of.

You can imagine this like you are in a bubble of energy that has the ability to receive, give out and store information at the same time.

We are electrical beings, and our auric field is our first line of defence to the influences of what is going on around us at all times!

Your aura is made up of a very fine energy and as you mingle and mix with others in your everyday activities it is easy to unknowingly absorb some of the energies of other people – and the negative information that is on the internet and TV!

Even drugs, medicines and processed food can weaken your auric field! A hole or a tear can also be created by knocking yourself i.e., banging your head, elbow, or knee, or falling over with a bump etc.

This causes your aura to become weakened, and holes can appear in it, causing you to lose more of your personal energy. I often compare this to a blown-up balloon or a car tyre which has a quiet and slow leakage of air from it, often you do not notice it at first and the damage increases!

When your aura becomes weak, then your health suffers, At first you may feel just a bit tired, ungrounded, and drained, maybe grumpy, snappy, or suddenly feel in a bad mood!

As you continue to leak energy then your immune system becomes compromised, and it is easier to catch common illnesses like the flu etc., become anxious, depressed and your energy field then finds it difficult to release your unwanted thoughts, unprocessed emotions, negative self-images, and negative self-talk etc.

I have shared before that we have over 72,000 nerves within our major chakras which interact with our energetic field, relaying information to you about what is happening around you from your environment.

All that information is being channelled through your body, so now you can understand how your mind, emotions and your physical body are continuously reacting/responding to them and how so much can go unnoticed by you!

When you have a bath or shower you can wash away the physical dirt and grime. When you receive healing it helps wash away the invisible negative energy that has been collected within your auric field, strengthening, and revitalizing you, preventing the overload turning into physical illnesses, leaving you feeling clearer, happier, and more balanced within yourself.

You do not have to wait until you are unwell to have an intuitive holistic healing session – you can imagine it like doing your housework the longer you leave it, the more the dust builds up, I recommend having a healing session every month to keep your aura at its best. Having a regular healing session comes under your own self-care which is the most loving thing you can do for yourself.