Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

This is a time for many that is filled with excitement and joy.

A chance to connect with your friends and loved ones and create some happy memories. Yet, it can also be a time for some that brings stress as the deadline of the 25th of December gets closer and the amount of getting things organized in time can take its toll!

Stress is a part of life and is not always a bad thing, as having a goal to get something achieved, can also be a great source of motivation. But unmanaged or prolonged stress can wreak havoc on your life and although it may seem that the stress is all in your head, it is actually having an effect on your body and emotions as well.

There are many different signs of stress ranging from unexpected aches and pains, headaches, not being able to sleep, a racing heart, making mistakes etc. Stress can vary from person to person and can often go unrecognised and become part of everyday life!

An example of normal stress would be missing the bus and nearly being late for work – once arrived just on time, your stress levels would disappear, and your body would go back to a normal resting state ready to get on with your day.

However, there any many who are stuck in long term stress (chronic) and every day normal stresses pile up on top of each other. The body then becomes stuck in overdrive in fight, flee or freeze mode, and when this happens the body is continually releasing cortisol, and is no longer able to settle down to a normal state of being! This, then, has a profound impact on your mental and physical health and can cause many different symptoms and illnesses from tightness or soreness in your muscles to fibromyalgia as an example.

There are many signs of stress that can go unrecognised or pushed away as something trivial; ignored and not taking the time to respond to what is happening including, to name a few, the condition of your hair, skin, and nails; stomach aches and digestion problems; tension headaches which can lead to migraines; tightness in your neck and jaw; your immune system breaking down and you becoming more susceptible to colds and flu; for women missing a period; lack of sexual libido; weight gain and depression; poor memory and lack of focus.

A single day of stress is something that you can shake off – yet, when it is impossible for you to do, and everything is mounting up, even enjoying yourself can be hard and challenging! Accepting an invitation can even feel like an overwhelming obligation.

As Christmas draws nearer, take the time in your busy schedule to find something that makes you feel happy when doing it, and allow extra time between your activities, so you can arrive feeling calm and comfortable rather than rushed and out of sorts!

Be responsible for your own self-care and ensure that you are eating properly and getting enough sleep. When you are feeling rested and calm it will be easier for you to get on with what needs to be done.

There are many different stress relief tips or techniques available, from meditation, deep breathing, and visualisation. Not all techniques are effective for everybody, and you may need some extra help with your stress management. I am available and can help you identify your stressors and where they are located within your body and energy field and help release any stuck and blocked energy through healing, while helping you learn and better understand the signs of stress you are experiencing.

Intuitive Holistic Healing is a therapy where I direct the universal healing energy throughout your body, your chakras, meridians, and your auric field.

As the healing energy is received by you, this helps to transform your conscious mind by quietening down your brainwave frequencies: Beta, which is your conscious thoughts, Alpha where you relax and connect with creativity and Theta which is known as the twilight stage, where your mind is still open and awake, yet your body drifts into sleep. Alpha state is also where you go when in deep meditation.

As you relax more deeply, the thinking mind slows down and you are able to get past the analytical, stress mode mind (Beta) and into the relaxed mind (Alpha and Theta) and this is where healing is then able to take place on all levels of your body, your mind, your emotions, and your soul.

The healing energy which I channel is guided by a higher source of universal intelligence, which knows exactly where to go and what is needed to be released that is causing blockages within your physical body, your life force energy which includes your auric field and chakras, and even works directly on the unconscious parts of your mind which may contain negative thoughts and also helps to release any stuck emotions you may have.

This then raises your life force energy as the low vibrations of blocked negative energy, negative thoughts, and emotions, are released from your body, your chakras and your auric field allowing for a normal healthy flow of energy to resume.

In this higher vibrational frequency, you will feel lighter, and with this fresh new energy of life force then you become more balanced and healthier, on all levels physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Give the gift of healing this Christmas to yourself or a loved one and start the New Year on a higher lighter vibration.

Cost £40 per session

Amidst the festive cheer and the twinkling lights, may your heart find its own special warmth this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with love, kindness, and heartwarming moments.