Inuitive Holistic Animal Healing

Animal Healing

Animals are naturally intuitive and respond to the varying energies we project, both positive and negative; they too can become depressed, feel out of balance both mentally and emotionally or become physically ill.

It is possible for your stress and negative emotions to affect your animal’s mental and physical well-being. The pressures of modern living can take their toll on our health as we continue to try and “cope”.  Animal’s lives have had to change to fit in with human society. The way we expect them to live most of the time is a far cry from their way of living in their natural habitat.  This conflict is, in itself, a major factor in behavioural and emotional problems often seen in domesticated animals.

Healing can help many ailments, including speeding up recovery time after veterinary surgery, helping them to de-stress, release anxiety and manage any pain. Healing can be valuable in the later years of your pet’s life, when they need extra loving care or when it is their time to pass over, healing can bring calm and peace, preparing them for their journey to the spirit world.

Healing can also be used representatively to cleanse and heal the aura, as the energy field will become out of balance before an illness or disease presents physical symptoms.

Other ways Intuitive Holistic Healing can help:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Release toxins
  • Bring energy and vitality
  • Offers natural pain relief for conditions such as arthritis
  • Calm and relax when there is a new arrival in the family – animal or human
  • Enables a deep release of emotions following abuse or a traumatic event
  • When an animal is grieving for a fellow animal or human
  • A change of owner


If you are unable to visit me in Eastbourne, I am happy to travel to you within a 20 mile radius providing you are able to cover the extra travel costs involved.

It can be more beneficial for your pet to receive healing in the comfort of their own home, where they are settled and happy, minimising the stress of travelling for your pet – especially if they are recovering from surgery.

With any concerns that you may have about your animal’s health or well-being, your first port of call must be a veterinarian.
The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 prohibits anyone, other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from physically and medicinally treating animals, including diagnosis of ailments and giving advice on such diagnosis.


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