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Are you comfortable in your Skin?

As an Intuitive Holistic Healer, I find it interesting that many of my existing and new clients will come to me with similar ailments at the around same time. These clients do not know each other yet they will be displaying similar symptoms within the physical, mental and emotional being.

I have had over the last weeks a “rash” of complaints from people suffering with unexpected breakouts of acne, rosacea, shingles and strange unexplained rashes. These are often in the same places on the body, so I thought I would share with you more about the skin and how it communicates with you.

As yet, science is still unable to re-create anything that is close to your real skin and how it performs to protect you at all times. It can be scraped and grazed and grow back within days, a cut will heal often within a week, you can puncture it with a needle and it will fill back in stopping the bleeding within seconds/minutes. It is always removing old cells and creating new ones, self-repairing structural damage and constantly re-establishing blood flow to cells within your skin.

Your skin is the only physical barrier between you and the world which allows you to survive intact with all of your other organs held neatly and in an organised order inside your body.

It covers your entire body, so, every thought you have and every word you say and the energy of an intention is felt/heard through your skin, it is also able to receive incoming information from others and the outside world at the same time. So next time you are having a moan about how your skin looks and feels – remember it hears and feels every word as it loyally continues to protect you!

Because the skin is able to heal quickly and replace old cells regularly it is good at showing you what is going on inside your body. For example if you are dehydrated your skin will become dry, when you are unhappy your skin will sag, when malnourished it will lose its healthy glow, you will blush when embarrassed and redden with anger. The skin is constantly reflecting our inner feelings; peeling or flaking of dead skin is an indication of letting go of old mental patterns. A rash or spots will appear when you are confronting the world or somebody or something is getting under your skin causing you frustration and anger.

The skin not only is a barrier, it is a protection to your inner states of being, it is your identity and it is your physical boundary.

The skin offers exit points, helping the lungs, the colon, the kidney and livers when they can’t cope with the heavy amount of toxins that get put into your body. Yet, at the same time, it also absorbs what is put on it, so be careful of your skincare and bath products as it only takes 26 seconds for them to be absorbed into your bloodstream!

I recommend that you use freshly made, cruelty-free skincare to minimise the toxins you take into your body.

Throughout the world many people are becoming more aware of toxic products, toxic energy and toxic people around them and are releasing long held onto anger and resentment, letting go of what no longer serves them, disconnecting from negative people, changing not only their dietary needs,  but the environment around them and this may be one of the reasons that there are so many outbreaks of skin complaints lately as they prepare themselves to move forward and step towards new or long awaited goals.

Highly Sensitive People also recognise that unusual rashes, itchiness and prickly sensations which appear over the body are part of the ascension process. They understand that the body is preparing itself as part of the ascension process, that it is enhancing the body’s vibration to a higher level as past lives and this lives issues are being released.

As the body vibrates higher in frequency it can no longer tolerate the lower energy foods, especially processed, fast foods and gluten. So make a higher energy decision to re-evaluate what you decide to put into and on to your body – every part of your whole body will be very grateful!

As you listen to your body and start to understand what it is trying to say to you then you can begin to clear and let go of situations and experiences from the past that are still blocking your system.

Anger for example manifests as high blood pressure – which affects the skin, causing pain, a rash or an infection. Before becoming angry there is a feeling of frustration, which gets stored in the liver – and that frustration turns to resentment and is held in the spleen. Maybe even before the frustration something was going on around you that may have been hard for you to digest, causing stomach problems or even creating ulcers!

As your organs become over worked or filled with negative energy it becomes difficult for them to carry out their job of eliminating it all properly – which means it has to call on the skin for help to filter it out through the many different types of rashes that appear on your body. Just as well the skin is willing to help as otherwise you could be poisoned from within.

Remember, physical symptoms are the body’s language and once you begin to understand your own body’s language you are now in a good position to begin healing yourself. It’s not that the rash/illness is unreal; it means that now, you can treat it differently by finding the cause and not just treat the symptoms!

Anger comes in different forms including impatience, resentment, hate, jealously and intolerance to name but a few.

Let me ask you – How do you supress your anger?

Do you swallow it down? Sit on it? Continuously think about it? Become distant from people? Hold on to it? Become thick skinned? Push it to the back of you? Carry it around with you? Etc.

Be honest with yourself and you will discover why certain areas of your body hurt more than others. If you push it to the back of you then you will end up with a bad back. If you are still carrying it around, check your shoulder pains and your arms! Sitting on it – well I will leave that to your imagination! When the body can contain it no more it exits the skin via a rash!

So check where your rash is and allow your body to help you understand what it is about.

If it is behind your ear then it could be that you don’t like listening to what is being said around you, it’s getting under your skin and you are unable to express your true opinion. A breakout on your face may mean that you are holding anger in as you are not able to face up to what is happening or being said around you.

Ask yourself who or what is rubbing you raw, getting under your skin, perhaps it is time to shed a layer of yourself? Is it time to stop absorbing criticism and assert yourself? When you have an itch, stop and take the time to ask yourself – what is going on below the surface? Are you keeping any toxic feelings inside of yourself? If the answer is yes then find a safe way to release them.

As you accept that your body is your friend and not your enemy, remember, this is the vehicle that you choose to have an earthly experience in.

It is important for your spiritual growth that you listen and learn what your body is trying to tell you. Every ache, pain and symptom is the body delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language. Healing becomes easier as you recognise that stress is a reminder from the soul that something needs to change in your life!

Start to see your body as your soulmate; it is the only one you have got. Love yourself inside and out. Take the time to listen to your body, become aware of its language. The more severe the problem the louder your body will speak and give it the help it needs to heal on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and on a soul level.

Be mindful of the language you use as your body hears it all. The health of your body, mind and soul are all connected. You may try to bury your stress, hide your tensions, grief, anger, fears and losses. Trap your anger within your organs and you may have thought that you are succeeding, yet your body always remembers everything and will remind you through the only language it knows how!

I am here to help you learn and understand what your body is trying to tell you, to help you let go of blockages that are no longer serving you for your highest good and help you move forward in a positive and loving way.

Healing Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most loved and well known crystals. It is often one of the first stones that someone will buy for themselves. They fill the room with a soft pink hue that asks to be embraced, wrapping their loving energies around you, creating a vortex of deep penetrating heart healing.

Just being in the room with a Rose Quartz crystal will help to release any sadness that has followed you through all time. It cleanses away the debris of the past, lifting you to a safe place within yourself where you can dry the past tears of your soul. It is a very gentle yet very powerful stone. It helps instil calmness and promotes self-love, self-esteem, love of others, compassion and is wonderful at restoring the mind and emotions to a state of calm and clarity after a crisis. It can help bring peace and calmness to relationships. It provides us with emotional support when we most need it and is a comforting crystal that helps reduce the fears that accompany pain and injury.

It is a powerful Seeker crystal.  It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace.

Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be a good facilitator for attracting love.  Put a Rose Quartz Flame on your bedside table, to attract new love or to add trust and re-commitment to an existing relationship.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is one of the most important stones for working with the Heart Chakra, opening the heart to compassion for self and for others. Rose Quartz eases guilt and balances emotions, lowering stress levels and bringing about peace.

The comforting and soothing energy of Rose Quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others and even of the self. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, allowing healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to negative emotions. Rose Quartz can also help heal a broken heart, allowing the release of pent-up emotions and grief.

Rose Quartz allows the user to expand the Heart Chakra and be able to accept love from others, and to recognize and connect with the unconditional love of the Universe.  Rose Quartz may also be used to balance all of the chakras and remove negative energy, replacing it with a loving energy.

However, for all its calming and soothing properties, please be aware that Rose Quartz can also be a powerful releaser of unexpressed emotions.


The water you drink and use comes to you through an involved process, such as pressurization, filtering and sedentary storage. These processes have an effect on the quality of water as it comes out of the tap or bottle. The journey through the pipes, filters and tanks we use to ensure the essential safety of the water supply also takes out the natural vitality of the water as it is found in nature. Even the best spring water loses vitality and energy when it is moved through pipes and other forms of water processing.

Every cell in our body has an electrical potential and water constantly flowing through it. Blood plasma is over 90% water and in it is everything we need to live. Our body needs good energetic water to help prevent the body from getting sick, yet it also needs good energetic water to support the healing process when we are unwell.

I often recommend to my clients in a healing session to drink plenty of water. During a healing session, blockages are shifted, including physical toxicity, attachments to others, trauma and imprints removed from past lives etc.

When we are dehydrated, other people’s toxic emotions and electromagnetic pollution can stick to us causing fear to stagnate in the kidneys and liver, affecting our digestion, causing cells to suffer and our minds to become foggy. As soon as the body loses a small fraction of weight in water, it demands more by getting thirsty.

Since ancient times, Rose Quartz has been revered as one of the most powerful, healing gemstones. It has been used for hundreds of years to energise and restore water.

Drinking Rose Quartz energised water can help encourage feelings of self-worth, love and confidence. Its healing properties also include: dispersing negativity and toxins, healing the heart, balancing your emotions, treating headaches and migraines, enhancing the immune system, vitalizing your Prana (life force), relieving stress and bringing a sense of inner peace.

Enjoy and experience drinking water in a totally new way.

Today I am delighted to introduce the bewater Harmony Drinking Bottle to you.

Simply fill your bottle with your regular drinking water and wait 10 minutes.  The vibrant energy of this crystal is then transferred into the water, heightening its vibration, so it becomes full of energy and vitality again, just like natural mountain spring water – stimulating for body, mind, and soul. Making it a must have for any household or to use in your therapy room.

To re-energise your Harmony bewater bottle place it outside once a month. Somewhere safe, preferably on the ground itself, and in the shade where it can soak up the natural earth elements (sunlight will fade the beautiful rose pink colour) and leave it for 12 hours.

Rose Quartz is a water element and re-energises best by moonlight, so a full moon is an excellent time to recharge it.

I simply LOVE these gemstone bottles.

The high quality gemstones are completely sealed within the “pod” and are immersed safely within the bottle of water infusing the water with their metaphysical properties.

For those of you who already prepare and enjoy using gemstone elixirs you will love and appreciate that you can now have your gem-water on the go and be able to refill the bottle at any time.

The bewater Harmony Bottle is a blend of Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz gemstones, and you will find this harmonic blend to taste smooth and mild.

Clear Quartz distributes energy, alleviates pain, lowers high temperature and harmonises the nerves, glands & hormones. Overall the bewater Harmony Gemstone combination of rose quartz and clear quartz has a stimulating, yet soothing effect bringing you calm and tranquillity.

Based on the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto a number of studies have been made proving the benefits of drinking water infused with gemstone properties.

Here are the results of a biological appraisal:

  • Distinct improvement of tap water quality
  • Improvement of the pH value and oxygen content
  • Quality level otherwise only known in natural spring water
  • Raise energy balance

These gemstone water bottles also make amazing gifts to introduce your family and friends to the concept of crystal energy as there is no time consuming cleansing of the crystals needed and they are hygienic, convenient and beautiful to look at.

This is a unique and exclusive gift for every occasion.

Why Is Chakra Clearing Important?

We all know that the world we live in now is a totally different world than that of our ancestors.

They never had the opportunity to spend hours at a computer exploring the internet, the luxury of driving a car or being able to text a friend on a mobile phone. They also did not have to face the destruction of their environment that comes with the assault of modern technology and pollution.

So it is no surprise that as we have evolved that our bodies, minds and energy field (known as your aura), have struggled to keep up with all the changes that are needed to keep life in balance with this quick paced and often stressful lifestyle that somehow for many seems to have become normal.

Our bodies are designed for flight or fight when coming across a dangerous situation and in this modern day and age we no longer come across the mountain lion that wants to eat us – whereas in the past we would have either run away or stayed and fought for our lives.

Most people are aware of flight or fight energy, yet what seems to be forgotten is that we also have the choice to Freeze by standing absolutely still and possibly even holding our breath with the hope that we would go unnoticed as the predator passed by.

When a deer is chased by a lion and escapes – its whole body will shake as it releases the rush of adrenalin and fear of the event, bringing the deer’s energy back into a normal state of being.  The lion too will shake its body to release the energy and disappointment of not having lunch that day, once again bringing its body into a neutral state of being.

For many of you it seems that you no longer remember to shake things off and move forward with ease when you leave a stressful situation behind – maybe this is because you are still using the adrenalin that was designed for life or death situations. In a world that is not as life threatening as it was not letting go of the adrenalin means that it becomes stuck in your energy field, blocking your Chakras, and will eventually settle in different parts of the body,

As your energy field becomes more clogged you try to eliminate the stress that is around you, try to get more sleep and even focus on your nutrition – you still remain exhausted and feel lethargic, it becomes difficult to stay motivated and you start to lose interest in doing things that you once loved.

Your energy field is your source of life and vitality and when you experience an emotional trauma then the negative energy from that event can get stuck in your energy field and body for many years – as I am able to see your auric field then I can easily see where it has become stuck.

One way to tell if you have energy that you are still holding onto is to think about a negative event that you have had and if it still brings up emotions like, grief, anger, sadness and feeling overwhelmed or you have a physical sensation like anxiety or feel sick in your stomach or get pressure in your head, chest or throat then these are signs that the traumatic energy still resides there and is still affecting you today.

When the energy is not released, over time it begins to block your chakras and affect your physical well-being causing fatigue amongst many other symptoms.

Doctors are unable to view your auric field and, therefore, are often not able to answer your questions about why you are feeling so tired. Although most doctors are in agreement that stress is behind the cause of over 70% of illnesses.

When a person’s energy levels are low, it is the first sign that the energy field/your aura has been disrupted and this can be the beginning of many other things that can go wrong in the body as the auric field is not able to direct the body’s chemistry the way it is meant to and the body slowly starts to break down affecting the autoimmune system.

There are seven major chakras that are located at various points within the spine with the first one starting at the base, in the coccyx, and the seventh one being on the top of your head.

The chakras are spinning vortices that, when balanced, preserve good health throughout the body. For simplicity you can liken them to an electric fan with 3 speed settings – slow, medium and fast. The medium setting being the perfect flow and when set to slow or fast they don’t work as efficiently.

The chakras themselves are not physical and you would not be able to see them on an X-ray.

They are aspects of consciousness, also known as the life force or chi energy, and they interact with the physical and energetic body through the endocrine and nervous systems.

Each chakra’s connection to a key endocrine gland and nervous system in your body means that an energy deficiency could lead to serious physical consequences if you ignore it for too long.

Your consciousness is how you perceive your reality and represents everything that is possible for you to experience. All of your senses, perceptions, and different states of awareness can be divided into seven groups, and then each of these groups can be associated with a particular chakra.

So, when you feel tension or stress in your consciousness, you will also feel it in the chakra that it is associated with and also in the parts of the physical body that the chakra is associated with.

No one chakra is better or more important than the others, so you would not want to have extra heart chakra energy and less throat chakra energy. This would not be balanced and then it would be possible that the other chakras would also become out of balance as they become over or under active to make up the difference.

Here are some symptoms that you may feel when your chakras are over or underactive.

Root Chakra:

When overactive you may feel ungrounded, resistant to change, fearful, nervous and insecure and attached to materialistic items.

When underactive you may feel that you do not belong to anywhere or anyone, become co-dependant and have a fear of abandonment.

Physical Symptoms of your chakra being out of balance include the inability to sit still, restlessness, unhealthy weight (either obesity or eating disorder), constipation, cramps, fatigue or sluggishness.

Sacral Chakra:

When overactive you are quick to attach and invest in others, attracted to drama, feel moody and lack personal boundaries.

When underactive you may feel closed off from others, lack confidence, self-esteem or self-worth and put up with being in an abusive relationship.

Physical Symptoms of your chakra being out of balance include lower-back pain or stiffness, urinary issues, kidney pain or infection, infertility and impotence.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

Symptoms of this chakra being overactive are being domineering, aggressive, angry, a perfectionist or overly critical of oneself or others.

When underactive you become passive, indecisive, and timid and lack self-control.

Physical Symptoms of your chakra being out of balance can be ulcers, gas, nausea or other digestive problems, eating disorders, asthma or other respiratory ailments, nerve pain or fibromyalgia, infection in the liver or kidneys and other organ problems.

Heart Chakra:

When overactive you can become clingy and suffocating in the way you are expressing your love to others, lack a sense of self in any relationship and be willing to say yes to everything. You begin to lose your boundaries, letting everyone in without concerns of future outcomes.

When underactive you may feel cold, distant and lonely, often feeling resentful towards others and unable or unwilling to open up to others.

Physical Symptoms of your chakra being out of balance can be heart and circulatory problems (high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and heart attack), poor circulation or numbness, asthma or other respiratory ailments, breast cancer, stiff joints or joint problems in the hands.

Throat Chakra:

An overactive throat chakra leads to being over talkative and not knowing when to stop, you find yourself unable to listen to others, often becoming highly critical, verbally abusive or condescending.

When this chakra is underactive you can feel Introverted, shy, not be able to express your needs or have difficulty speaking your personal truth.

Physical Symptoms of your chakra being out of balance can be stiffness or soreness in the neck or shoulders, sore throat, hoarseness or laryngitis, earaches or infection, dental issues or thyroid issues.

Third Eye Chakra:

When overactive you can become out of touch with reality, find it hard to focus as your thoughts are all over the place and you no longer seem to have good judgement.

When underactive you can become very rigid in your thinking, be closed off to new ideas, cling to the past and be fearful of the future. Often, becoming disconnected to your own intuition and unable to trust your own thoughts

Physical Symptoms of your chakra being out of balance could be vision problems, headaches or migraines, insomnia or sleep disorders including nightmares, and even seizures.

Crown Chakra:

When overactive you can become addicted to spirituality, completely ignoring your bodily needs and have difficulty controlling your emotions.

With an underactive Crown Chakra you will not be very open to spirituality, and find it difficult to set or maintain goals as you will be lacking in a sense of direction in your life.

Physical Symptoms of your chakra being out of balance are dizziness, confusion, mental fog, neurological disorders, nerve pain, schizophrenia or other mental disorders.

Quite a list!

It is important to remember that your physical body and your energy field/aura in which your chakras reside are going to keep sending you messages through your body, thoughts and emotions until you pay attention.

Pause for a moment… ask yourself: are your chakras feeling balanced, or are there areas where you feel out of sorts?

Do you feel vibrant, healthy and full of energy or is your life force energy low, making you feel tired or lethargic?

Any time is a good time to have your chakras cleared and balanced, if you are already feeling good you will feel even better and if you are feeling stressed, anxious or physically drained then an intuitive holistic healing session including clearing and balancing your chakras can help you relax and release any blocked or negative emotions that you may be holding onto, leaving your whole being feeling more energised, lighter, healthier and happier within yourself.

Happy New Year!

As 2017 comes to an end, it’s time to step forward into another new year. The energy that this year requires you have is the confidence to follow through with the foundations that you started to build last year and look after the seeds of new ideas that you planted. This year brings in a mastership vibe that says ‘what you have sown is truly what you will reap’.

It’s an Eleven Year, a significant spiritual master number which has been a major factor in many world events.

 2 + 0 +1 +8 = 11 and 1 +1 =2 making this year 2018 a Universal 11/2 year

 It is a time to slow down, be patient and ensure that you take the time to follow through with what you started in 2017.

The number Two supports the Eleven with a slow and steady journey of exciting connections between your past, your present, and your future. You will be able to use the relationship between two and eleven to help you as you move through the year. It can help with your goals; partnerships; relationships with the self; patience; attention to detail; cooperation; sensitivity; discovering the softness in your strengths; your strengths within your softness and allowing you to see the bigger picture with clarity as you move into the year making gradual and solid progress.

 2018 is a year to adopt the energy of staying power and perseverance as you take one step at a time with the courage and trust in your intuition that you have to ability to create the abundant lifestyle that you deserve.

It is about balance and integrating all that you need into it to be healthy, feel happy and successful in all areas of your life. It is a year where you gain mastery over your life as you continue to learn how the subtle and not so subtle energies of the universe work.

It is a year to remain committed to yourself, to remain and continue on your own personal healing journey, to put your needs and health first. It’s a time to create strong boundaries to ensure that your own energy stays intact and healthy so that you are in a good position to be able to help and support others without feeling depleted or stretched.

2018 is a year to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right!

Being an 11 universal year brings huge potential. It’s dynamic and gives you many insights into your own personal strengths and weaknesses. It is strongly connected to your intuition and asks that you be willing to be receptive to new changes and receive the intuitive guidance it gives you to help enhance your journey and inspire others to be more light hearted in their approach to life’s challenges.

 Amongst all of the massive shifts and changes that will take place this year, you will be required to be spontaneous, flexible and patient. It is important for you not to become overloaded with activities that exhaust you and make sure that you take the time to relax and be still. This will be a challenge within itself as it can be difficult at times to do nothing, yet this is important so you can see it as a productive rest, a time for you to heal on all levels.

You could use these times to connect with your inner self and reflect on your values, establish your priorities, how you wish your life to be, how you can wisely focus on getting there one sure step at a time, to create your plans and how to follow through with them. The overall theme of 2018 is abundance, filled with delight and moment to moment explorations in each and every day. It is a year of manifesting what you desire, knowing that in this year all will work out and miracles can and do happen.

Remember, opportunity knocks on your door every day, so make sure you get up and open it. Just like a visitor knocking your door, if you take too long to answer, the opportunity, like any visitor, will move on.

This is your life so make the choice to take action on your goals and dreams this year.

There is no better time than 2018 to do it!

Happy New Year

If you would like any help in identifying any issues that maybe blocking you from moving forward in 2018 I am here to help you finally move forward and create those changes you truly deserve.

Happy Christmas

December 2017 has arrived. It seems as if it was only a short while ago that we left winter behind and, yet, here we are again. December is like Friday – at the end of the week you can enjoy the weekend. Being at the end of all months it gives you the opportunity to enjoy every part of it. It is time for you to take time out and to connect with your family and friends, sharing all the many different Christmas Festivities.

2017 was a year of new beginnings; a time of letting go of what no longer served you for your highest good, a time to de-clutter and set into place what you would like to be doing differently over the coming years.

It would have seemed like you were on a roller coaster at times, with its highs and lows, scary yet full of excitement. In this last month of the year as you snuggle up on the sofa with a warm drink and soft blanket with the shorter days and longer nights already set in. The many experiences you have had, the good ones and the not so good. How much have you learnt as you reflect back over the past 11 months?

December gives you the opportunity to be inspired and create new visons for the coming future. Being in winter it reminds you this is only one critical part of life’s continuous cycle, it’s a time to slow down, rest and renew your energies before the re-birth of spring.

It is a month for strengthening your root chakra energy, a time to clear those last remnants of beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that you do not want to take in 2018.

It’s also a good time for you to think about what you would like to do differently next year. Make realistic New Year resolutions and innovative plans for your future.

So, tie up your loose ends, knowing new beginnings are just round the corner and create a lovely Christmas 2017 filling it with happy memories, laughter and love.

Happy Christmas to you.

The Future of Healing Hands

A couple of weeks ago I read an interesting article which shared information about how Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could affect the future of mankind and although, in reality, at this moment nobody really knows in full how individuals could be affected it opened up my mind to thinking about how the possibilities could be very positive and helpful, yet at the same time also have a very negative effect for a lot of people.

Some Billionaire Companies are investing a lot of time and money into developing more efficient Robots and AI. What we do know is that at some time in the future they will be a large part of our lives – it is like the Science Fiction films we watch coming true into our reality.

So, for the moment, let’s imagine what the future may hold for lots of people throughout the world. Maybe, within the next 10 years or so, society as we know it will be changed dramatically as AI and the Robots could take away more than 50% of human jobs. This could even include many hands-on jobs including some of the skilled labours like building a house, putting in electrical wiring and plumbing. Can you imagine what it would be like to go into your favourite restaurant for a romantic dinner and find out that the food has been prepared, cooked and then served by a Robot? It might be the perfect recipe and have the exact measurements of ingredients in it – but have no feeling of love or soul!

As more AI was introduced into the world more people would find themselves with no work and, therefore, would have to go on some sort of universal income supplied by the government. This may be good for some people who are already trapped in a low paying job that they do not like, as it would cover their basic needs but their income would obviously be limited by the amount that the government decided was enough for that person’s needs!

Yet, what about those who were already in a higher paying profession and would no longer be able to spend on holidays, education, organic food and extra healthcare etc.?

I wonder how it would affect the people who actually loved their jobs – with it being a part of their main purpose in life.

When you meet a person for the first time, nearly always, they will share with you what they do for a living as this is a huge part of their life and who they have become through the work that they do. For many it will be that if their job was taken away it would also remove their main purpose in life!

For some, this may be good news as they can take the time to look for a deeper and more meaningful life purpose. Yet, there could be more people who would become lost within themselves, feel hurt, rejected and become numb to life!

Is this really a good thing or is it what the larger companies really want to achieve from the human life population?

You maybe be wondering why as an INTUITIVE HOLISTIC HEALER I am choosing to lightly touch on upon the subject of Robots and AI and I do realise that it could be open to much discussion and debate being a huge subject on its own and one that could cause many different opinions.

Yet, as a healer, and maybe as you are reading this you too are a Healer or perhaps a Counsellor, a Life Coach or similar then you will already understand that as we move forward into the future that there will be a high demand for your services.

AI and Robots are not spiritual; they do not have emotions, compassion and love and no matter how intelligent they get – they will never have a soul.

As we move forward into the future, all Spiritual Healers, Life Coaches, Counsellors and Mentors will be in even higher demand and chances are that there won’t be enough Healers to meet that demand.

This means that any field of work that requires emotional or spiritual mastery will be irreplaceable and I would like to encourage you to start getting ready now for the future as it takes practice and plenty of experiences to become a skilled Healer.

Start to take action now and find yourself work that has emotion, passion, love and gives you a deep sense of purpose, whether it is being an artist, a musician or in the spiritual arts – it is important for you to find something that AI and Robots will not be able to do!

 Put your heart and soul into your chosen skill and the personal growth that you will achieve over the next few years will reap rewards beyond your imagination.

Be ahead of the masses and don’t wait until AI and Robots have taken over your existing job. When this happens millions of people will be looking for healing and spiritual guidance and perhaps thousands will also be looking to become Healers, Counsellors etc.

 Yet – if they leave it too late – they will have had only a limited amount of experience in their chosen field.

 Here a few signs that you could be a natural healer

  • You genuinely enjoy being of service to other people. You may already be in a role of helping others as a practitioner, such as a nurse, chiropractor, counsellor or massage therapist.
  • You can be sensitive and experience heightened awareness in public places and can tell if there has been a fight or argument when you walk into a room.
  • Being in large crowds is draining and overwhelming and it’s a relief to get home so you can recharge your batteries and regain your energy.
  • You are intuitive and people often turn to you when they have a problem that needs solving.
  • The palms of your hands often tend to feel like they are buzzing, vibrating, or pulsating.
  • Animals and small children are comfortable around you even when they are mostly shy around others.
  • Strangers tend to share their life stories with you.
  • It brings you happiness, joy and deep meaning when you help others.
  • You can easily feel other people’s pain.
  • People often feel better or comforted in your presence, and feel safe when sharing their life secrets with you.
  • The word “healing” excites you and you have a knowing within that you are a healer just waiting to emerge.

You may be planning to change your future and start a new career which involves energy healing or maybe you are already a coach, counsellor or complementary therapist who sees immense value in adding energy healing to the services you offer, helping your clients to be able to create massive breakthroughs within their lives.

Maybe, you have an interest in energy healing, and the mind body spiritual connection for yourself then this Intuitive Holistic Healing course not only teaches you the principles of healing, it will also be a support for you on your own healing journey.

As you become committed to your own healing and growth, then you will definitely be in the best energetic space to act as a guiding light to help your friends, family and others on a professional level.

The Intuitive Holistic Healing course will give you the opportunity to become a Certified Practitioner in the exciting field of Energy Healing.

Intuitive Holistic Healing’s 4 day intense training course will give you the skills and techniques to help you to heal yourself and others.

The next course starts on Sunday 12th November and then continues on 19th 26th November and 3rd December 2017.

If you have a strong caring nature it’s almost certain you have the ability to become a healer.

Positive Thinking

Your first thoughts in the morning can really make a difference to how the rest of your day will be.

As soon as you wake in the morning the most ancient parts of your brain start to direct you towards specific outcomes to bring you pleasure, comfort and security.

Have you noticed that animals slowly stretch and yawn upon waking? The stretching eliminates any physical tension within their body and the yawning helps their brain become totally focused and alert.

So, before getting out of bed each morning take an extra few moments to stretch, yawn and bring your mind into focus before starting your daily routines.

As you bring your awareness to how you are feeling when you wake, begin to take a mental and physical inventory of your body: do you feel calm or anxious? Still tired or refreshed?  Then begin to direct your awareness to more pleasurable sensations i.e.  How your body feels nice and warm and how relaxed your muscles are, how appreciative you are for your comfortable bed and the sounds of birds singing outside etc.

 When you do this the pleasure and joy that you feel within your body stimulates the motivation centres in your brain, making you ready to take action for the day. The next step is to visualise what you would like to accomplish throughout the day and imagine yourself completing them effortlessly and easily overcoming any obstacles that may arise. By doing this your brain becomes more adept at turning your intentions into reality.

When you give yourself this extra time before getting out of bed in the morning, you will give yourself the opportunity to become fully aware of your body and your mental state, helping your brain to function better throughout the rest of the day and be able to accomplish more of your goals in a less stressed way.

Don’t Jump Out of Bed – take it slow, set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier and be mindful of getting ready for the day. Enjoy your breakfast rather than gulping it down – not only will your body appreciate it, but your mind will stimulate and generate a greater self-love and compassion for yourself and you will build a greater emotional resilience that will carry forward into every part of your day and life.

As you go through your day you may sometimes find it challenging to remain positive in your thinking and this can be upsetting.

I would like to share with you why this happens so that you can begin to have an awareness of what is happening and that it is not really your fault. This will then enable you to begin noticing and start practising changing your thought patterns more easily.

Your brain is made up of two halves and within the whole of your brain, located toward the back, is a small area that has been there for millions of years – this is known as the ancient brain or reptilian brain.

Your right hand side frontal lobe/cortex is there to protect you from harm. In the past it was very valuable in protecting you from avoiding conflict from dinosaurs, tigers, snakes, floods, scorching heat, etc., and would have saved your life many times over; its role was/is to help you survive! It also needed to have a good memory to be able to continually recognise when danger was present.

The left hand side frontal lobe/cortex is where you feel safe, relaxed, happy and content. In the past our needs were a lot less and we were happy with a safe place to sleep and food in our belly.

Fast forward into the present century and we are no longer using our brains in the same way; we have evolved so much and have created many other marvellous ways to look after ourselves. We have become even more creative etc. yet, we still have that part in our brain that is ancient. Now it is the negative thinking that is created in the right hand side frontal lobe/cortex and the brain continues to innocently believe that it still doing a good job of protecting you.

The brain is naturally hard-wired to hold on to the negative experiences much longer than anything positive that has happened to us – as the negative is the way the brain protects you and this is why they are more easily encoded into your long term memory.

Positive thoughts and being happy often don’t leave a trace and can easily be forgotten and the reason is; that they are not a threat to your survival.

In this day and age it is the right hand side frontal lobe/cortex that constantly generates worries about things that could go wrong as you work towards achieving your goals – known as the “pessimist” side of the brain.

Simultaneously, your left hand side frontal lobe/cortex is constantly generating solutions to any imaginable problem. This is the “optimistic voice” that keeps you going!

So, now you understand a little more how about your brain works – you can take the pressure off yourself and start to retrain the negative thinking into a more constructive way of thinking.

When you catch yourself having negative thoughts – ask yourself if they have any true value for what is happening around you right now or whether they are just arising from habit. Let your brain know that although you are aware that is trying to be of service to you, this way of thinking is actually holding you back from surviving and thriving in your life.

Ask it to find a better way of protecting you and let it know that it is still needed and appreciated in a real life dangerous situation as that is what its true role is and then bring your awareness over to the left hand side of your brain and intentionally remember something good that has happened to you in the past. This will shift your energy making you feel much better within a few seconds.

When going about your chores for the day add in plenty of small rewards, make time for some quiet moments and breathe deeply, meditate and relax.

When a negative thought unnecessarily arises deliberately think of some positive thoughts which include being grateful and appreciative of your life. This way you are actually interrupting the negative thoughts bringing your being into a more content state.

Don’t chase happiness, instead do a variety of different activities that make you feel happy and remember to create goals that give you a reward on completing them, this way the brain will stay motivated and will release dopamine to help you achieve it as it will be anticipating the future pleasure to come.

Find ways that make your life simpler as nothing feeds a negative mind more than life’s complications and choose to stop being the victim of your negative thoughts by choosing to no longer believe in them. When you allow yourself to have self-defeating negative thoughts they can overtake your mind, then they will succeed in taking away your peace and joy, and lead to a lot of disappointment and even depression.

As your right hand side frontal lobe/cortex begins to calm down, it will feel safer and more secure with its new beliefs and new simpler surroundings and this in turn will alter your feelings bringing you lots of positive energy, helping you to be happier, feel more peaceful and content.

Strengthen the left hand side of your frontal lobe/cortex by having fun, social interactions and enjoying pleasurable activities with those you love and learn or teach a subject that fills you with passion and keep celebrating all of your accomplishments regularly as you continue your life’s journey.

A quick tip:

When you are feeling stressed and it is preventing you from doing and being your best – take a nap!

This may not sound like the best idea to you if you have a problem that needs to be solved. But, actually, it is one of the best options that you can do as when you are stressed your right hand side frontal lobe/cortex is working overtime and will assume you are in danger and this means that you are in “flight or fight” mode.

Your body becomes saturated with dopamine, cortisol and norepinephrine – all known stress hormones – which can have a number of different effects on your body including contracting and tightening your muscles, thickening and clotting your blood which if you took an external injury would help you survive the injury.

It also takes blood away from your immune and digestion systems and increases the brain function so you can focus intently on the threat, (this is why long term stress is one of the major contributors to illness) which as we discussed earlier is no longer to the extremes of our ancestors in the past when they were trying to escape a predatory animal or something as dangerous to survive.

Now it confuses a problem in the office or what to cook for dinner as life threatening!

What we need to be doing is strengthening the left hand side frontal lobe/cortex to solve the problem with creativity!

So, when you take a nap you become relaxed and even before you actually fall asleep, often the solution or a new idea/concept will arrive or the answer will be clear upon waking as the left hand side frontal lobe/cortex has been given the opportunity to be heard as the right hand side frontal lobe/cortex has been put to rest.

Always remember that the next time you’re faced with a problem that’s causing you stress, that it will be difficult to find the solution. If a nap is not an option for you then find another way to relax, take a breather and only come back to the problem when you feel calm!

The Souls Journey

We are all individual Souls – yet at times we forget and know ourselves just as human beings!

As a soul we also encompass all that is human about us and as you read this newsletter the actual word soul gets lost and/or changed. This is a huge subject and I have described its process as simply as I can so you can understand that you are always connected to your soul!!

Continue reading The Souls Journey

Happy Christmas!

It only seems a short while ago that I wrote the newsletter for the beginning of the year. Time has passed quickly, the weeks turning quickly into months, the months into seasons and now the year has passed. 2016 was a year of completion, being a universal number 9, giving you the time to declutter and sort out what was important to you physically, mentally and emotionally; giving you the opportunity to let go of what and who were no longer required/needed in your life so you are ready to start afresh in 2017 – a new beginning of another cycle. Continue reading Happy Christmas!


The Aura and Chakras are both independent subjects, but due to the interaction between them, it would be more beneficial to merge these subjects into one to give you a more complete understanding of them. Continue reading Chakras