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Just Breathe

Take a moment now to stop and notice how you are breathing.

Are you breathing through your nose or your mouth?

Are you breathing in a way that your stomach rises and falls naturally with each breath or is your stomach held in?

We know that there are many different ways that a person can breathe – yet we were designed to breathe in certain ways for a reason.

When you watch a small baby or child sleeping you will notice that they breathe through their nose, filling their lungs deeply with air which extends their stomach and they are so relaxed. Have you ever had the thought “I wish I could just sleep like a baby”?

When you get yourself into an anxious or stressful situation your breathing automatically changes to help you out. It is designed that way. When you go into flight or fight mode then the first thing that happens is your pupils dilate to help you see what is going on around you and your heartbeat increases, preparing itself for action, and then you begin to breathe through your mouth – short shallow breaths through your chest. At the same time you begin to shut down parts of your nervous system and decrease the blood flow to your digestive organs as what is needed in this moment is the blood flow to your muscles in order to run away or stay and fight!

Your body is now ready to take survival action. It may not be the age of the sabre-tooth tiger any more, yet, your body does not know that and anything that triggers the flight or fight mode like having to go for a job interview; confronting somebody over an issue or worrying about the future and its unknown can create fear, thus, stimulating the flight, fight or even freeze system to take action.

Your nose was designed as your breathing tube and when you breathe through your nose the body knows it is safe and it can relax. Your mouth was designed to eat with and as a backup breathing tube for stressful situations e.g. when running on the treadmill you will breathe through your mouth as your body comes under stress when performing exercise. So, when you are breathing through your mouth, your body takes it as a signal that you are in a stressful situation. You can often become stuck in this mode: the muscles in your upper back become tight, your shoulders become hunched and, consequently, your body is not able to deliver the essential oxygen it needs for the rest of your body.

It could be that you may have not been breathing correctly for many years. This would take a toll on your body, your mind and emotions, so, check in regularly with how you are breathing. When you notice that you are unnecessarily breathing through your mouth, stop what you are doing and roll your shoulders back – this also helps to straighten your back and lift your heart. Take a deep breath in and exhale out, make it nice and long, just like when you give a big sigh. Your body recognises this as a sign that it is okay to begin to relax and then begin to breathe through your nose, deeply into your lungs allowing your stomach to rise and fall. As you start to feel relaxed, safe and calm your breath will find its own natural rhythm.  Your thoughts will become slower and clearer and any unwanted emotions will subside.

As an Intuitive Holistic Healer I am very aware of how trapped emotions can affect your mental energy, your physical body and your energy field – some of which you may have held onto for many years; perhaps from a childhood incident, from a breakdown in a relationship or from the loss of a loved one. When emotions become stuck within the physical body many different illnesses can occur over time from being tired and feeling stuck to things that are more challenging like autoimmune diseases.

Healing can help you release stuck energies and although you may feel that you are not looking for therapy, I can offer you a safe place to reflect on your journey, release stuck emotions and explore who you are and who you are becoming. My approach is always tailored to individual needs and I believe in sharing with my clients many skills and strategies that will enable them to help themselves as they move forward in life, helping them to find Passion, Purpose and Peace.

Your Intuition Matters

Every person on the planet has Intuition but not every person chooses to listen to it.

Over the last 6 months so much in our day to day lives has changed due to Covid-19 and with so many new rules that are continuously being changed, confusion and chaos has set in – as we are being told what to do and how to do it – sending many peoples Solar Plexus into a spin and raising their cortisol levels higher!

As this new “abnormal normal” pace of life continues it can be easy to shut down and become conditioned to do as you are told, even if it does not make sense or resonate in a good way with you, as fear continues to grow within while you try to carry on in a normal way that no longer feels normal.

2020 has certainly been a journey that is not over yet as more changes are on their way and although it will be uncomfortable for a while longer this wakeup call has been needed so that the whole world can wake up and take stock of the damage that has been done to the earth and its residents – the animals, birds, plants, insects, the weather and the sea to name a few. Then there is us, the human population, with so many still totally unconnected to the energy of the earth, themselves and the damage being done all around them!

With so many changes happening rapidly around us it is giving us the opportunity to notice more of the imbalances and injustices in life and allowing the human race to bond together and speak up to heal the planet and all the different forms of life that live on it (including ourselves) so we can create a world where all lives can evolve and co-create together.

It is really important in times of troubled changes and huge transformations that you re-learn how to connect to your intuition and go within for the answers you seek as life continues to change to ensure that you are following your own path and not being led in a direction that is not good for your soul.

It is time to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and although Google and advice from your friends can be valuable at times, the most important resource of all is often neglected – your own INTUITION.

Even as a small child you could name all five of your senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell as these relate to the existing world around us that we can actually see, hear, touch, taste and smell in the three dimensional world we live in.

On an energetic level there is so much more going on in the Universe than can be observed by the five senses alone and there is one invisible sense that every human on Earth has and it is called “Intuition”.

Intuition expresses itself through a “knowing” that cannot be explained by fact or thought, but through a deep inner feeling that words often cannot explain. It is the main/first language of Intuition where you feel it in your Solar Plexus, your gut, it is a feeling and not at all logical!

It is a feeling that senses what is right for you even before your mind has time to process the situation or even before the situation actually happens. It is there to protect you – alerting you to potential danger as well as assuring you when something is right for you to proceed ahead. It is like an internal compass; continuously guiding you and helping you feel comfortable even if you are still not certain on a logical level.

How many times have you had a feeling not to do something and then on a logical level, because it did not make sense, decided to follow through on it – only to regret it afterwards wishing you had paid more attention to that feeling, that knowing, that gut reaction?

In today’s society it is not often taught to follow your Intuition – rather it focuses on the analytical mind and critical thinking skills. Your Intuition is a powerful survival instinct and if you feel something is not right then give it your full attention and respond to it, as it is not wasting your time, take the time to feel into it, listen to it and then follow up if needed with the help of the rational parts of your brain to achieve a balance in helping you make the best decisions.

It is essential when developing your Intuition that you TRUST in what you are feeling and take action, before self-doubt sets in. The more you trust and continue to take action, the more your Intuition will grow, decisions will come easily and you will never feel regretful about them.

When you are in tune with your Intuition you will be able to sense the meaning in things and have an understanding of concepts and connections beyond your everyday knowledge.

One of the biggest signs that you are not tuned into your Intuition is the feeling of confusion, struggling to make the right decisions, the lack of clarity. Another sign is that you allow and expect somebody else to make all your decisions for you or saying “Yes” to people all the time without putting yourself first!

When you are listening to your Intuition you will be able to say “No” when it is not in alignment with your higher self!

When your Intuition is blocked you lose the ability to interpret it properly and end up making ego and mind-based choices or from fear which leads you to regretting your decisions.

To improve your Intuition you need to be willing to go with flow, to be flexible about changing plans and, above all, TRUST as your Intuition leads you forward in your journey of life.

You need to slow down and even stop at times to listen to the feelings that your Intuition is giving you. Take the time in your busy life schedule to stop and check in with how you are feeling throughout the day, whether it be sitting quietly, taking a walk or doing a short meditation.

Add time for your Intuition to your “To Do List” making it a top priority throughout the day and give yourself the gift of receiving the wisdom, knowledge and protection that you truly deserve that will enable you to become your authentic self and live a life that is more balanced, safe and secure, giving you experiences that you will not regret and new opportunities to enjoy!

When you listen to that feeling inside, you won’t be confused, you’re inner knowing and outer synchronicities will align with a decision that will take you towards the right path for you. As you develop more trust with what you feel then your Intuition will get stronger and also then send you information in other ways – through a thought which will arrive when you were not consciously thinking, an image or vision of something, maybe the words of a song that will have meaning etc.

True Intuition will never put you down or support destructive attitudes or behaviour. Whereas fear will have a physical reaction like a racing heart, mental confusion, sweating, a feeling of running away, anger etc. Your Intuition will have clear unemotional, yet compassionate messages that feel right and also feel detached from your personal emotions – a bit like when you are watching a film at the cinema.

Another way which may help you understand how your Intuition is communicating with you is to liken it to Wi-Fi. You cannot see it, yet its energy is connecting to your device that you use and other outlets that you own i.e. computer, phone etc. Your Intuition connects to your Solar Plexus (gut) and other Chakras as the other outlets! You may not have known how to use your new phone at first, yet you took the time and patience to learn how it works. It is the same with your Intuition take the time and have patience and you will begin to notice the difference between your go forward signs and your warning signals and all the other information that it has to offer.

Intuition is a completely natural sense that we all have – so enjoy the benefits it has to offer as you trust and strengthen your connection to make better decisions, solve problems, achieve your goals faster and enjoy a happier more authentic successful balanced life.

Welcome Back

I am delighted to let you know that the “SELF-LOVE CRYSTAL FACIAL” is available again and I look forward to welcoming you back and extending a warm welcome to new clients.

Discover your natural radiance with a personalised facial treatment which is suitable for all skin types and will reveal a luminous clear and pure complexion while helping you reach new levels of relaxation leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised.

Using a superb range of clean and natural plant based skincare products and Rose Quartz crystals that care for your skin as well as the earth. The products are chosen for their purity and efficacy to provide nurturing and deep rejuvenation to help you have beautiful skin and bring you inner calm.

Rose Quartz crystals are used in your facial as they help the skincare product to be absorbed into the skin for a rejuvenated appearance. The Rose Quartz crystals will help to tone up your facial muscles, increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, activate the acupressure points in the face, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the elasticity of the skin, relieve facial and jaw tension and the whole experience is deeply relaxing.

My “Welcome Back Gift” to you is a £10 discount off your next “SELF-LOVE CRYSTAL FACIAL” and is valid until the end of September 2020 – just enter the code CRYSTAL10 when booking online here.

5th Chakra Energy

It has been over 100 days since the UK went into lockdown due to Covid-19 and although some of the limiting rules are softening – it’s still not over yet!

It has been a very limiting and confusing time for many. With so many changes happening one after another it can be a challenge to keep up with it all with the News completely filled with Covid-19.

As well as being a Healer, I am also a Hypnotherapist and have noticed that there has been a lot of fear instilled into the people of every country as it lingers and the future is still uncertain as to how it will affect the world’s economies. Wearing my Hypnotherapist’s hat for the moment I have seen that the new ways of living and moving around have been going on for a long time. If someone wishes to create a NEW belief or way of life then it takes 21 days for the new neurological pathways to be created within the mind and a total of just 66 days for that belief to become hardwired and fixed in your psyche.

As we move forward it is important that you know whether you have become hardwired and conditioned to living in fear or whether you have been able to follow the guidelines to the best of your abilities and not soaked up the consistent saturation of fear!

If you move forward in constant fear then you will be continually stressed and may even start to suffer from anxiety attacks and depression, which could affect you for many years to come.

The universal sign of using the Traffic Light system has been in constant use from the government over the last few months and now it is even being incorporated into many other areas as well including the Track and Trace system and whether the trains and buses are full or not!

We are already well trained (hardwired) on following the Traffic Light system – automatically stopping at a red light and not crossing it even if you can see the traffic is clear from all directions. Have you ever sat waiting at a broken Traffic Light with the light on red and the queue has grown as far back as you can see in your rear view mirror? It takes either a brave person to venture forward knowing that they are breaking the law driving through the red light or somebody who has moved forward with anger and frustration. Some may even turn around and find a different route!

Here is a way that you can use the Traffic Light symbols in a positive way to help develop your intuition.

RED If something does not feel right then STOP and do not do it.

AMBER If something feels mostly good but you have a small nagging feeling something is off then PROCEED WITH CAUTION – you can put on the brakes or accelerate at any time from this position.

GREEN When it feels good then you can GO ahead feeling confident.

Trust in your intuition more than what your head tells you!! When you trust and follow through on your intuition you will find that over time you will become even more intuitive and be able to go with the flow of your life’s journey.

I would also recommend that you pay attention to your 5th Chakra which is connected to your personal truth and expression and situated in the base of the throat and expands through the top of the shoulders.

The whole world is in a situation at the moment where the 5th Chakra is highly activated and, symbolically, this is showing up in many different ways from wearing a mask so your mouth is covered to the passing of George Floyd with the knee to the neck. People are waking up and want the truth, people are realising that not all that they are being told is true!

When the energy flow is out of balance within the throat chakra it can lead to physical symptoms which can affect your head, throat, neck and mouth. This often causes neck pain which can travel into the shoulders, headaches, earaches and a sore throat. Other symptoms can include colds, dental issues, mouth ulcers and even thyroid problems. As well as affecting you physically it can impact you in other areas of your life – a person may not be able to express their personal thoughts and views clearly, have social anxiety and the fear of speaking in groups or public speaking. It may also show as becoming quiet and shy when this was not a problem in the past and begin to affect your personal and professional life, even causing you not to trust your inner voice!

Have you ever sat with somebody who is constantly gossiping, being overly critical, rude and has the inability to listen? This is a sign that they have an overactive throat chakra.

Your throat chakra is motivated by expression and truth, allowing you to see beyond the limitations of social conditioning. It is responsible for communicating effectively and with conviction. When your fifth chakras energy is in balance and harmony, you will be able to stand up confident, unafraid and assertively for what you honestly believe in and speak your truth.

With so much going on the world today it is important to find your authentic voice and discover the power of your 5th Chakra so you can be inspired to align with your own vision and how you would like to move forward into the future with integrity, creating a reality that empowers you and allows your creativity to flow and then be able to share it with others around you and the world.

It is also important to remember that all the chakras within your body and subtle bodies are interconnected and when one chakra is experiencing a blockage or is not in balance this affects the other chakras and the life force (prana) becomes disrupted and the flow becomes out of balance.

Most of us have energetic blockages and imbalances throughout our chakra system that vary at different times within our lives and outside circumstances which can, when left unattended, prevent us from accessing our full vitality, often leaving us feeling exhausted, scattered and vulnerable to various illnesses.

To help your throat chakra keep in balance and full of vitality you need to learn to work through and let go of negative emotions, including guilt, hurt and resentment. Not to swallow your words and speak your truth clearly with confidence, trusting your inner voice.

Other practices that can help are doing a mindful mediation incorporating the throat chakra colour turquoise/blue; you can also bring blue flowers into your home, decorate with turquoise/blue furnishings like lamp shades, cushions and wear turquoise/blue clothes. Singing can also help and allowing your-self to have a good cry will also help to relieve blockages in the 5th Chakra.

Energy healing is a great way for you to be able to relax and let go of your built up emotions and clear any negative blockages within your chakra and aura system, helping you to feel much lighter and brighter within yourself to be able to move forward in your life with more clarity and confidence.

You may also like to download for FREE my meditation chakra CD or any of the other FREEBIES you like on the right-hand-side of this page.

Turning Obstacles in to Opportunities

Over the last couple of months there have been many different obstacles to overcome. It can seem that, at many points in our lives, obstacles have the habit of interrupting us at the most inconvenient times and can, on occasion, bring up the fear of not finding a solution or having to change what was comfortable around us.

Each person has obstacles in their lives and how they deal with them can vary from person to person, yet, one of most important things to do is to ensure that you keep a positive mental attitude while you work out what is the best way for you to overcome the obstacle and make the changes that are needed and then take action.

Whatever the obstacle, it is important to create achievable, simple and realistic goals to ensure success where you can measure the progress and celebrate your accomplishments. By doing this you will pick up momentum, feel motivated and more confident to continue moving forward, often at a more steady/faster pace.

Do not dwell on what you think you cannot do – focus on what you can do!

Often an obstacle is put in your way to test whether or not you think it is worth fighting for. When you decide that it is worth overcoming it brings new growth to yourself and you will often discover new or hidden talents or talents that have been dormant for a while which expands your mind as you learn to adapt. Remember you can control the way you perceive an obstacle.

Coronavirus-19 has affected everybody and in different ways. For some it has been that they have been in isolation, either coping on their own or having to manage a large family in a small home. Many have lost loved ones due to the virus and many people who have had the virus have recovered from it. Businesses large and small have been affected and it can be overwhelming at times trying to keep up with the new suggested rules for the safety of people.

One can become intimidated by it all and if you allow yourself to overanalyse it you could be wasting your time. Instead focus on the obstacles it brings with determination and positivity as although you cannot always control the situation – you can control your attitude. When there is chaos going on around you it is important for you to stay centred and grounded so you can focus on the processes that will help you move forward in your life rather than becoming stuck – keep moving forward each day one step at a time.

Imagine that you are taking a detour from the routine of the road you would normally take as it has been temporarily closed for work to be done on it, and now you are going to explore new pathways and roads that you have not been down before. It is time to follow your intuition as you venture forward, focus on your strengths, and not your weaknesses, with each step you take.

Keep trying different approaches and with each small success that you create your mental strength will increase. You will become more aware of what you have overcome rather than the limits that were there before as you realise that life goes on and it is still amazing to be alive in this incredible world with all the beauty and experiences it has to offer.

Stay focused on the present moment. Accept any negative emotions or anxiety you may feel and then quietly let them go – you are not your emotions so don’t allow yourself to get saturated by them. As you let go of any fear that may come with negative emotions you will discover more peace of mind which will help give you the clarity that you need to overcome the obstacles that you may be faced with.

Ask yourself “What do I need in the here and now in order to feel well and at peace?”

As you continue to protect yourself physically from the Coronavirus-19 by ensuring you keep the social distancing of being 6ft (2 metres) apart – you may like to remember this space in the future as you move forward. This is an ideal space to allow each person to be fully present within their own auric field, of course. It will be great when, once again, we are able to freely step in and out of other people’s auras giving hugs and kisses to those you care about and love which is a great of part of our well-being and who we are and what we need – human touch. Yet, I hope that people overall will have learnt to respect and honour each other’s individual space as we continue to move forward, especially in overcrowded places like supermarkets etc.

As you continue to make the changes in your life that help you overcome this worldwide situation, give yourself time to reflect on what matters to you most and what you would like to do as you move forward in your life. You may find that there are many things that you would like to do differently and now is a good time to reflect on how and what you can do differently in your life that will inspire you and bring you the feeling of more peace and happiness.

Taking care of yourself – looking after your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being in this pandemic is one of the most important things that you can do to help others. So be kind to yourself and remain patient as this situation will pass. It may not be easy for you to embrace this extraordinary period of time, yet with clear vision it could be seen an opportunity to really change your life in the future for the better!

Welcoming you back:

As from the 1st June I will be resuming one to one healing sessions with appropriate PPE in place for your safety.

Safe At Home

Here in the UK and throughout the world governments, with the support of other experts, are doing their best to control the outbreak of COVID-19

We are continuously being given updates throughout each day and so much of the outcome is still unknown. In the midst of this global pandemic it can feel as if you are being bombarded with frightening and negative news which can cause you a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Negative news often travels faster than positive news, so now is a good time for you to decide how often you are listening to everything and, maybe, make the decision to receive the updates just once or twice a day rather than being immersed in them all day long!

This will help remove some of the overwhelm and give you the opportunity to relax and take a breath while you begin to sort out your own priority list of the things you need to do as you settle into the changes of all that is happening.

Many people are now confined to their home and it is important to have a positive mental attitude to this and hold the knowing that you are safe at home rather than being a prisoner within your home. It is wonderful that you can now use your computer and mobile phones to be able to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends, making it much easier to stay in contact. Ensure that you balance your conversations with positivity and remind all that this time will pass and you will be able to go outside and meet up again.

It is important to keep yourself in the present moment and when you find yourself worrying about the future then acknowledge that is what is happening in full and then let it go, then bring your thoughts back into the now, what is happening in this minute, and be grateful and have appreciation for the things that you have and what you are now able to do – it could be something as simple as reading that book you have had on the shelf for years, the opportunity to clear out some cupboards, start a new hobby or take an online course etc.

Remember, that worrying is not just a waste of energy it causes anxiety and this then affects your immune system.

Create a routine that you can follow throughout the day – which includes looking after yourself, as well as others with eating a well-balanced diet, getting some exercise, daily meditation and some fresh air. Once the household duties are done then find something that gives you pleasure to do.

When you are feeling good, strong and healthy it will be much easier for you to cope with whatever else is taking place around you.

As our human activity slows down around the world one can sense the world itself taking a breath as it is now able, within this quiet time, do some healing of its own. Air Pollution is lower in the cities, rivers and seas are becoming clearer and the birds and animals have a chance to breed in peace.

The energy outside feels refreshed and peaceful and this also gives you the opportunity, in this pause of not being over busy, to heal, explore who you are and have a deeper look within at your own life and what changes you would like to make and what you would like to keep moving forward.

Planet Earth is now beginning to lift itself to a higher vibration and we can decide to lift and keep our energy vibrations high and find the blessings that are happening amongst the fear and chaos so that our positive energy ripples out into the world helping others.

We are all in this together and how we respond and act will affect many people. Staying centred; grounded and keeping our vibrations high will help to support our loved ones, friends and community and people throughout the world and will go a long way in combating the fear and positively help those around us.

It can be challenging to let go of the fear of the unknown and to trust in the unknown as you wait for the future to unfold as we like to think that we have control over our lives and a virus like the COVID-19 reminds us of how fragile human life really is as it has no personal agenda with anybody.

I share compassion for everyone whose lives have been affected by it and for those who have lost loved ones.

Support is vital right now and should you be feeling stressed, anxious, isolated, your energy depleted or stuck in fear then I am here to help you with a Telephone, WhatsApp or Skype call followed by Absent Healing.

Staying Strong in a Fearful World

Over the past month or so which has lead up to the COVID-19 announcement, many of you sensitive souls have been receiving deep inner feelings to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the busy world, to have time on your own, connect to nature, de-clutter and let go of what and who no longer serves you for moving forward in your life.  During that time you would have been getting to know yourself in a different way than before. Unknowingly, you have be preparing for this outbreak of shock and fear that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought on a mass scale to the whole world.

The shock of the announcement for many people would have gone straight to the Solar Plexus, sending it spinning out of control. As the Solar Plexus links with the Third Eye then, as a result, ones thoughts would be racing all over the place. The Root Chakra, which is about protecting you and helping you survive against all odds, may also have gone into overdrive for many people.

Please remember that Stress is the number one thing that causes an emotional response, thereby impeding the proper operation of the immune system. If it is not managed properly it can have long lasting effects on the physical, mental and emotional energies of the body.

Should you find yourself in the feelings of fear then STOP! Wherever you are, find a quiet space and take a deep breath. Breathe in for  4 seconds – hold it for 4 seconds and release it for 8 seconds or more. Imagine this breath being like the one where you sit down on the sofa at the end of a busy day and give that big sigh of relief the busy day has come to an end…. Your body automatically recognises this sigh as a signal to relax and let go of any stress and tension accumulated during the day!

Being stuck in the energy of stress will drain your energy very quickly and you will find yourself being easily drawn into the fear of the world collective!

There are many thoughts as to why the Coronavirus has manifested and yet one thing stands out most – time to give humanity plenty of time and personal space to be able to connect and go within, giving time for each individual to re-evaluate their life and reset their futures.

As individuals rebuild the reservoirs of energy throughout their own personal energy fields/aura, (you could imagine this as being similar to recharging your mobile phone) it then becomes easier to withstand the negative energy of other people’s fears of scarcity and low energy survival mode. This allows you to focus on the positive and embrace the benefits of this reset of the earth energies moving forward.

Stay in the present moment and follow your intuition as best as you can. Take advantage of this time to connect within and appreciate the simple things in life, be grateful for the roof over your head and the support from all those around you. Take the time to relax and rest, eat sensibly and take up that hobby you have been putting off, get out that book you have been meaning to read for ages! Use this time wisely as it will soon pass – maybe you still need to de-clutter, spring clean your home, get out and weed the garden or even use up those pots of paint you have stored and refresh some paintwork in your home! Have real conversations with your loved ones and families; write that book or play you have had an idea about, turn that hobby into a future business etc.

Remember the one thing that never changes is change itself!

Do you remember the story of the caterpillar that happily munches his way through all the green leaves to end up in the chrysalis before emerging as a beautiful butterfly?

What you do not see is the complete mess that would be going on inside as the transformation takes place!

It may feel a complete mess at the moment – yet from mayhem, great changes for the better will arise.

Right now our world is collectively going through changes and challenges that have never been experienced before for most generations alive today.

Stay strong in this unknown time as the whole world is operating one day at a time and solutions are being delivered faster than any other global action has ever had to move in human history.

This wakeup call is what the world has needed for a long time and, although tragic, in many ways there will be many benefits that come from it in the long run including more respect for the Earth and Nature itself!

Do you remember your history lessons? Back in 1665, Cambridge University closed because of the Bubonic plague. Isaac Newton quarantined himself at his childhood home and it was the most productive time of his life in which he discovered calculus & the laws of motion.

Ask yourself – what will I do and create over the coming weeks in this global pause and what clarity will I find?

My first priority here at Intuitive Holistic Healing is your health and well-being and I wanted to assure you that I am taking a proactive approach in light of the Coronavirus outbreak. On arrival for your appointment please wash your hands. The toilet is to the right hand side of the door on arrival and this will minimise the spread of pathogens.

Please stay at home and reschedule your appointment, if you are suffering from any cold or flu-like symptoms

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, I have added an extra service for you to use in these lonely times which consists of a 45 minute telephone/internet or WhatsApp call for Spiritual Advice and Guidance to be followed with Absent Healing for those who are in self-isolation and/or unable to come along personally as usual.

Please book online and I will contact you to arrange a convenient time to connect.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time – we all love a good story with a happy ending!

You are an infinite Spiritual being having a temporary human experience – not a human being having a Spiritual experience.

Your soul has incarnated here on earth to have experiences. We have those experiences through our own personal stories, which are filled with many different types of mental and emotional feelings. You will have sat down many times with a friend sharing your happy times, and also the sad times, sharing experiences, laughing together about the good and offering and receiving guidance and support in difficult times.

Our lives are made up of individual stories and the soul is interested in them all; the good, the bad and the in-between and is learning from each one of them. We are created with a physical body, a mind to help make decisions and have the opportunity to feel emotions making life a really full-on experience!

All of these can be broken down to pure energy – and your energy resonates on vibrations. When you are feeling happy and content the energy is clearer and holds a stronger vitality. When you are sad or unhappy this vibration drops, slows down and can cause blockages within your energy field.

Your energy field is known as your aura and within your aura you have energy centres known as chakras. Your body is the vehicle for your energy field which resides throughout and around your body. An average healthy aura needs to be at least 3ft all around you. Imagine for the moment you are standing inside an oval shaped container and you can stretch your arms out either side without touching the sides, and you have the same amount of space above your head and below your feet, this is at least how large your aura needs to be!

Your thoughts and emotions manifest through your body which is your vehicle for experiencing life.

When you hold onto negative thoughts and beliefs, ignore and hold onto feelings like anger, anxiety or grief then your body stores these within your mind, cells, muscles and organs etc. Your energy becomes weak and your chakras are not able to flow vibrantly and blockages occur, which, in turn, can lead to depression, continued stress and illnesses.

Your body becomes overloaded with your negative stories that you have held onto and have nowhere to go and the only way it can communicate to you is by how you are feeling – maybe you have digestive problems, frequently getting a sore throat, always tired,  continuously getting headaches or have a more serious problem or chronic illness?

This is the story your body is telling you, it is letting you know where you have suppressed mental and emotional negative energy and how and where it is impacting you.

When you clear any blocked emotional and mental energy and you look after your physical body with good nutrition – your body will heal and thrive!

Give yourself the gift of healing and allow me to help you evolve beyond your limited patterns and behaviour, helping to clear those negative stuck emotions that hold you back, learn and understand how your body’s energy field works helping you create a more fulfilling, happier and healthier life!

When you choose to acknowledge that you are not the hurt and suffering that your stories tell, that those stories limit you and hold you back, that it was an experience that happened yet is not who you are. Then it makes moving forward easier without limitations, issues, attachments and unwanted stories!

You are not your story. You are not your thoughts or emotions. You are not your past.

You can make the decision to be the change you wish to see in your life.

Life is filled with modern story tellers including movie producers, artists, parents and teachers. As a society, we respect and admire great story tellers. It’s the reason films and television shows have become so immensely popular with the stories they tell from learning about our history, nature programmes, showing us other parts of the world, fictional sci-fi and, of course, a good romcom. It is from stories that we have the opportunity to learn and discover.

I like this little story below that helps a child understand the meaning of passing over in a simple way.

Once upon a time, in a little pond, in the muddy water under the lily pads, there lived a little water beetle in a community of water beetles. They lived a simple and comfortable life in the pond with few disturbances and interruptions.

Once in a while, sadness would come to the community when one of their fellow beetles would climb the stem of a lily pad and would never be seen again. They knew when this happened; their friend was dead, gone forever.

Then, one day, the little water beetle felt an irresistible urge to climb up that stem. However, he was determined that he would not leave forever. He would come back and tell his friends what he had found at the top.

When he reached the top and climbed out of the water onto the surface of the lily pad, he was so tired, and the sun felt so warm, that he decided he must take a nap. As he slept, his body changed and when he woke up, he had turned into a beautiful blue-tailed dragonfly with broad wings and a slender body designed for flying.

So, fly he did! As he soared exploring and seeing the beauty of a whole new world which was a far more beautiful and superior way of life to what he had ever known existed.

He remembered his beetle friends and how they were thinking by now he was dead. He wanted to go back to tell them, and explain to them that he was now more alive than he had ever been before.

His life had been fulfilled rather than ended. But, his new body would not go down into the water. He could not get back to tell his friends the good news. Then he understood that their time would come, when they, too, would know what he now knew.

So, he raised his wings and flew off into his joyous new life!

– Author Unknown

December Newsletter

The end of the year is approaching and there is less than a month to go before 2020 begins.

In just a few weeks many of the trees will be completely bare as they prepare for the winter months ahead – they know that to release their leaves is a good thing as they will not be carrying any unnecessary weight. All of their energy can then be focused on maintaining strong roots throughout the winter’s chilly nights and preparing for their new growth in the spring!

Now is a good time for you to take a look at what you can let go of that will now no longer serve you in a positive way when moving forward and to reflect on the past year, giving you the opportunity to make choices of what you would like to keep and nurture for the future.

When you take the time to discover what is important and what is not, then you will be able to end the year feeling a lot lighter and have more clarity for the future. When you let go of any old hurts, any toxic people that maybe around you etc. it gives you the opportunity to explore new opportunities that life has to offer.

For many people life can be very busy, full of things to do and not enough hours in the day to accomplish them all. This can lead to ongoing stress that can go unnoticed until that person is exhausted on all levels – mentally, physically and emotionally – leading them to often becoming ill, unhappy and confused with what their purpose in life is!

One needs to let go in order to create more time to embrace the new. If you continue to add more into your life then it may, for the moment, feel as if you are achieving more, yet, in the long run it will burden you as you will not have the time to enjoy each activity in full.

By taking a look at the main activities in your life that take up many hours of your life, for example, you can ask yourself “are you working in a place that you are not happy?” If the answer is “Yes” then as the months pass this would become stressful for you. If you are happy with what you are doing, and it is something you love doing then you would call it a passion.

Do you spend time with people that leave you feeling tired and drained – this, too, is stressful for you and depletes your energy field. If you have enjoyed the company of the people that you have been with then you would come away feeling energised and happy.

Take the time to create an awareness of how you feel throughout the day with everything you do, including the people you are surrounding yourself with, and start to notice noticing how that awareness is communicating with you on a subtle yet strong vibration – giving you a deeper understanding of yourself and the opportunity of being able to make the changes necessary to help you create a more fulfilling life.

It can be very tempting to say “Yes” to so many things yet when you over-commit this can become very overwhelming and stressful as you over-fill your day with your daily tasks; obligations that you have to attend and then, of course, there are things which rise up unexpectedly that need your attention.

It could be that the need to be busy all the time is a trauma response and based on fear as it distracts you from acknowledging how you really feel inside when you slow down! This is your life and nobody else walks in your shoes – so choose what feels right for you – your future self will “Thank You”.

As you make your new choices of what is most important to you – do not allow yourself to focus on what you are giving up, instead focus on what you will be gaining! More time for yourself and your family, a happier working environment and the opportunity to say “Yes” to what you really want rather than feeling obligated to attend or do something when inside you really do not want to!

Slow down! Stop rushing around. Be mindful and notice when you feel your adrenaline beginning to quicken. As soon as you have an awareness of this, take action to slow down and stop multi-tasking and juggling your activities. Focus on doing the most important things first, giving them your full attention and take a break between each one, give yourself a pat on the back and relax. This will give you time to breathe and let go of what you have just completed – giving you clear focus on the next task. In this space you will begin to realise that life is not just about the things you do, it is also about the space in between what you do!

Just as your physical environment can be cluttered with too many things, so can your energy field.

When you de-clutter your environment of unnecessary items it is much easier to keep tidy and clean, takes less time to clear up and gives you more time to do pleasurable things.

Likewise, when you keep your energy field clear and vibrant, through Intuitive Holistic Healing which can help remove any blockages that may be accumulating within your aura, you will feel lighter, more mentally alert and healthier which gives you more time to enjoy your life!

Remember, you are not stuck – you have just committed yourself to certain behavioural patterns in your life because they have helped you in the past. Now, these behaviours have become more harmful than good. Energy is neutral; it is your intent that activates a positive or negative response.

Did I Create My Illness?

I am often asked, ‘can you create your own illness?’

This question has been asked by many over the years and, even more so of recent years, as we begin to understand that we create our own reality and that energy is the source of everything.

There are many different factors that can contribute to becoming ill – from what you eat to where you live.

You can become ill when you have become out of balance and are not following your higher purpose!

When you have stepped off the path that makes your heart sing with happiness you may find that you can end up in bed with the flu for a few days giving you enough time to re-evaluate what is happening in your life, or it may be that you find yourself struggling with a debilitating illness which can last several years which forces you to look at your priorities and completely change the way you are living your life.

Being stressed is a major sign that you are not in balance and is fast becoming the number one reason for people becoming ill.

I do not believe that we deliberately choose to become ill, be in an accident, tragedy or allow misfortune into our lives!

Yet, unconsciously, an illness can remain or re-appear at certain times within our lives!

As a healer I have worked on myself and others for many years and we all have our earthly stories and experiences, each unique to us, yet once a person is on the healing couch those stories disappear and I am working with the pure energy of each individual.

When our energy field becomes clogged, out of shape, dirty or unbalanced then that energy eventually ends up within the physical body either as a pain, illness or within the mind causing mental and emotional issues.

For example, I have worked with many people over the years that rely on their disability allowance as their main income and they make huge improvements within their lives with not only their physical health, but, also, on a mental and emotional level.

Then it is time for their yearly assessment. They become fearful of losing that money and support as they may not be quite ready for full-time employment etc. Within a few weeks, all the improvement that has been achieved disappears, and they are back to square one, as they now have to prove that they are still ill in order to still receive their benefit.

Another example could be that if a mother has children and they wanted to move away to another part of the country or even abroad and she did not want them to leave, then by becoming ill, it could mean the children might choose to live nearer to be able to help look after her – this may not be a conscious decision on her part, but, on an unconscious level the body does its best to help!

I also feel that through experiencing an illness it can help you become more empathic, have more compassion and a better understanding of others and what they are experiencing.

I have shared below an excerpt from my eBook “Acknowledging you are Psychic” one of my own personal experiences that happened many years ago which had a huge impact on my life and I can still remember it as if it was just a few short weeks ago.

You can download my eBook for FREE by clicking here.

As a young woman I never suffered from any menstrual pains and would often wonder what all the fuss was about when I heard other women complaining about their period pains. I was in my early forties, when slowly, over a period of months, I started to get severe period pains. This was totally new for me and I could not understand why it was happening.

Eventually, I went to the doctors and was sent to be checked at the hospital. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, which is where the lining of the womb breaks away and attaches itself to another part of the body – in my case it was my left ovary and the surrounding area. This is an illness that does not get better and gets progressively worse over time as with each menstrual cycle the part that has broken away, bleeds internally and then heals into a scar. Over time this scar, because of the continuous bleeding gets bigger, which then creates more pain.

There are ways that can help a woman, for example, when she is pregnant there is not any bleeding or the woman could be put on the pill – so again no bleeding takes place. I was told by the doctors that there was no known cure for this disease and that if I was a cow I would be put down!!

I spent the next year, working with myself trying to cure this disease. I had many different types of healing done – including self-healing. I did past life regression and was informed that in a past life I had been captured by the Nazis and had been used in their experiments to create the perfect baby then left to die afterwards.

I worked with childhood and relationship issues. One of main issues that repeatedly came up for me was a dislike of arguments and avoiding confrontations. The list was endless and still the pain was increasing. I was now taking time off work once a month. I would not do healing with another if I was out of sorts myself and was having to cancel appointments for readings etc.

I was certainly intrigued with the whole issue and was making myself my number one client. I even wondered if it was psychosomatic – I would arrive for my hospital appointment feeling ok and when I walked through the doors I would start to experience pain in my left side, even though I was not even on my period at the time. If I stepped back out through the doors the pain went away.

It was a really confusing time for me and although I was studying and learning about other therapies and more about the body and the auric field than I ever had before, still the Endometriosis continued to get worse. I sat with my doctor looking at the latest internal pictures they had taken and you could clearly see where they are attached on and around my ovary. It was decided because of my age that it would be best for me to have a full hysterectomy and that I could have it within a few months as there was no way that I was going to get better.

I accepted this news and agreed to go ahead with the operation. As I left the hospital that day I could feel myself getting really angry inside and by the time I got to my car in the car park, not only was I angry and frustrated I was feeling really disappointed with myself and all of my Spirit guides!

I had taken part in some wonderful healing sessions with others over the past years, witnessed real miracles and helped hundreds of people – now I was unable to help myself and it seemed my guides didn’t care! I remember tears rolling down my face and shouting out loud to them and I did not care if anyone passing by were to hear me.

My date came through very quickly, within a month, I had spent time sulking and had withdrawn away from my guides. I suppose in truth, I had handed in my notice and quit! About two weeks before my operation date, I was lying in bed on my back, having just woken up from yet another rather sleepless night, and was wondering if I had time to have a bath before venturing out on my day. I was aware of the birds singing outside and could see rays of sunlight creeping into the room at the curtain edges.

Suddenly, really clearly I heard a male voice to the right beside me say “Trust me”. I turned to have a look – I could not see anyone! I closed my eyes to tune into the Spirit present in the room and could feel a strong male energy. “Hold my hands” he said. I held his hands under my duvet and became aware that my legs had opened in what I describe as a dead frog position and it was as if the whole presence of him was coming close to me. I felt a cold energy of what felt like a metal instrument being inserted into my vagina.

My analytical mind was racing, I was even slightly panicked, and I was meant to be trusting?!! I lay still, focusing on keeping my breathing calm and consciously making myself trust, part of me wanted to jump out of bed.

The only way I can describe what happened next is like this: ‘A really hot energy, a feeling like liquid gold fluid (if there is such a feeling!) filled my lower stomach and hips. It was the most exquisite sensation; I had never experienced anything like it before in my life. It was beautiful and my analytical mind wondered if it would turn into an orgasm (it didn’t) and I waited. Time passed, I do not know if it was seconds or minutes! This hot heat faded into a warm feeling inside my womb and pelvic area and I became aware I could no longer feel the presence of the man in Spirit.

I lay quietly for a while, trying to process what had just happened. Slowly I pulled my hands out from under the covers and looked at them, they were still in a position of holding someone else’s hands and as I lifted the duvet, I could see that my legs were still in the “dead frog” position.’

I do not know who the Spirit was that came to me, but I do know it was not my healing guides who worked with me regularly. I felt good and I knew that healing had taken place. I felt thankful and filled with gratitude. I was convinced that I would no longer need to have the operation and as I went through the day, I told my friends what had happened.

Their opinions were varied, some said it was Spirit helping to prepare me for the operation, others said to be safe go ahead and have the operation. I realised, too late, that I shared this experience with too many people too soon. Before leaving to go home that day, the hospital rang and told me that they would have to change my operation date to another later in the year. Phew! The relief was welcomed, now in my head I thought I could wait and see how I was over the coming months before having to make a decision, I thought it had been taken out of my hands.

This was short lived, a few days later the hospital rang again to tell me that they had had a cancellation and could I come in that very evening. Every cell in my body screamed “No” yet out of my mouth came this weak little voice agreeing and that I would be there. I spent the rest of my day organising staff and arranging to meet my sons at the hospital.

I strutted around throughout the day, talking out loud to myself. “What if I could see that the doctor had been drinking the night before? What if this or what if that? I must have been quite difficult to have been around that day – “Why was I even going?”

I arrived at the hospital with my sons and was surprised that the anaesthetist was a young woman with long black hair with a fringe and wearing lots of makeup, in a very Egyptian style, she was lovely and very self-confident and assured me she would be with me throughout my operation. Next my doctor came along he was a clean shaven, well-built young man and I could see his aura clearly, a lovely primrose yellow filled with white light stars (he definitely had not had a drink!)

I kissed my boys goodbye for the evening, knowing they would be back early in the morning and settled down for the night. I still did not know why I had agreed to come here today, but contented myself that all seemed okay with the people around me. That night, I said my prayers, I asked for forgiveness from anybody I had intentionally or unintentionally hurt and forgave all those that had hurt me. I surrendered into the night asking that I did not see anything during my operation or straight after.

The following morning I was ready for my operation with my boys at my side, and a pocket full of healing crystals. One in particular had grabbed my attention before leaving home, a nice very large tumbled piece of dark orange Carnelian with a hole in the centre of it reminding me of a vagina.

Upon waking after the operation, I was back resting in the ward; the doctor was due round soon to let me know how everything had gone. When he arrived he said to me “It had been a difficult, yet successful operation – but there was no Endometriosis to be found!!!

He was very surprised and was not able to explain why none could be found. I was really shocked, my head was spinning, I had had the operation and they had taken my womb, ovaries and cervix – yet no Endometriosis to be found. Can you image how I felt? I had not trusted my guides and had not been true to my feelings!

I lay in bed with my Carnelian crystal on my scar and argued with myself for the rest of the day. I came to the conclusion that there was nothing I could do about my decision and that on a plus side I would not have to worry about getting any other diseases, including ones like Cervical Cancer. I got a nurse to write in my medical records about my Spiritual experience and maybe, one day in the future, it will come to somebody’s attention.

I was able to leave the hospital two days earlier than the average recovery time as my cut had healed rapidly and cleanly leaving a fine and very tidy scar. When I looked at my crystal all around the hole which would have represented the vagina, was white, completely drained of its original colour. The healing energies of the stone had helped me have a quick recovery.

As time passed after my operation, I went into sudden menopause and had to deal with all the problems that came with it. I noticed that I was getting more healing appointments booked by women who had similar problems, an area that I had not worked with very much before, and all my recent experiences helped me to help them.

One thing which stood out the most for me was that I was walking along the street one day and on the opposite side of the road from me was a young couple having an argument! They were shouting, the man had a beer can in his hand and the woman was trying to hit him around his head with a handbag!  In some ways it looked quite comical – when out of the blue I had a stabbing in my ovary area that was identical to the pain I suffered with my Endometriosis, it was so strong that my knees went weak and I had to hold onto a shop window for support.

I regained my composure and as the couple passed on by, the pain softened and left! I realised in that moment that even though I no longer had the physical body parts any more, the information of its cause was still being held on record within my blueprint, my auric field. This was so enlightening, and I still get a small stabbing in my side, not as strong as that day, when I am around people in argumentative situations.  This has now become a way of me recognising what is happening with others and, at times, with me.

It has been over 15 years since this happened and there have been the odd occasions even though I am fully aware that one cannot change the past that I have wondered “What if I had not gone ahead and had the operation?”

What I do know now is that I have grown and learnt so much since about myself, the energy field and how the physical body has its own language to be able to communicate with us and with continued learning and experiences I am able to help others in ways that, before this experience, I would not have been able to.

Illness as a Metaphor

Even at times when you don’t consider yourself ill, you may still have an odd symptom maybe an allergy, a tendency toward headaches, a pain or weakness in a particular body part of your body. Whether you are dealing with the experience of serious illness or simply the occasional minor symptom, listening to these physical manifestations of dis-ease can uncover levels of meaning and purpose to them that you may never have realized were there.

Your physical symptoms communicate to you in a language filled with obvious metaphors. If you are willing to pay attention, they will tell you a great deal about your needs, your imbalances, and your path of healing.

To start understanding the language of your own physical symptoms, consider the metaphorical meanings of the affected body parts and functions. For example, hands are for handling things. If you have pain in your hands ask yourself “Are you are holding on too tightly in some way? Are you trying to “handle” everything yourself? Do you have difficulty “reaching out” for love and support? Are you having difficulty “grasping” something?”

As your spiritual growth unfolds and you begin to pay attention to signals, you will become increasingly aware of how you create our own reality and how your thoughts, ideas, emotions and beliefs influence the reality you experience around you.

Pay attention, without judgment, to all areas of your life when you are in a state of imbalance. Your body is merely a temporary instrument to be used for the fulfilment of the purposes of your Higher Self. Being aware of this is the first step towards paying attention to the messages your body is sending you.

What would you do if a chronic health condition became life-threatening?

Maybe you would come up with a long list of things like leaving a relationship that is not working or a job you do not like, take more time for projects and hobbies that are on the back burner, spend more time with your family and friends. Eat more nutritious foods and exercise in fun ways!

Do not wait until you are feeling stressed and unwell to make these changes in your life – act now and live a happier, healthier, balanced and fun-filled life!