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The Winter Elements Have Arrived

The winter months are here, the temperature continues to drop as the days get shorter and the nights colder, darker, and longer.

This is the season when the cold air affects your first line of defence and common cold and flu viruses do their best to enter your bodies through your nose! Yet, your nasal lining has a sophisticated defence mechanism that acts against these microbial intruders. Your nose is constantly secreting mucus and the viruses become trapped in the runny snot created and tiny hairs in your nostrils called cilia constantly keep the mucus moving. You then swallow the whole amount, and your stomach acids neutralize the microbes!

Cold and Flu viruses spread seasonally each year because of a phenomenon known as antigenic drift. They evolve just enough each year to evade the human immune systems, yet, not enough to develop into a completely new version of the virus.

It is possible to transmit the flu to someone else as early as 1 day before symptoms begin to show and up to 5 to 7 days after you become sick.

It is primarily transmitted from person to person through sneezing, coughing, or talking. Droplets from them become airborne and may stay infectious for several hours to days, depending on where the droplets fall. You can also contract the flu from handshakes, hugs, and touching surfaces or objects contaminated with the virus. Viruses can stay active longer on hard surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic etc and have a shorter life span on surfaces like fabric and tissue paper.

It is important to not wipe your nose on your sleeve, always use a tissue, and safely dispose of your tissue each time in a bin or flush it down the toilet.

These viruses thrive in the cold and, therefore, it is important to wrap up warm when going out and turn the heating on when the temperature drops within your home.

The universe is made up of nature’s many different elements and your body is made up with 5 of them, with each element representing a different state of matter in nature with an average estimate being 72% water, 6% air, 4% fire, 12% earth and rest is Ether/Space.

These earth elements are connected to your first 5 major chakras and each element is responsible for different structures within the body.

Earth is the heaviest of the elements and relates to the Root Chakra. Its colour is known as Red, and it is located at the bottom of the spine in the tail bone. It relates to our basic primal needs of survival, stability and support keeping you grounded and forms solid structures such as teeth, nails, bones, muscles, skin, tissues, and hair giving structure and strength to the body.

When this chakra is in balance you will feel safe, confident, grounded, and strong.

When the Earth element is out of balance in this chakra then it will show itself as general weakness in the body, loss of calcium from bones, obesity, high cholesterol, weight loss, weight gain and muscular diseases.

Water is fluid and relates to the Sacral Chakra. Its colour is known as Orange, and it is found in the pelvic region about 2 inches below the navel. This element forms saliva, urine, semen, blood and sweat and is associated with emotions, passion, pleasure, sexuality, creativity, and fluidity.

When the Sacral Chakra is in balance you can connect easily to others and be able to welcome others into your life and embrace new situations.  You will feel content and calm, be able to let go of things, be open to joy and pleasure, and express your creativity.

When the Water element is out of balance then it will show itself with excess mucus, sinusitis, colds, and the flu, swelling of glands, oedema of the tissues often appearing in the legs and ankles, thinning of the blood and blood clots.

Fire forms hunger, thirst, sleep, the vision in the eyes and complexion of the skin.

This powerful element is related to the Solar Plexus chakra and its colour is known as Yellow, and it is located within the abdomen, in the centre of our digestive system. It represents heat, power, colour, strength, passion, transformation, and digestion.

We build heat with the food we eat, movement and breath, it is about being able to take the correct action in your life, and you build it through the physical (Root) and the emotional (Sacral) chakras to sustain your energy.

When the Solar Plexus chakra is in balance, you will feel confident, strong and in control of your life and be able to make choices and handle situations easily.

When the Fire element is out of balance it will manifest fever, skin diseases like inflammation, diabetes, increased coldness or heat in the body, excessive sweating, hyper-acidity, slow digestion and unable to absorb nutrients and allow toxins to remain in the body, etc.

Air is responsible for all movement including motion, changeability, subtlety, vibration, expansion, contraction, and suppression.

This element is related to the Heart Chakra which is located over the sternum, the heart, and lungs which control our breath. Its known colour is Green and when in balance you can freely give and receive love, feel compassion and acceptance, feel light and open, feel motivated and innovative, and easily express mental agility.

When this element is out of balance it can lead to lung disorders, dry cough, bloating, constipation, blood pressure problems, skin dryness, lethargy, insomnia, muscular spasms, feeling under pressure, depression, etc.

Ether/Space is the most subtle of all elements and is present in the hollow cavities of the body in the form of radio frequencies, light radiation, cosmic rays, etc. It is related to the Throat Chakra and known as the colour Blue it carries sound, represents truth, communication, freedom, intuition, connection, stillness, spirituality, and consciousness.

When in balance you can freely communicate your personal truth, express yourself, feel connected with the world around you, and feel physically and emotionally nourished.

When out of balance then throat problems can arise including a sore throat, speech disorders, unable to clearly communicate your needs, Thyroid disorders, earaches, and tinnitus problems etc.

You could look at the Ether/Space element as the mother of the other elements and is the basis of higher spiritual experiences.


The other 2 major chakras the Third Eye (Indigo) which is located between the eyebrows, connects to your ability to focus and concentrate and when in balance improves your intuition and “seeing the bigger picture” and the Crown Chakra (Violet) which is located just above the very  top of the head, helps you to connect beyond the earth to the universal/cosmic energy giving you the ability to connect spiritually to pure consciousness.

Throughout all your chakras, both minor and major, and within your energy field which flows within and outside of your body (known as your aura or energetic magnetic field) flows “Prana”, also known as “Chi”, this vital life force is also directly connected to these 5 elements, which without, you would not exist!

With all the turmoil and changes that are happening around the world it is important to look after yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically as when you become out of balance within your elements, chakras, or auric field then you can start to feel off balance, tired and run down and then illnesses may occur!

I recommend that you take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself and come and have a full Healing or book an Absence Healing session to help balance your Chakras and Energy field.

Intuition Is the Mind of the Soul

Logic will get you from A to B

Intuition will get you everywhere

At all times we are unconsciously in tune with both our universe and our immediate environment.

Intuition is an incredible resource that is there for the taking.

Intuition is the knowing you have within – without it you would be like a computer: not alive!

Intuition is the key to knowing yourself and your life purpose – in other words the key to life itself!

Maybe you recognise intuition as a hunch, an inner voice, gut instinct, common sense or inspiration. With increased intuition, you can easily discern new channels for creativity in your life.

Intuition is the method for continually staying in touch with your life vision or dreams – encouraging and enabling you to accurately live out your evolving life purpose. It acts as a vehicle bringing you the experience of connecting with life, which is true spiritual knowing.

Intuition always needs to be grounded and related to what’s practical.

Intuition should fund your logical mind, not the other way around.

By increasing your attention on your sensory awareness and learning how to trust and interpret sensations, symbols, and the imagery that is constantly streaming from your unconscious, you’ll find a source of information that is direct and highly useful in all aspects of your life.

You can apply this kind of attentiveness to problem-solving, creativity and innovation, self-guidance, relationships and communication; you can use your intuitive awareness to tap into your evolving life purpose.

You do not have a soul – you ARE a soul and you have a body.

YOU are NOT average!

Your fingerprints are different from anyone else’s on this earth.

You are a unique combination of DNA that has never been seen before and will never be seen again in the world.

YOU, in this lifetime, will never happen again!

I am able to provide you with a safe and nurturing healing space that is calm and tranquil, to help guide you through the transformational process to connect to your deeper self, enabling you to heal old wounds and gain an understanding of who you really are – bringing sacredness and a sense of purpose back into your life.

Too often we get trapped by so many tasks and responsibilities in life that we forget how to actually live. When the rhythm of life is disturbed it is often difficult to get back to a natural flow – leaving us feeling out of balance, tired, stressed and stuck in many areas of our life.

Fear + Struggle = Stuck

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life?

Or perhaps holding on to past memories or “stories” which are guaranteed to tie up your energy and block your ability to attract what you want.

Stress causes failure and saps your energy.  Breakthroughs do not happen when we are stressed – they happen when we finally let go and stop struggling and connect with who we truly are.

As an Intuitive Holistic Healer I am able to support you as you explore your inner-being, helping you to overcome any blockages and regain balance in your personal or work life and provide you with clarity, focus and direction in areas that you feel stuck in and align you with your true values, life purpose and fullest potential, helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

As a skilled Intuitive I can help put you back in touch with your most central truths, the goals that fulfil all aspects of yourself and help create the most efficient and joyful paths of action. Look below the surface into the hidden patterns of your life and help you recognise your talents and gifts.

We all have our own personal power and it is time now to own your worth and an empowered way of living.

The pathway to creating any significant change in your life begins by changing who you are BEING and sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.

Tiptoe if you must, but take the step.

Tiny tweaks = big changes

Have you noticed that logic and willpower often don’t get you the results you want?

With intuition, your insights, choices, and timing will be immediate and in perfect alignment with what’s right for you.

Within an Intuitive Holistic Healing Session you are able explore your experience and any intuitive insights you may have and their meanings for you. I will offer guidance when necessary, to help you to identify with the resources within you. Giving you a nurturing space to connect to life and that voice within, a place to give you time to ground yourself, take stock of life, balance your emotions and well-being, finding clarity and aligning you with your true values and highest potential.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year

December gives you the opportunity to be inspired and create new visions for the coming future. Being winter it reminds you this is only one critical part of life’s continuous cycle, it’s a time to slow down, rest and renew your energies before the re-birth of spring.

It only seems a short while ago that I was wishing you Happy Christmas for 2019. The months have passed so quickly and 2020 has certainly been a year that will be remembered – so different from what any of us would have imagined at the start of the year! It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs with challenges and changes that have left many feeling unsettled and uncomfortable.

Yet, during this time there have also been many positive changes as well!

It has given you the time to de-clutter and sort out what was important to you physically, mentally and emotionally; giving you the opportunity to let go of what and who were no longer required/needed in your life, and time to reflect on the spiritual lessons you have learned this year.

Amongst the rush of preparing for Christmas – please ensure you take some time out in your busy schedules to re-evaluate your intentions as you get ready to start afresh in 2021.

Make choices that will change your life for the better, take a look at what you have outgrown, and as you choose to let go of them, you will create the space and time to be able to have new experiences and try some new activities that you did not have the time for before.

Allow your ideas to flow and then take action!

When you focus your thoughts and energy on achieving what kind of life you would like to have then the attention you give to it will increase the energy and new opportunities will open up for you with ease. The wheel of life is continually turning one cog at a time so be patient and persistent. Remember that even if you are unable to see the results immediately there are changes going on behind the scene so your extra effort will be worth it – do not give up!

Everything around us is continuously changing and evolving, there is never a finish line, just another lap to do!

How will you do things differently in 2021?

Remember, you are not the same person you were a year ago as you are always changing, evolving and having new experiences. Should an experience pop up next year similar to one that you had during this last year, then take the time to be still and work out what you could do differently this time.

When you choose to experience life fully with all its ups and downs, the happiness and sadness, the beautiful and the ugly then it enables you to grow and learn from each and every experience you have, strengthening your soul and enabling you to reach your full potential.

Life is constantly moving you forward, taking you outside of your comfort zone in order for you grow. Learn to trust in the unknown and enjoy the adventures of the journey!

Completely let go of any hurt from the past – keep the memory and the experience as information that you can learn from, yet, let go of the hurt as it is only you who is suffering from it and that hurt will hold you back from so many new and fresh opportunities.

Create the time to listen to your soul, that quiet inner voice that never shouts, and follow its guidance as you navigate the wonderful year ahead.

Remember, opportunity knocks on your door every day, so make sure you get up and open it. Just like a visitor knocking on your door, if you take too long to answer, the opportunity, like any visitor, will move on.

Become enthusiastic about each day; be excited about what it will bring, maybe there will be a new person to meet or a different place to visit.

Experience each day in full and have fun!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year and as you move forward one step at a time, gaining mastery over your life, you continue to learn how the subtle and not so subtle energies of the universe work, helping you to have the happy, healthy and abundant lifestyle you deserve!

So, tie up your loose ends, knowing new beginnings are just around the corner and create a lovely Christmas 2020, filling it with happy memories, laughter and love.

If you would like any help in identifying any issues that may be blocking you from moving forward in 2021 I am here to help you move forward and create those changes you truly deserve.

*I will be taking my Christmas and New Year Holiday from the 24th December and will be available again for guidance and healing sessions on the 4th January 2021 where I look forward to reconnecting with you.

What Masks Do You Wear?

As we move into the last few weeks of 2020 it has certainly been a time of seeing many different masks being worn, from delightful handmade ones, some covered in sequins, the NHS style and even clear acrylic ones!

These masks are being worn to help protect others and yourself from the pandemic of Covid-19 and when you get back home after being out in public it is definitely a relief to take them off – to be able to relax and breathe more easily.

Yet, we all wear other types of masks on a daily basis – they can hide many emotional and mental fears, pain, anxieties and insecurities to name a few and sometimes a person can forget to take the mask off!

Many of us wear masks that are fairly transparent and can easily be removed when we are with people that we feel safe and comfortable with. At times a person will wear a professional mask which is healthy and appropriate to the situation. One certainly would not expect to hear about a doctor’s or a dentist’s personal life problems when you’ve booked an appointment for yourself.

Maybe you can remember a time when you were feeling low and out of sorts and somebody asked you how you were and even though you wanted to, and perhaps needed to say this, the timing was not right and you replied with a smile that all was well and you held in those upset emotions behind the mask of a smile.

How about when a mother has had a long, hard and stressful day at work and then puts on a huge smile to greet her children from school, completely hiding how she really feels as she listens to her children’s day’s activities and then heads off to start to prepare dinner for all of the family. She may feel it is not the right time to take off her mask and for some people the mask never comes off!

What about a father who puts in long hours at a job he hates – saying yes to any overtime that may be offered. Inside he is worried about being able to pay the mortgage, the bills and keeping his family in the best lifestyle possible. Maybe, he is not even able to share his concerns with his wife.

There are so many different types of masks that a person can wear or you may even think of them as a persona.

Here are a few that you may recognise:

The Humourist Mask:

Humour can be a great defence mechanism.  By telling jokes to avoid sincere discussions enables the Humourist to keep conversations from getting too real or deep and having to deal with any uncomfortable conflict. The jokes and comedy serve as protective shield and doesn’t allow anyone in or to get close; often this mask, when used with sarcasm, has deep rooted pain and loneliness even if the person is in a relationship.

The Overachiever Mask:

This mask enables a person, often unconsciously, to pursue perfection as a defence against being annihilated. They believe if everything is done just right, then their world cannot be smashed into tiny pieces and fall apart.

While receiving praise for being a perfectionist can provide some relief, it leaves them in fear of things going wrong and they then live in constant worry and anxiety of what may happen in the future.

The Cool Guy/Gal Mask:

With this mask the person will appear cool and calm on the surface, seemingly unaffected by any chaos or conflict that goes on around them. However, beneath the surface out of sight from others they have bottled up emotions which play havoc with their health. They will often find a small amount of relief by snapping at people who are not close to them – like a shop assistant for being slow while handling their purchases. The anger can build up like a pressure cooker and in some cases result in a nervous breakdown or becoming angry over what would normally be a trivial incident.

The People Pleaser Mask:

This person will go to desperate lengths to get the approval of those around him or her, because their sense of identity is largely based on what others think of them. They will always ask the advice from friends, doctors, co-workers and even strangers as they do not have a strong foundation to believe in their own self-worth which makes them an easy target for other controlling people and are easily influenced which may not be in their best interests.

The Control Freak:

The control freak uses order and power to achieve a sense of security. By making sure everything is in its proper place to relieve their fear of the unknown and uncertainty. Even a mother hen could be a control freak not letting anyone out of her sight, and assuming responsibility for all those around her, even when they don’t want to be cared for. An owner of a business always interfering with the roles of their staff, believing they can always do it better and when the control freak gets pulled away from a plan, they fall to pieces, losing the structure of their life.

They are many more different types of mask that people wear including the Martyr, the Bully and the mask where somebody will insult and put them-selves down first, believing that if they do it first then nobody can then hurt them and this then stops them from being able to have intimate relationships with others.

Can you think of any other masks people wear to hide behind?

Wearing a mask can be both positive and negative, when wearing one in the positive it can help bring out an inner strength, help to create boundaries in different social settings etc. Yet, when you are continuously hiding your true self behind a variety of different disguises this is unhealthy for you not just on a physical level, but mentally and emotionally as well. Trapped negative mental thoughts and emotions leads to stress and anxiety which, in time, leads to physical illnesses.

One can change their masks so habitually that they do not consciously notice that they are doing it, this can be very draining to their vitality and keep them stuck in the past over childhood wounds, sadness and depression or anger.

You were not born with masks – You put them on, so you can take them off!

By identifying your protective masks/shields, you can begin to heal from past hurts and enjoy deeper intimacy with your loved ones, enabling you to live your life to your full potential. This in turn brings you the feeling of relief that you are now able to really be you!

When you remove the masks that no longer serve you for your highest good – then healing can begin, you will be much happier and have less inner conflict. Be able to make better decisions and have more self-control in your life, be able to resist social pressure and have more tolerance and understanding of others.

Over the past 25 years with all the healing work that I have done helping others it has been my experience that when a person accepts and appreciates who they truly are then as well as being able to fully love themselves again, their lives begin to transform helping them to enjoy each day with more vitality and pleasure in a life that is more authentic, balanced and exciting.

Just Breathe

Take a moment now to stop and notice how you are breathing.

Are you breathing through your nose or your mouth?

Are you breathing in a way that your stomach rises and falls naturally with each breath or is your stomach held in?

We know that there are many different ways that a person can breathe – yet we were designed to breathe in certain ways for a reason.

When you watch a small baby or child sleeping you will notice that they breathe through their nose, filling their lungs deeply with air which extends their stomach and they are so relaxed. Have you ever had the thought “I wish I could just sleep like a baby”?

When you get yourself into an anxious or stressful situation your breathing automatically changes to help you out. It is designed that way. When you go into flight or fight mode then the first thing that happens is your pupils dilate to help you see what is going on around you and your heartbeat increases, preparing itself for action, and then you begin to breathe through your mouth – short shallow breaths through your chest. At the same time you begin to shut down parts of your nervous system and decrease the blood flow to your digestive organs as what is needed in this moment is the blood flow to your muscles in order to run away or stay and fight!

Your body is now ready to take survival action. It may not be the age of the sabre-tooth tiger any more, yet, your body does not know that and anything that triggers the flight or fight mode like having to go for a job interview; confronting somebody over an issue or worrying about the future and its unknown can create fear, thus, stimulating the flight, fight or even freeze system to take action.

Your nose was designed as your breathing tube and when you breathe through your nose the body knows it is safe and it can relax. Your mouth was designed to eat with and as a backup breathing tube for stressful situations e.g. when running on the treadmill you will breathe through your mouth as your body comes under stress when performing exercise. So, when you are breathing through your mouth, your body takes it as a signal that you are in a stressful situation. You can often become stuck in this mode: the muscles in your upper back become tight, your shoulders become hunched and, consequently, your body is not able to deliver the essential oxygen it needs for the rest of your body.

It could be that you may have not been breathing correctly for many years. This would take a toll on your body, your mind and emotions, so, check in regularly with how you are breathing. When you notice that you are unnecessarily breathing through your mouth, stop what you are doing and roll your shoulders back – this also helps to straighten your back and lift your heart. Take a deep breath in and exhale out, make it nice and long, just like when you give a big sigh. Your body recognises this as a sign that it is okay to begin to relax and then begin to breathe through your nose, deeply into your lungs allowing your stomach to rise and fall. As you start to feel relaxed, safe and calm your breath will find its own natural rhythm.  Your thoughts will become slower and clearer and any unwanted emotions will subside.

As an Intuitive Holistic Healer I am very aware of how trapped emotions can affect your mental energy, your physical body and your energy field – some of which you may have held onto for many years; perhaps from a childhood incident, from a breakdown in a relationship or from the loss of a loved one. When emotions become stuck within the physical body many different illnesses can occur over time from being tired and feeling stuck to things that are more challenging like autoimmune diseases.

Healing can help you release stuck energies and although you may feel that you are not looking for therapy, I can offer you a safe place to reflect on your journey, release stuck emotions and explore who you are and who you are becoming. My approach is always tailored to individual needs and I believe in sharing with my clients many skills and strategies that will enable them to help themselves as they move forward in life, helping them to find Passion, Purpose and Peace.

Your Intuition Matters

Every person on the planet has Intuition but not every person chooses to listen to it.

Over the last 6 months so much in our day to day lives has changed due to Covid-19 and with so many new rules that are continuously being changed, confusion and chaos has set in – as we are being told what to do and how to do it – sending many peoples Solar Plexus into a spin and raising their cortisol levels higher!

As this new “abnormal normal” pace of life continues it can be easy to shut down and become conditioned to do as you are told, even if it does not make sense or resonate in a good way with you, as fear continues to grow within while you try to carry on in a normal way that no longer feels normal.

2020 has certainly been a journey that is not over yet as more changes are on their way and although it will be uncomfortable for a while longer this wakeup call has been needed so that the whole world can wake up and take stock of the damage that has been done to the earth and its residents – the animals, birds, plants, insects, the weather and the sea to name a few. Then there is us, the human population, with so many still totally unconnected to the energy of the earth, themselves and the damage being done all around them!

With so many changes happening rapidly around us it is giving us the opportunity to notice more of the imbalances and injustices in life and allowing the human race to bond together and speak up to heal the planet and all the different forms of life that live on it (including ourselves) so we can create a world where all lives can evolve and co-create together.

It is really important in times of troubled changes and huge transformations that you re-learn how to connect to your intuition and go within for the answers you seek as life continues to change to ensure that you are following your own path and not being led in a direction that is not good for your soul.

It is time to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers and although Google and advice from your friends can be valuable at times, the most important resource of all is often neglected – your own INTUITION.

Even as a small child you could name all five of your senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell as these relate to the existing world around us that we can actually see, hear, touch, taste and smell in the three dimensional world we live in.

On an energetic level there is so much more going on in the Universe than can be observed by the five senses alone and there is one invisible sense that every human on Earth has and it is called “Intuition”.

Intuition expresses itself through a “knowing” that cannot be explained by fact or thought, but through a deep inner feeling that words often cannot explain. It is the main/first language of Intuition where you feel it in your Solar Plexus, your gut, it is a feeling and not at all logical!

It is a feeling that senses what is right for you even before your mind has time to process the situation or even before the situation actually happens. It is there to protect you – alerting you to potential danger as well as assuring you when something is right for you to proceed ahead. It is like an internal compass; continuously guiding you and helping you feel comfortable even if you are still not certain on a logical level.

How many times have you had a feeling not to do something and then on a logical level, because it did not make sense, decided to follow through on it – only to regret it afterwards wishing you had paid more attention to that feeling, that knowing, that gut reaction?

In today’s society it is not often taught to follow your Intuition – rather it focuses on the analytical mind and critical thinking skills. Your Intuition is a powerful survival instinct and if you feel something is not right then give it your full attention and respond to it, as it is not wasting your time, take the time to feel into it, listen to it and then follow up if needed with the help of the rational parts of your brain to achieve a balance in helping you make the best decisions.

It is essential when developing your Intuition that you TRUST in what you are feeling and take action, before self-doubt sets in. The more you trust and continue to take action, the more your Intuition will grow, decisions will come easily and you will never feel regretful about them.

When you are in tune with your Intuition you will be able to sense the meaning in things and have an understanding of concepts and connections beyond your everyday knowledge.

One of the biggest signs that you are not tuned into your Intuition is the feeling of confusion, struggling to make the right decisions, the lack of clarity. Another sign is that you allow and expect somebody else to make all your decisions for you or saying “Yes” to people all the time without putting yourself first!

When you are listening to your Intuition you will be able to say “No” when it is not in alignment with your higher self!

When your Intuition is blocked you lose the ability to interpret it properly and end up making ego and mind-based choices or from fear which leads you to regretting your decisions.

To improve your Intuition you need to be willing to go with flow, to be flexible about changing plans and, above all, TRUST as your Intuition leads you forward in your journey of life.

You need to slow down and even stop at times to listen to the feelings that your Intuition is giving you. Take the time in your busy life schedule to stop and check in with how you are feeling throughout the day, whether it be sitting quietly, taking a walk or doing a short meditation.

Add time for your Intuition to your “To Do List” making it a top priority throughout the day and give yourself the gift of receiving the wisdom, knowledge and protection that you truly deserve that will enable you to become your authentic self and live a life that is more balanced, safe and secure, giving you experiences that you will not regret and new opportunities to enjoy!

When you listen to that feeling inside, you won’t be confused, you’re inner knowing and outer synchronicities will align with a decision that will take you towards the right path for you. As you develop more trust with what you feel then your Intuition will get stronger and also then send you information in other ways – through a thought which will arrive when you were not consciously thinking, an image or vision of something, maybe the words of a song that will have meaning etc.

True Intuition will never put you down or support destructive attitudes or behaviour. Whereas fear will have a physical reaction like a racing heart, mental confusion, sweating, a feeling of running away, anger etc. Your Intuition will have clear unemotional, yet compassionate messages that feel right and also feel detached from your personal emotions – a bit like when you are watching a film at the cinema.

Another way which may help you understand how your Intuition is communicating with you is to liken it to Wi-Fi. You cannot see it, yet its energy is connecting to your device that you use and other outlets that you own i.e. computer, phone etc. Your Intuition connects to your Solar Plexus (gut) and other Chakras as the other outlets! You may not have known how to use your new phone at first, yet you took the time and patience to learn how it works. It is the same with your Intuition take the time and have patience and you will begin to notice the difference between your go forward signs and your warning signals and all the other information that it has to offer.

Intuition is a completely natural sense that we all have – so enjoy the benefits it has to offer as you trust and strengthen your connection to make better decisions, solve problems, achieve your goals faster and enjoy a happier more authentic successful balanced life.

Welcome Back

I am delighted to let you know that the “SELF-LOVE CRYSTAL FACIAL” is available again and I look forward to welcoming you back and extending a warm welcome to new clients.

Discover your natural radiance with a personalised facial treatment which is suitable for all skin types and will reveal a luminous clear and pure complexion while helping you reach new levels of relaxation leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalised.

Using a superb range of clean and natural plant based skincare products and Rose Quartz crystals that care for your skin as well as the earth. The products are chosen for their purity and efficacy to provide nurturing and deep rejuvenation to help you have beautiful skin and bring you inner calm.

Rose Quartz crystals are used in your facial as they help the skincare product to be absorbed into the skin for a rejuvenated appearance. The Rose Quartz crystals will help to tone up your facial muscles, increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, activate the acupressure points in the face, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the elasticity of the skin, relieve facial and jaw tension and the whole experience is deeply relaxing.

My “Welcome Back Gift” to you is a £10 discount off your next “SELF-LOVE CRYSTAL FACIAL” and is valid until the end of September 2020 – just enter the code CRYSTAL10 when booking online here.

5th Chakra Energy

It has been over 100 days since the UK went into lockdown due to Covid-19 and although some of the limiting rules are softening – it’s still not over yet!

It has been a very limiting and confusing time for many. With so many changes happening one after another it can be a challenge to keep up with it all with the News completely filled with Covid-19.

As well as being a Healer, I am also a Hypnotherapist and have noticed that there has been a lot of fear instilled into the people of every country as it lingers and the future is still uncertain as to how it will affect the world’s economies. Wearing my Hypnotherapist’s hat for the moment I have seen that the new ways of living and moving around have been going on for a long time. If someone wishes to create a NEW belief or way of life then it takes 21 days for the new neurological pathways to be created within the mind and a total of just 66 days for that belief to become hardwired and fixed in your psyche.

As we move forward it is important that you know whether you have become hardwired and conditioned to living in fear or whether you have been able to follow the guidelines to the best of your abilities and not soaked up the consistent saturation of fear!

If you move forward in constant fear then you will be continually stressed and may even start to suffer from anxiety attacks and depression, which could affect you for many years to come.

The universal sign of using the Traffic Light system has been in constant use from the government over the last few months and now it is even being incorporated into many other areas as well including the Track and Trace system and whether the trains and buses are full or not!

We are already well trained (hardwired) on following the Traffic Light system – automatically stopping at a red light and not crossing it even if you can see the traffic is clear from all directions. Have you ever sat waiting at a broken Traffic Light with the light on red and the queue has grown as far back as you can see in your rear view mirror? It takes either a brave person to venture forward knowing that they are breaking the law driving through the red light or somebody who has moved forward with anger and frustration. Some may even turn around and find a different route!

Here is a way that you can use the Traffic Light symbols in a positive way to help develop your intuition.

RED If something does not feel right then STOP and do not do it.

AMBER If something feels mostly good but you have a small nagging feeling something is off then PROCEED WITH CAUTION – you can put on the brakes or accelerate at any time from this position.

GREEN When it feels good then you can GO ahead feeling confident.

Trust in your intuition more than what your head tells you!! When you trust and follow through on your intuition you will find that over time you will become even more intuitive and be able to go with the flow of your life’s journey.

I would also recommend that you pay attention to your 5th Chakra which is connected to your personal truth and expression and situated in the base of the throat and expands through the top of the shoulders.

The whole world is in a situation at the moment where the 5th Chakra is highly activated and, symbolically, this is showing up in many different ways from wearing a mask so your mouth is covered to the passing of George Floyd with the knee to the neck. People are waking up and want the truth, people are realising that not all that they are being told is true!

When the energy flow is out of balance within the throat chakra it can lead to physical symptoms which can affect your head, throat, neck and mouth. This often causes neck pain which can travel into the shoulders, headaches, earaches and a sore throat. Other symptoms can include colds, dental issues, mouth ulcers and even thyroid problems. As well as affecting you physically it can impact you in other areas of your life – a person may not be able to express their personal thoughts and views clearly, have social anxiety and the fear of speaking in groups or public speaking. It may also show as becoming quiet and shy when this was not a problem in the past and begin to affect your personal and professional life, even causing you not to trust your inner voice!

Have you ever sat with somebody who is constantly gossiping, being overly critical, rude and has the inability to listen? This is a sign that they have an overactive throat chakra.

Your throat chakra is motivated by expression and truth, allowing you to see beyond the limitations of social conditioning. It is responsible for communicating effectively and with conviction. When your fifth chakras energy is in balance and harmony, you will be able to stand up confident, unafraid and assertively for what you honestly believe in and speak your truth.

With so much going on the world today it is important to find your authentic voice and discover the power of your 5th Chakra so you can be inspired to align with your own vision and how you would like to move forward into the future with integrity, creating a reality that empowers you and allows your creativity to flow and then be able to share it with others around you and the world.

It is also important to remember that all the chakras within your body and subtle bodies are interconnected and when one chakra is experiencing a blockage or is not in balance this affects the other chakras and the life force (prana) becomes disrupted and the flow becomes out of balance.

Most of us have energetic blockages and imbalances throughout our chakra system that vary at different times within our lives and outside circumstances which can, when left unattended, prevent us from accessing our full vitality, often leaving us feeling exhausted, scattered and vulnerable to various illnesses.

To help your throat chakra keep in balance and full of vitality you need to learn to work through and let go of negative emotions, including guilt, hurt and resentment. Not to swallow your words and speak your truth clearly with confidence, trusting your inner voice.

Other practices that can help are doing a mindful mediation incorporating the throat chakra colour turquoise/blue; you can also bring blue flowers into your home, decorate with turquoise/blue furnishings like lamp shades, cushions and wear turquoise/blue clothes. Singing can also help and allowing your-self to have a good cry will also help to relieve blockages in the 5th Chakra.

Energy healing is a great way for you to be able to relax and let go of your built up emotions and clear any negative blockages within your chakra and aura system, helping you to feel much lighter and brighter within yourself to be able to move forward in your life with more clarity and confidence.

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Turning Obstacles in to Opportunities

Over the last couple of months there have been many different obstacles to overcome. It can seem that, at many points in our lives, obstacles have the habit of interrupting us at the most inconvenient times and can, on occasion, bring up the fear of not finding a solution or having to change what was comfortable around us.

Each person has obstacles in their lives and how they deal with them can vary from person to person, yet, one of most important things to do is to ensure that you keep a positive mental attitude while you work out what is the best way for you to overcome the obstacle and make the changes that are needed and then take action.

Whatever the obstacle, it is important to create achievable, simple and realistic goals to ensure success where you can measure the progress and celebrate your accomplishments. By doing this you will pick up momentum, feel motivated and more confident to continue moving forward, often at a more steady/faster pace.

Do not dwell on what you think you cannot do – focus on what you can do!

Often an obstacle is put in your way to test whether or not you think it is worth fighting for. When you decide that it is worth overcoming it brings new growth to yourself and you will often discover new or hidden talents or talents that have been dormant for a while which expands your mind as you learn to adapt. Remember you can control the way you perceive an obstacle.

Coronavirus-19 has affected everybody and in different ways. For some it has been that they have been in isolation, either coping on their own or having to manage a large family in a small home. Many have lost loved ones due to the virus and many people who have had the virus have recovered from it. Businesses large and small have been affected and it can be overwhelming at times trying to keep up with the new suggested rules for the safety of people.

One can become intimidated by it all and if you allow yourself to overanalyse it you could be wasting your time. Instead focus on the obstacles it brings with determination and positivity as although you cannot always control the situation – you can control your attitude. When there is chaos going on around you it is important for you to stay centred and grounded so you can focus on the processes that will help you move forward in your life rather than becoming stuck – keep moving forward each day one step at a time.

Imagine that you are taking a detour from the routine of the road you would normally take as it has been temporarily closed for work to be done on it, and now you are going to explore new pathways and roads that you have not been down before. It is time to follow your intuition as you venture forward, focus on your strengths, and not your weaknesses, with each step you take.

Keep trying different approaches and with each small success that you create your mental strength will increase. You will become more aware of what you have overcome rather than the limits that were there before as you realise that life goes on and it is still amazing to be alive in this incredible world with all the beauty and experiences it has to offer.

Stay focused on the present moment. Accept any negative emotions or anxiety you may feel and then quietly let them go – you are not your emotions so don’t allow yourself to get saturated by them. As you let go of any fear that may come with negative emotions you will discover more peace of mind which will help give you the clarity that you need to overcome the obstacles that you may be faced with.

Ask yourself “What do I need in the here and now in order to feel well and at peace?”

As you continue to protect yourself physically from the Coronavirus-19 by ensuring you keep the social distancing of being 6ft (2 metres) apart – you may like to remember this space in the future as you move forward. This is an ideal space to allow each person to be fully present within their own auric field, of course. It will be great when, once again, we are able to freely step in and out of other people’s auras giving hugs and kisses to those you care about and love which is a great of part of our well-being and who we are and what we need – human touch. Yet, I hope that people overall will have learnt to respect and honour each other’s individual space as we continue to move forward, especially in overcrowded places like supermarkets etc.

As you continue to make the changes in your life that help you overcome this worldwide situation, give yourself time to reflect on what matters to you most and what you would like to do as you move forward in your life. You may find that there are many things that you would like to do differently and now is a good time to reflect on how and what you can do differently in your life that will inspire you and bring you the feeling of more peace and happiness.

Taking care of yourself – looking after your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being in this pandemic is one of the most important things that you can do to help others. So be kind to yourself and remain patient as this situation will pass. It may not be easy for you to embrace this extraordinary period of time, yet with clear vision it could be seen an opportunity to really change your life in the future for the better!

Welcoming you back:

As from the 1st June I will be resuming one to one healing sessions with appropriate PPE in place for your safety.

Safe At Home

Here in the UK and throughout the world governments, with the support of other experts, are doing their best to control the outbreak of COVID-19

We are continuously being given updates throughout each day and so much of the outcome is still unknown. In the midst of this global pandemic it can feel as if you are being bombarded with frightening and negative news which can cause you a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Negative news often travels faster than positive news, so now is a good time for you to decide how often you are listening to everything and, maybe, make the decision to receive the updates just once or twice a day rather than being immersed in them all day long!

This will help remove some of the overwhelm and give you the opportunity to relax and take a breath while you begin to sort out your own priority list of the things you need to do as you settle into the changes of all that is happening.

Many people are now confined to their home and it is important to have a positive mental attitude to this and hold the knowing that you are safe at home rather than being a prisoner within your home. It is wonderful that you can now use your computer and mobile phones to be able to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends, making it much easier to stay in contact. Ensure that you balance your conversations with positivity and remind all that this time will pass and you will be able to go outside and meet up again.

It is important to keep yourself in the present moment and when you find yourself worrying about the future then acknowledge that is what is happening in full and then let it go, then bring your thoughts back into the now, what is happening in this minute, and be grateful and have appreciation for the things that you have and what you are now able to do – it could be something as simple as reading that book you have had on the shelf for years, the opportunity to clear out some cupboards, start a new hobby or take an online course etc.

Remember, that worrying is not just a waste of energy it causes anxiety and this then affects your immune system.

Create a routine that you can follow throughout the day – which includes looking after yourself, as well as others with eating a well-balanced diet, getting some exercise, daily meditation and some fresh air. Once the household duties are done then find something that gives you pleasure to do.

When you are feeling good, strong and healthy it will be much easier for you to cope with whatever else is taking place around you.

As our human activity slows down around the world one can sense the world itself taking a breath as it is now able, within this quiet time, do some healing of its own. Air Pollution is lower in the cities, rivers and seas are becoming clearer and the birds and animals have a chance to breed in peace.

The energy outside feels refreshed and peaceful and this also gives you the opportunity, in this pause of not being over busy, to heal, explore who you are and have a deeper look within at your own life and what changes you would like to make and what you would like to keep moving forward.

Planet Earth is now beginning to lift itself to a higher vibration and we can decide to lift and keep our energy vibrations high and find the blessings that are happening amongst the fear and chaos so that our positive energy ripples out into the world helping others.

We are all in this together and how we respond and act will affect many people. Staying centred; grounded and keeping our vibrations high will help to support our loved ones, friends and community and people throughout the world and will go a long way in combating the fear and positively help those around us.

It can be challenging to let go of the fear of the unknown and to trust in the unknown as you wait for the future to unfold as we like to think that we have control over our lives and a virus like the COVID-19 reminds us of how fragile human life really is as it has no personal agenda with anybody.

I share compassion for everyone whose lives have been affected by it and for those who have lost loved ones.

Support is vital right now and should you be feeling stressed, anxious, isolated, your energy depleted or stuck in fear then I am here to help you with a Telephone, WhatsApp or Skype call followed by Absent Healing.