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Your Soul is Eternal

Imagine that you are a beautiful orb of energy and you are made up of light containing all the colours of the rainbow and many more.

Now imagine that you are residing in the universe surrounded by more beautiful orbs similar to yourself, each one of them sitting side by side, touching; making up the universal consciousness. Each one still individual, yet you are able to communicate/know and absorb all the information from each one.

You may liken this to being an individual drop of water in the ocean and when all the drops come together the sea is created containing all the individual drops of water!

As this beautiful individual orb of energy you have the ability to store all the knowledge and experiences that you have taken part in. You may think of this as being a “super advanced computer” which also has access to the experiences that the other orbs around you have had at the same time.

You then decide that you would like to have an experience on Earth so you incarnate as a human being. Two thirds of your orb’s energy is then located to your chosen body which then resides within and around it (this is known as your aura and contains your chakra’s) and one third stays within the universal sea of energy and the 2 separated parts stay connected by a thread of energy often known as a silver cord.

So, the part of your energy that remains above is now known as your higher self/intuition etc. The higher self continues to collect information through the silver cord from the energy that has incarnated which we will call the lower self (or the unconscious mind). The lower self also has its own mind (also sometimes known as your ego) which can be likened to the backup drive on a computer that collects and stores information for what it needs for this earthly lifetime.

Now, when it is time for you to pass over at the end of this lifetime, your physical body will be recycled into the earth. The two thirds of the orb that incarnated (aura/chakra’s) get reunited with your higher self – becoming complete once again in the universal consciousness and the mind/backup drive is deleted as all this life’s information and experiences are being held in the complete orb which we are likening to the “super advanced computer” and this is why the human mind fears death as it is aware that it will no longer have a job or role to play within the energetic cycle of life.

As your soul enters a human body it gives the body life. When the soul leaves your human body it no longer has life. Every living thing is sustained and given life by the energy of a soul.

The energy of your soul enables your heart, lungs and all other organs within your body to be able to do their individual jobs in keeping your body healthy and working properly.

To help your physical body work smoothly you need to create a lifestyle where you can eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water and be in an environment free from as many man-made toxins as possible.

Maintaining a nutritionally healthy physical body supports and helps your energy body in a really positive way.

Yet, one also has to remember that energy also makes up your thoughts, emotions and feelings as well. As energy gives life to your entire existence then you will now understand how important it is to look after, maintain and balance it. This way you can recognise the difference between a healthy vibrant energy and one that is depleted which, in turn, can create depression and illness.

The majority of the time, people seek out medical care after they are already showing symptoms of a problem within their mental health or physical body.

Intuitive Holistic Healing can help you maintain a healthy energetic level through balancing your chakras and cleansing your Auric Field and can help as a preventative towards illnesses manifesting within the physical body.

Maintaining a healthy energy level enables your body to be able to release and clear any negative or stagnant energy that potentially could create physical or mental illness.

With regular maintenance, either fortnightly or monthly, your energy body will naturally keep you mentally, spiritually, psychologically and physically healthy.   Sustaining a vibrant and flowing energy system is the key to a healthy life.

How are you feeling today?

This question often gets asked automatically as part of a greeting when meeting with a friend, loved one or colleagues.

Your response may vary to person to person – yet often you will answer with something that is quite general like “I am fine”; “I am bearing up”; “so-so”; “good thanks”;  “overall I am okay” etc.

You can often convince yourself that things are fine when actually they are not!

When you find yourself out of sorts – do you just continue to push or muddle through?

Maybe, telling yourself that those aches and pains, the busy head thoughts will go away if you just ignore them.

I would like to ask you: How are you really feeling today?

 Each day in your daily life every interaction and reaction you have impacts on your energy level and your state of being. When your energy is drained or you are in a low vibrational state then your energy field and chakras become stagnated and blocked. This leads to having negative thoughts and emotions, tiredness, depression and ill health.

Your energy is constantly changing its frequency of vibration sometimes being higher and sometimes lower and this is okay as it helps you navigate through life itself. Yet, when your energy remains low over a period of time, you will find that you become overwhelmed easily and have difficulty making small decisions and larger choices become impossible.

You become uninterested in having a good time, mixing with your friends or doing anything creative. Anxiety and stress levels increase and tiredness becomes exhaustion.

Your energy is not limited to your physical body it emanates energy within and outside of your body and is known as an Aura. You are made up of this energy with your physical body being the densest part and, as it expands out wards, it becomes finer and lighter which is not seen by many with the human eye.

Your aura is egg shaped and flows through and around your body. The average healthy balanced aura is equal on each side and, if you were to stretch your arms out either side of your body, it would extend at least 3 to 6 inches beyond the tips of your fingers and at least 3 feet above and below you, with you being within the centre.

Your aura is constantly receiving information from all that is going on around you and only some of this information is filtered through to you. It is like a sieve, sorting through what is important for you as an individual and what is not.

This is then delivered to you through your energy vortexes which are called chakras – could you imagine if you received every piece of information that was around you? It would be complete overload to your physical, mental and emotional systems.

You have seven main chakras and over 200 smaller chakras throughout your body and each main chakra is connected to a layer of energy which surrounds your body.

Your aura, more than any other single human trait, manifests the sum and substance of your existence as an endless life force in the universe. Its vibration is the energy that you emanate throughout space. It is the life force that flows through your entire body and dictates the flow of your life. It determines the events and people that you attract in your life.

When you suffer from stress, have emotional issues or experience trauma, it affects your aura in many different ways. It can become depleted, congested, distorted, and fragile – creating tears in it. Your auric colours which, when you are healthy look clean and bright now become heavy, dirty and murky and all of these changes within your aura over a period of time then manifest into dis-ease or illness within your physical body.

Everything is energy, including your thoughts – positive or negative will affect your energy field either lifting or lowering your vibrational energy.

Have you ever wondered why when your physical body gets dirty, it affects your general sense of well-being?

This is because the dirt you have picked up contains energy too and, depending on where you got it from, can make you feel tired and depleted. If you were to stop your personal hygiene completely, then obviously your body would get dirtier by the day and after a while it would affect you mentally and emotionally. Then as time continued you would also collect bacteria and viruses that create disease and eventually lead to death.

So whether you pick up dirt that is visible or invisible it is all made up of energy that affects your well-being and personal energy field.

When a person takes a First-Aid course, the first thing that they are taught is to STOP THE ACCIDENT!! When there is a car crash on a motorway, the first job is NOT to care for the injured people, but to make sure there will not be another crash causing more injuries.

It is important for you to look after your aura and chakras from negative outside influences so they do not ripple through your energy field to your physical body.

Here are some signs that your energy/auric field and chakras are out of balance:

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine:

When out of balance you can feel sluggish and stuck in life, often find you’re in a financial crisis and may have feelings of abandonment.

The Sacral Chakra is located just below the belly button:

When out of balance you can have trouble with intimacy and making love, view yourself in a negative way and lack connection with others and are often are abused by others.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located below the breastbone in between your lower ribs:

When out of balance you can feel that you are a victim of the world’s circumstances, easily give in to the demands of others and be unable to focus on your own dreams and passions, continually seeking the approval of others.

The Heart Chakra is located at the centre of the chest:

When out of balance you are not able to love fully, become afraid of commitment to yourself and others, lose the feeling of happiness and joy and start to feel resentful as the sense of purpose and meaning in life disappears.

The Throat Chakra is located in the hollow of the throat:

When out of balance you find it is hard to speak up for yourself, feel frustrated at not being heard and spend time trying to please everybody around you.

The Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows:

When out of balance you can’t sense your intuition, making decisions becomes a daunting task and you can’t hear your inner wisdom. You overthink everything finding yourself continually thinking about the past or the future.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head:

When out of balance you will often have headaches and migraines, feel disconnected from the spiritual world and more attracted to the material world, you are unable to feel the guidance of the higher universal energies and become afraid of change – often repeating the same bad decisions over and over again.

All your individual chakras are connected to each other through your auric field and this can lead to multiple blockages within your energy field and physical body.

Each person’s energy flow is completely unique to them depending on their belief systems, the environment and circumstances around them.

When your energy is of a high vibration and flowing easily throughout and around your body then you will have less mental and physical health challenges.

Here are a few positive changes that can happen when your chakras and auric field are flowing effortlessly:

  • You stop dwelling on regrets and no longer blame others for your problems
  • You avoid falling into the trap of victim mentality and being judgmental to others
  • You no longer need to be right all the time and you stop living in fear
  • You no longer feel the need to buy things you don’t need and you stop feeling guilty about the choices you make
  • You no longer worry too much and resist changes
  • You become responsible for your own happiness, your own life, and your choices

By now, you will be beginning to understand that your chakras and your aura are extremely important to your well-being and how and what you want to create in your life.

I have created a hypno-mediation CD which is focused on healing your physical body, clearing, cleansing and balancing your auric field and chakras, and I am also available to give you a helping hand through intuitive holistic healing.

Happy New Year!

As 2017 comes to an end, it’s time to step forward into another new year. The energy that this year requires you have is the confidence to follow through with the foundations that you started to build last year and look after the seeds of new ideas that you planted. This year brings in a mastership vibe that says ‘what you have sown is truly what you will reap’.

It’s an Eleven Year, a significant spiritual master number which has been a major factor in many world events.

 2 + 0 +1 +8 = 11 and 1 +1 =2 making this year 2018 a Universal 11/2 year

 It is a time to slow down, be patient and ensure that you take the time to follow through with what you started in 2017.

The number Two supports the Eleven with a slow and steady journey of exciting connections between your past, your present, and your future. You will be able to use the relationship between two and eleven to help you as you move through the year. It can help with your goals; partnerships; relationships with the self; patience; attention to detail; cooperation; sensitivity; discovering the softness in your strengths; your strengths within your softness and allowing you to see the bigger picture with clarity as you move into the year making gradual and solid progress.

 2018 is a year to adopt the energy of staying power and perseverance as you take one step at a time with the courage and trust in your intuition that you have to ability to create the abundant lifestyle that you deserve.

It is about balance and integrating all that you need into it to be healthy, feel happy and successful in all areas of your life. It is a year where you gain mastery over your life as you continue to learn how the subtle and not so subtle energies of the universe work.

It is a year to remain committed to yourself, to remain and continue on your own personal healing journey, to put your needs and health first. It’s a time to create strong boundaries to ensure that your own energy stays intact and healthy so that you are in a good position to be able to help and support others without feeling depleted or stretched.

2018 is a year to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right!

Being an 11 universal year brings huge potential. It’s dynamic and gives you many insights into your own personal strengths and weaknesses. It is strongly connected to your intuition and asks that you be willing to be receptive to new changes and receive the intuitive guidance it gives you to help enhance your journey and inspire others to be more light hearted in their approach to life’s challenges.

 Amongst all of the massive shifts and changes that will take place this year, you will be required to be spontaneous, flexible and patient. It is important for you not to become overloaded with activities that exhaust you and make sure that you take the time to relax and be still. This will be a challenge within itself as it can be difficult at times to do nothing, yet this is important so you can see it as a productive rest, a time for you to heal on all levels.

You could use these times to connect with your inner self and reflect on your values, establish your priorities, how you wish your life to be, how you can wisely focus on getting there one sure step at a time, to create your plans and how to follow through with them. The overall theme of 2018 is abundance, filled with delight and moment to moment explorations in each and every day. It is a year of manifesting what you desire, knowing that in this year all will work out and miracles can and do happen.

Remember, opportunity knocks on your door every day, so make sure you get up and open it. Just like a visitor knocking your door, if you take too long to answer, the opportunity, like any visitor, will move on.

This is your life so make the choice to take action on your goals and dreams this year.

There is no better time than 2018 to do it!

Happy New Year

If you would like any help in identifying any issues that maybe blocking you from moving forward in 2018 I am here to help you finally move forward and create those changes you truly deserve.

Happy Christmas

December 2017 has arrived. It seems as if it was only a short while ago that we left winter behind and, yet, here we are again. December is like Friday – at the end of the week you can enjoy the weekend. Being at the end of all months it gives you the opportunity to enjoy every part of it. It is time for you to take time out and to connect with your family and friends, sharing all the many different Christmas Festivities.

2017 was a year of new beginnings; a time of letting go of what no longer served you for your highest good, a time to de-clutter and set into place what you would like to be doing differently over the coming years.

It would have seemed like you were on a roller coaster at times, with its highs and lows, scary yet full of excitement. In this last month of the year as you snuggle up on the sofa with a warm drink and soft blanket with the shorter days and longer nights already set in. The many experiences you have had, the good ones and the not so good. How much have you learnt as you reflect back over the past 11 months?

December gives you the opportunity to be inspired and create new visons for the coming future. Being in winter it reminds you this is only one critical part of life’s continuous cycle, it’s a time to slow down, rest and renew your energies before the re-birth of spring.

It is a month for strengthening your root chakra energy, a time to clear those last remnants of beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that you do not want to take in 2018.

It’s also a good time for you to think about what you would like to do differently next year. Make realistic New Year resolutions and innovative plans for your future.

So, tie up your loose ends, knowing new beginnings are just round the corner and create a lovely Christmas 2017 filling it with happy memories, laughter and love.

Happy Christmas to you.

You May Have Too Much Stress in Your Life

Stress is very much taken for granted these days as part of life; it seems that many people accept it as part of this so called “modern living”.

And, while there is such a thing as “healthy” stress when it provides you with motivation that helps you stretch and grow, to take on new challenges or overcome difficulties – the majority of stress in today’s world is chronic, damaging and unhealthy.

Stress is a word that is recognised by all, everybody experiences different levels of stress throughout their life whether it is during exam time, festive seasons, moving home, when a partner or family member is ill and during a crisis or emergency etc.

There are those who have above normal stress within their jobs i.e. pilots, fire fighters, police, ambulance drivers, emergency healthcare professionals etc.

Stress can become a way of being. It can become habitual without a person actually realising it at the time. Not only does it affect the physical body creating tension throughout – muscles becoming tighter, joints stiffer, heart beating faster etc. which prevents you from working and relaxing efficiently, it saps the joy of life from you.

One of the symptoms of stress is that your job is terribly important and it comes before anything or anybody else. Even if you are not in a paid job this could be that you are so busy doing things, rushing around, always on a mission. This type of lifestyle can eventually lead to a nervous breakdown.

Stress affects us all differently, yet what we all have in common is that it affects us emotionally, mentally, physically and also our energy field (which is your aura and chakras) causing blockages, and stagnation within your energy field. Your energetic colours become dull and grey and murky colours appear throughout it showing exactly where the blockages are.

Signs of Stress show up in different ways – here are a few symptoms that you may recognise:

Aches and pains, headaches, fatigue/lethargy, stomach upsets, loss of sexual drive, anxiousness/worry, tense, irritable, depressed, forgetful, poor concentration, mental blocks, sleep problems, difficulty in making decisions, crying, always getting a cold, run down, withdrawing from friends and family, negative outlook on life, anxious or racing thoughts, constant worrying, the inability to relax, feeling angry, lonely, eating too much or not enough, bowel problems, procrastinating or neglecting life’s responsibilities, using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax – did I say a few different ways the list goes on…..

It would be great if you never had to get stressed out again – yet that isn’t reality, as it can appear in varying degrees of intensity and for different lengths of time depending on what is happening in your life, so I would like to share a few tips on how to manage stress and live a less stressful life.

Develop and nurture self-awareness.

As you begin to know yourself better it will be easier to recognise when you are becoming stressed and what is causing it, so you will be able to take positive action in what you do and in how you think, so that you can more easily stay focused on being productive rather than self-destructive, thus, creating a balanced lifestyle that is right for you.

Do one job at a time, both in your work and your private life.

This will make it easier for you focus and do the job properly with a higher standard and on completion you will have peace of mind, knowing that you will not have to go back and make any alterations as you already have the result you wanted.

Keep your daily to-do list as short as possible.

Put three important things to do at the top, followed by some less urgent things that need doing and write everything else down on a separate piece of paper. When you write it down you ground your thoughts. Keep it handy so as you think of something else you can just jot it down, this takes away the stress and panic that you may forget and frees up your mind for staying focused on more important things.

As you complete your daily list you can then choose which you would like to do next off the other list or if your list is not completed for the day, don’t overthink or create a problem for yourself – just add it to the list for tomorrows daily list. Keep this a simple procedure, as spending time beating yourself up that you didn’t get the whole list done will only cause you unnecessary stress and drain your energy and affect your motivation and self-confidence.

Just breathe.

The moment you notice that you have any kind of tension within your body, don’t wait, take a deep breath and hold it for four seconds then slowly release it for eight seconds or more. Your body will naturally relax, it understands that the long out breath is permission to relax, that it is okay to relax – you may liken this to the moment when after a full on day you flop onto the sofa and let a long sigh, and your body and mind begin to unwind and relax. So, don’t wait, know it is okay to be relaxed any time of the day, this will help you stay in the present moment and stop your mind wandering off into the past or future, helping you remain calm and focused in a relaxed way. Create a new belief that it is always okay to be relaxed and present in the moment at any time.

Take the time to eliminate what is not working for you.

Re-evaluate what is important for you to feel happy in your life, this may mean that you let go of some activities i.e. maybe you force yourself to go to the gym even when it is an effort, swap it for another activity that you enjoy more, maybe a walk, swim or playing with your children – your body knows what you like and dislike and will respond accordingly – when you clap your hands when you are happy it is easy to do, when you do it as an exercise your arms start aching and the clapping makes your hands sore! Choose the people that you like to be around most, those who enjoy life and have a positive attitude and let go of those who it is tiring to be around and drain your energy.

Say “no” more often.

This will free up time for you and save your energy so you can do the things that you like in both your personal and business life.

Slow down.

When you find yourself rushing around, deliberately slow down, as you slow your body down then your thoughts will become clearer. Make sure you take the time to eat slowly as this will help your digestive system. Allow yourself to enjoy the taste, smells and textures of your food, your body will appreciate it – helping you to regulate your energy better throughout the day.

Ensure you get enough sleep.

Sleep allows you to heal and recover from the day’s activities and allows your mind to sort through the day’s event storing the memories in the correct place within your brain and bring you an inner calmness to start the next day. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference a good night’s sleep will bring you – making a huge difference in your moods, how you look at life and help you handle stress easier.

Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual.

You can use this time to stretch your body, breathe deeply and to enjoy your breakfast in a relaxed way. When you start your day in a relaxed way this will continue throughout the day. Whereas, if you are rushed and stressed in the beginning this energy will follow you throughout the day.

De-clutter your home and work space.

If this seems overwhelming to you to do on your own or you have trouble staying focused, then ask a friend to help. This will help you get it done more easily and you could return the kindness and favour to them in the future. Start with one room at a time and when you have finished, do the next. This will reduce your stress as you will be able to find things easier, take less cleaning etc. freeing up your time giving you more precious moments.

Share how you are feeling with somebody.

Verbalising and expressing how you are feeling helps you to let go of the emotion that you are holding onto within your body and mind. Also, by sharing with the other person, they may be able to help you see things more clearly or help you figure out what is the best solution for you.

Stress is not completely avoidable, yet, you can minimise the amount of times you are affected by it each day, month and year by setting new boundaries in your life and changing how you react to it.

When you continue to live your life in a continuous state of stress it can lead to anxiety and depression and also be the underlying cause of many illnesses.

Start by making a decision that you no longer allow stress to rule your life and chose some of the ideas above as a starting point. Stay focused and as you create new habits in your life one step at a time, in six months’ time you can look back and see what a huge difference it has made in your life.

The Future of Healing Hands

A couple of weeks ago I read an interesting article which shared information about how Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) could affect the future of mankind and although, in reality, at this moment nobody really knows in full how individuals could be affected it opened up my mind to thinking about how the possibilities could be very positive and helpful, yet at the same time also have a very negative effect for a lot of people.

Some Billionaire Companies are investing a lot of time and money into developing more efficient Robots and AI. What we do know is that at some time in the future they will be a large part of our lives – it is like the Science Fiction films we watch coming true into our reality.

So, for the moment, let’s imagine what the future may hold for lots of people throughout the world. Maybe, within the next 10 years or so, society as we know it will be changed dramatically as AI and the Robots could take away more than 50% of human jobs. This could even include many hands-on jobs including some of the skilled labours like building a house, putting in electrical wiring and plumbing. Can you imagine what it would be like to go into your favourite restaurant for a romantic dinner and find out that the food has been prepared, cooked and then served by a Robot? It might be the perfect recipe and have the exact measurements of ingredients in it – but have no feeling of love or soul!

As more AI was introduced into the world more people would find themselves with no work and, therefore, would have to go on some sort of universal income supplied by the government. This may be good for some people who are already trapped in a low paying job that they do not like, as it would cover their basic needs but their income would obviously be limited by the amount that the government decided was enough for that person’s needs!

Yet, what about those who were already in a higher paying profession and would no longer be able to spend on holidays, education, organic food and extra healthcare etc.?

I wonder how it would affect the people who actually loved their jobs – with it being a part of their main purpose in life.

When you meet a person for the first time, nearly always, they will share with you what they do for a living as this is a huge part of their life and who they have become through the work that they do. For many it will be that if their job was taken away it would also remove their main purpose in life!

For some, this may be good news as they can take the time to look for a deeper and more meaningful life purpose. Yet, there could be more people who would become lost within themselves, feel hurt, rejected and become numb to life!

Is this really a good thing or is it what the larger companies really want to achieve from the human life population?

You maybe be wondering why as an INTUITIVE HOLISTIC HEALER I am choosing to lightly touch on upon the subject of Robots and AI and I do realise that it could be open to much discussion and debate being a huge subject on its own and one that could cause many different opinions.

Yet, as a healer, and maybe as you are reading this you too are a Healer or perhaps a Counsellor, a Life Coach or similar then you will already understand that as we move forward into the future that there will be a high demand for your services.

AI and Robots are not spiritual; they do not have emotions, compassion and love and no matter how intelligent they get – they will never have a soul.

As we move forward into the future, all Spiritual Healers, Life Coaches, Counsellors and Mentors will be in even higher demand and chances are that there won’t be enough Healers to meet that demand.

This means that any field of work that requires emotional or spiritual mastery will be irreplaceable and I would like to encourage you to start getting ready now for the future as it takes practice and plenty of experiences to become a skilled Healer.

Start to take action now and find yourself work that has emotion, passion, love and gives you a deep sense of purpose, whether it is being an artist, a musician or in the spiritual arts – it is important for you to find something that AI and Robots will not be able to do!

 Put your heart and soul into your chosen skill and the personal growth that you will achieve over the next few years will reap rewards beyond your imagination.

Be ahead of the masses and don’t wait until AI and Robots have taken over your existing job. When this happens millions of people will be looking for healing and spiritual guidance and perhaps thousands will also be looking to become Healers, Counsellors etc.

 Yet – if they leave it too late – they will have had only a limited amount of experience in their chosen field.

 Here a few signs that you could be a natural healer

  • You genuinely enjoy being of service to other people. You may already be in a role of helping others as a practitioner, such as a nurse, chiropractor, counsellor or massage therapist.
  • You can be sensitive and experience heightened awareness in public places and can tell if there has been a fight or argument when you walk into a room.
  • Being in large crowds is draining and overwhelming and it’s a relief to get home so you can recharge your batteries and regain your energy.
  • You are intuitive and people often turn to you when they have a problem that needs solving.
  • The palms of your hands often tend to feel like they are buzzing, vibrating, or pulsating.
  • Animals and small children are comfortable around you even when they are mostly shy around others.
  • Strangers tend to share their life stories with you.
  • It brings you happiness, joy and deep meaning when you help others.
  • You can easily feel other people’s pain.
  • People often feel better or comforted in your presence, and feel safe when sharing their life secrets with you.
  • The word “healing” excites you and you have a knowing within that you are a healer just waiting to emerge.

You may be planning to change your future and start a new career which involves energy healing or maybe you are already a coach, counsellor or complementary therapist who sees immense value in adding energy healing to the services you offer, helping your clients to be able to create massive breakthroughs within their lives.

Maybe, you have an interest in energy healing, and the mind body spiritual connection for yourself then this Intuitive Holistic Healing course not only teaches you the principles of healing, it will also be a support for you on your own healing journey.

As you become committed to your own healing and growth, then you will definitely be in the best energetic space to act as a guiding light to help your friends, family and others on a professional level.

The Intuitive Holistic Healing course will give you the opportunity to become a Certified Practitioner in the exciting field of Energy Healing.

Intuitive Holistic Healing’s 4 day intense training course will give you the skills and techniques to help you to heal yourself and others.

The next course starts on Sunday 12th November and then continues on 19th 26th November and 3rd December 2017.

If you have a strong caring nature it’s almost certain you have the ability to become a healer.

Positive Thinking

Your first thoughts in the morning can really make a difference to how the rest of your day will be.

As soon as you wake in the morning the most ancient parts of your brain start to direct you towards specific outcomes to bring you pleasure, comfort and security.

Have you noticed that animals slowly stretch and yawn upon waking? The stretching eliminates any physical tension within their body and the yawning helps their brain become totally focused and alert.

So, before getting out of bed each morning take an extra few moments to stretch, yawn and bring your mind into focus before starting your daily routines.

As you bring your awareness to how you are feeling when you wake, begin to take a mental and physical inventory of your body: do you feel calm or anxious? Still tired or refreshed?  Then begin to direct your awareness to more pleasurable sensations i.e.  How your body feels nice and warm and how relaxed your muscles are, how appreciative you are for your comfortable bed and the sounds of birds singing outside etc.

 When you do this the pleasure and joy that you feel within your body stimulates the motivation centres in your brain, making you ready to take action for the day. The next step is to visualise what you would like to accomplish throughout the day and imagine yourself completing them effortlessly and easily overcoming any obstacles that may arise. By doing this your brain becomes more adept at turning your intentions into reality.

When you give yourself this extra time before getting out of bed in the morning, you will give yourself the opportunity to become fully aware of your body and your mental state, helping your brain to function better throughout the rest of the day and be able to accomplish more of your goals in a less stressed way.

Don’t Jump Out of Bed – take it slow, set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier and be mindful of getting ready for the day. Enjoy your breakfast rather than gulping it down – not only will your body appreciate it, but your mind will stimulate and generate a greater self-love and compassion for yourself and you will build a greater emotional resilience that will carry forward into every part of your day and life.

As you go through your day you may sometimes find it challenging to remain positive in your thinking and this can be upsetting.

I would like to share with you why this happens so that you can begin to have an awareness of what is happening and that it is not really your fault. This will then enable you to begin noticing and start practising changing your thought patterns more easily.

Your brain is made up of two halves and within the whole of your brain, located toward the back, is a small area that has been there for millions of years – this is known as the ancient brain or reptilian brain.

Your right hand side frontal lobe/cortex is there to protect you from harm. In the past it was very valuable in protecting you from avoiding conflict from dinosaurs, tigers, snakes, floods, scorching heat, etc., and would have saved your life many times over; its role was/is to help you survive! It also needed to have a good memory to be able to continually recognise when danger was present.

The left hand side frontal lobe/cortex is where you feel safe, relaxed, happy and content. In the past our needs were a lot less and we were happy with a safe place to sleep and food in our belly.

Fast forward into the present century and we are no longer using our brains in the same way; we have evolved so much and have created many other marvellous ways to look after ourselves. We have become even more creative etc. yet, we still have that part in our brain that is ancient. Now it is the negative thinking that is created in the right hand side frontal lobe/cortex and the brain continues to innocently believe that it still doing a good job of protecting you.

The brain is naturally hard-wired to hold on to the negative experiences much longer than anything positive that has happened to us – as the negative is the way the brain protects you and this is why they are more easily encoded into your long term memory.

Positive thoughts and being happy often don’t leave a trace and can easily be forgotten and the reason is; that they are not a threat to your survival.

In this day and age it is the right hand side frontal lobe/cortex that constantly generates worries about things that could go wrong as you work towards achieving your goals – known as the “pessimist” side of the brain.

Simultaneously, your left hand side frontal lobe/cortex is constantly generating solutions to any imaginable problem. This is the “optimistic voice” that keeps you going!

So, now you understand a little more how about your brain works – you can take the pressure off yourself and start to retrain the negative thinking into a more constructive way of thinking.

When you catch yourself having negative thoughts – ask yourself if they have any true value for what is happening around you right now or whether they are just arising from habit. Let your brain know that although you are aware that is trying to be of service to you, this way of thinking is actually holding you back from surviving and thriving in your life.

Ask it to find a better way of protecting you and let it know that it is still needed and appreciated in a real life dangerous situation as that is what its true role is and then bring your awareness over to the left hand side of your brain and intentionally remember something good that has happened to you in the past. This will shift your energy making you feel much better within a few seconds.

When going about your chores for the day add in plenty of small rewards, make time for some quiet moments and breathe deeply, meditate and relax.

When a negative thought unnecessarily arises deliberately think of some positive thoughts which include being grateful and appreciative of your life. This way you are actually interrupting the negative thoughts bringing your being into a more content state.

Don’t chase happiness, instead do a variety of different activities that make you feel happy and remember to create goals that give you a reward on completing them, this way the brain will stay motivated and will release dopamine to help you achieve it as it will be anticipating the future pleasure to come.

Find ways that make your life simpler as nothing feeds a negative mind more than life’s complications and choose to stop being the victim of your negative thoughts by choosing to no longer believe in them. When you allow yourself to have self-defeating negative thoughts they can overtake your mind, then they will succeed in taking away your peace and joy, and lead to a lot of disappointment and even depression.

As your right hand side frontal lobe/cortex begins to calm down, it will feel safer and more secure with its new beliefs and new simpler surroundings and this in turn will alter your feelings bringing you lots of positive energy, helping you to be happier, feel more peaceful and content.

Strengthen the left hand side of your frontal lobe/cortex by having fun, social interactions and enjoying pleasurable activities with those you love and learn or teach a subject that fills you with passion and keep celebrating all of your accomplishments regularly as you continue your life’s journey.

A quick tip:

When you are feeling stressed and it is preventing you from doing and being your best – take a nap!

This may not sound like the best idea to you if you have a problem that needs to be solved. But, actually, it is one of the best options that you can do as when you are stressed your right hand side frontal lobe/cortex is working overtime and will assume you are in danger and this means that you are in “flight or fight” mode.

Your body becomes saturated with dopamine, cortisol and norepinephrine – all known stress hormones – which can have a number of different effects on your body including contracting and tightening your muscles, thickening and clotting your blood which if you took an external injury would help you survive the injury.

It also takes blood away from your immune and digestion systems and increases the brain function so you can focus intently on the threat, (this is why long term stress is one of the major contributors to illness) which as we discussed earlier is no longer to the extremes of our ancestors in the past when they were trying to escape a predatory animal or something as dangerous to survive.

Now it confuses a problem in the office or what to cook for dinner as life threatening!

What we need to be doing is strengthening the left hand side frontal lobe/cortex to solve the problem with creativity!

So, when you take a nap you become relaxed and even before you actually fall asleep, often the solution or a new idea/concept will arrive or the answer will be clear upon waking as the left hand side frontal lobe/cortex has been given the opportunity to be heard as the right hand side frontal lobe/cortex has been put to rest.

Always remember that the next time you’re faced with a problem that’s causing you stress, that it will be difficult to find the solution. If a nap is not an option for you then find another way to relax, take a breather and only come back to the problem when you feel calm!


Your auric field is an intelligent and amazing energy system that is able to protect you from outside influences and at the same time able to help you recognise and communicate with other energies that are around you.

Some highly sensitive people are able to see or feel their aura and this enables them to recognize their own energetic imbalances before they manifest physically as dis-ease.

It is great that science in now able to detect the aura which in known as our electro-magnetic field or bio-field and they are able to confirm through various studies that the energy within your aura plays an essential role in your health and how you feel both mentally and emotionally.

We now live in a world which has become really advanced in technology which in so many ways is wonderful, you can connect to your loved ones who live on the other side of the world, discover countries and learn new things without stepping outside of your front room. All this fantastic technology is made up of electricity – passing messages, images and sounds with lightning speed!

You also are made up of low level of electricity within your body and your auric field and are also able to receive and send messages/thoughts, images and sounds with lightning speed.

Your brain is a made up of electrical signals, processing and delivering millions of messages to your entire body every second.  At any given time, the human brain produces enough electrical current to power a 15 – 20 watt light bulb.

Each muscle contraction and movement you make, your nervous system, your perception of pain, your healing and regeneration, and brain activity to name a few are all electrically driven functions of the body.

Your heart being one of the main organs in your body is a muscle driven by low levels of electrical current and can be monitored and measured with an ECG machine and when the electrical signals become weak or inconsistent as people age, it is possible to stimulate the life-giving beat with small surges of electrical current from a device known as a pacemaker.

Your heart is a source of electro-magnetism that, even at a few meters away, is detectable by modern scientific instruments. I am sure there have been many times when you have sensed somebody come up to you from behind, you have not seen or heard them, yet felt them enter into your auric field or what you may call your space.

Each one of us is all genetically different, so it is with our electrical systems, each one of us has a specific electrical current (or fingerprint if you like) that defines our electrical structure.

There are billions of nerve impulses within the body and these are constantly creating the amazing and complex electro-magnetic field, which is known as your aura.

Have you had one of those days when you have touched something metal and got an electric shock as you release a build-up of static electricity that you have accumulated during the day?

You may have spent time with a particular person and come away feeling quite drained from being in their company. This is because that person has absorbed your energy or you may have spent time with a person who makes you feel more uplifted, energised and this is because they have charged your energy field.

You may get a good or bad vibe about someone that you have just recently met, yet many of you will ignore this feeling, allowing yourself to follow and become increasingly dependent on the logic of your brain, which can often lead to regrets in the future rather than trusting your gut instinct.

A baby or small child who has not learned to use their logical mind will rely purely on their senses to pick up whether the person or situation around them feels good or bad, often resulting in tears as they are not able to express themselves yet if they are picking up a bad feeling.

Animals are a good example of trusting this vibe even and the friendliest dog can potentially pick out a person with bad vibes from a crowd of dozens in an instant. Also, animals have a way of knowing when the energy fields of the earth are changing, which is really important when it comes to natural disasters and severe weather changes.

When your body becomes injured there is a break in the natural energy flow of the body and within a few seconds, especially in the epidermis (skin), your body senses the disruption and sends an electrical signal to the brain, which then releases more electrical signals to begin the process of stimulating the biological repair, regeneration and renewal of the damage in an attempt to heal the body.

Often healers will have a higher level or different current of energy than most people and when channelling the appropriate amount of universal energy, a touch of the hand can charge the disrupted flow of energy in another individual enough for the natural healing process to begin.

You are constantly absorbing energy from the environment, including light energy, the intake of oxygen, the food you eat and the earth itself. As well as the positive energy you absorb there is also negative energy which is invisible to the eye in the man-made/unnatural energies like computers, mobile phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi etc.

You are completely surrounded or soaked in these energies including the wiring in the walls of your home and in your bedroom, which can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep and all of this will increase the stress on your immune system.

As we are all unique then each person will react differently to the outside/man-made energies with some of you not being able to tolerate very much at all before feeling zapped, exhausted and run down or feeling quite ill/becoming ill.

The Earth itself is the natural antidote for electron deficiency and can provide you with an infinite flow of electrons, helping to keep you energised, fit and healthy. Yet, we have lost touch with our connection to the earth, becoming ungrounded – literally. Once we walked barefoot across the grass, mountains and sands having a complete connection to the earth at all times!

Then we made ourselves some shoes, first from animal’s hides/leather which still allowed some connection to the earth. When you wear a shoe with a leather sole, your feet sweat and permeate the leather with moisture and body salts, so the shoe becomes a semi-conductor permitting you to receive some electrons.

Now the majority of people walk on plastic or rubber soled shoes, wooden floors or carpet and sleep above the ground in beds, and some people are living very high up in flats and working in multi-level buildings all of which decreases the contact with the Earth’s natural energy.

The Earth is the biggest electrical object, and we are part of it. The reason it feels good to walk on grass and sandy beaches is because you are receiving a surge of healing electrons from the ground. You cannot get too much of this energy and when you are recharged the process stops, making it a safe and natural way to keep yourself fully charged.

Simply put your bare feet in contact with the earth, damp earth/grass is best whenever possible as water is a wonderful conductor or go for a paddle or swim in the sea.

When you are grounded to the Earth, the electrons flow instantly throughout your whole body, which is much quicker than waiting for particles to travel around in your bloodstream.

To recharge completely if you are feeling exhausted then it is best to remain connected to the earth for an hour or so and then you can top up at regular intervals that feel right to you 10 or 20 minutes at a time throughout the day. This will greatly help your struggling immune system.

Have you noticed that if your dog or cat is not feeling well they will go and lie under trees, porches and search out bare earth or grass to lie on as they are finding ways to connect to earths healing energies! Animals in the wild are rarely affected with inflammation, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer or other illness that humans suffer from – yet pets that no longer have the connection to as much nature that they need will get similar illnesses to humans. What animals have always known, “modern science” is just now figuring out.

 So now there’s no doubt that you truly are an electrical being!  

As you can now easily connect to the wide world at the push of a button on the remote control or a click of the mouse, within a second you bring the whole world into your living room on a daily basis. Many of you are witnessing a lot of violence, natural disasters, human pollution killing wildlife, the global economy, war, murders and other tragedies to name a few.  The newspapers are regularly filled with stories for us to feel empathic or angry about as well and for those of you that tune into these stories – this constant negative input of energy will eventually soak in and fill up and attach in your physical body and auric field, weighing you down, creating an impact on your health physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you are an empathic person you will often find that you absorb the negative energy from situations or another person into your own body often not noticing it at the time until it is too late. It can cause blockages and tears within your aura and your chakras, which in turn makes your life more difficult to manage and lowers your energetic levels which can be very disempowering, leaving you exhausted and often living in fear.

When you live or work in circumstances that require you to give of your time and energy to help uplift another, it is very important that you make the effort and take the time to ensure that you yourself are in good health and filled with positive energy.

In fact, the first thing I teach in the healing course I do – is how to channel the universal energy so that it can be delivered to the person in need, rather than giving from your own personal energy, which can leave you feeling depleted and tired.

Make sure that you limit your time spent in negative situations, places and people and spend some quality time with yourself relaxing, unwinding, detaching from the day’s events, grounding to the earths energy and add in some positive socialising, laughter and play time to ensure that you are getting the right balance of energies within your life.

If you are worn out, feeling stressed and need a helping hand then an intuitive holistic healing session can help balance your chakras and remove negative energy from your aura helping you feel re-energised, in balance and re-vitalised.

Are you comfortable in your Skin?

As an Intuitive Holistic Healer, I find it interesting that many of my existing and new clients will come to me with similar ailments at the around same time. These clients do not know each other yet they will be displaying similar symptoms within the physical, mental and emotional being.

I have had over the last weeks a “rash” of complaints from people suffering with unexpected breakouts of acne, rosacea, shingles and strange unexplained rashes. These are often in the same places on the body, so I thought I would share with you more about the skin and how it communicates with you.

As yet, science is still unable to re-create anything that is close to your real skin and how it performs to protect you at all times. It can be scraped and grazed and grow back within days, a cut will heal often within a week, you can puncture it with a needle and it will fill back in stopping the bleeding within seconds/minutes. It is always removing old cells and creating new ones, self-repairing structural damage and constantly re-establishing blood flow to cells within your skin.

Your skin is the only physical barrier between you and the world which allows you to survive intact with all of your other organs held neatly and in an organised order inside your body.

It covers your entire body, so, every thought you have and every word you say and the energy of an intention is felt/heard through your skin, it is also able to receive incoming information from others and the outside world at the same time. So next time you are having a moan about how your skin looks and feels – remember it hears and feels every word as it loyally continues to protect you!

Because the skin is able to heal quickly and replace old cells regularly it is good at showing you what is going on inside your body. For example if you are dehydrated your skin will become dry, when you are unhappy your skin will sag, when malnourished it will lose its healthy glow, you will blush when embarrassed and redden with anger. The skin is constantly reflecting our inner feelings; peeling or flaking of dead skin is an indication of letting go of old mental patterns. A rash or spots will appear when you are confronting the world or somebody or something is getting under your skin causing you frustration and anger.

The skin not only is a barrier, it is a protection to your inner states of being, it is your identity and it is your physical boundary.

The skin offers exit points, helping the lungs, the colon, the kidney and livers when they can’t cope with the heavy amount of toxins that get put into your body. Yet, at the same time, it also absorbs what is put on it, so be careful of your skincare and bath products as it only takes 26 seconds for them to be absorbed into your bloodstream!

Throughout the world many people are becoming more aware of toxic products, toxic energy and toxic people around them and are releasing long held onto anger and resentment, letting go of what no longer serves them, disconnecting from negative people, changing not only their dietary needs,  but the environment around them and this may be one of the reasons that there are so many outbreaks of skin complaints lately as they prepare themselves to move forward and step towards new or long awaited goals.

Highly Sensitive People also recognise that unusual rashes, itchiness and prickly sensations which appear over the body are part of the ascension process. They understand that the body is preparing itself as part of the ascension process, that it is enhancing the body’s vibration to a higher level as past lives and this lives issues are being released.

As the body vibrates higher in frequency it can no longer tolerate the lower energy foods, especially processed, fast foods and gluten. So make a higher energy decision to re-evaluate what you decide to put into and on to your body – every part of your whole body will be very grateful!

As you listen to your body and start to understand what it is trying to say to you then you can begin to clear and let go of situations and experiences from the past that are still blocking your system.

Anger for example manifests as high blood pressure – which affects the skin, causing pain, a rash or an infection. Before becoming angry there is a feeling of frustration, which gets stored in the liver – and that frustration turns to resentment and is held in the spleen. Maybe even before the frustration something was going on around you that may have been hard for you to digest, causing stomach problems or even creating ulcers!

As your organs become over worked or filled with negative energy it becomes difficult for them to carry out their job of eliminating it all properly – which means it has to call on the skin for help to filter it out through the many different types of rashes that appear on your body. Just as well the skin is willing to help as otherwise you could be poisoned from within.

Remember, physical symptoms are the body’s language and once you begin to understand your own body’s language you are now in a good position to begin healing yourself. It’s not that the rash/illness is unreal; it means that now, you can treat it differently by finding the cause and not just treat the symptoms!

Anger comes in different forms including impatience, resentment, hate, jealously and intolerance to name but a few.

Let me ask you – How do you supress your anger?

Do you swallow it down? Sit on it? Continuously think about it? Become distant from people? Hold on to it? Become thick skinned? Push it to the back of you? Carry it around with you? Etc.

Be honest with yourself and you will discover why certain areas of your body hurt more than others. If you push it to the back of you then you will end up with a bad back. If you are still carrying it around, check your shoulder pains and your arms! Sitting on it – well I will leave that to your imagination! When the body can contain it no more it exits the skin via a rash!

So check where your rash is and allow your body to help you understand what it is about.

If it is behind your ear then it could be that you don’t like listening to what is being said around you, it’s getting under your skin and you are unable to express your true opinion. A breakout on your face may mean that you are holding anger in as you are not able to face up to what is happening or being said around you.

Ask yourself who or what is rubbing you raw, getting under your skin, perhaps it is time to shed a layer of yourself? Is it time to stop absorbing criticism and assert yourself? When you have an itch, stop and take the time to ask yourself – what is going on below the surface? Are you keeping any toxic feelings inside of yourself? If the answer is yes then find a safe way to release them.

As you accept that your body is your friend and not your enemy, remember, this is the vehicle that you choose to have an earthly experience in.

It is important for your spiritual growth that you listen and learn what your body is trying to tell you. Every ache, pain and symptom is the body delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language. Healing becomes easier as you recognise that stress is a reminder from the soul that something needs to change in your life!

Start to see your body as your soulmate; it is the only one you have got. Love yourself inside and out. Take the time to listen to your body, become aware of its language. The more severe the problem the louder your body will speak and give it the help it needs to heal on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and on a soul level.

Be mindful of the language you use as your body hears it all. The health of your body, mind and soul are all connected. You may try to bury your stress, hide your tensions, grief, anger, fears and losses. Trap your anger within your organs and you may have thought that you are succeeding, yet your body always remembers everything and will remind you through the only language it knows how!

I am here to help you learn and understand what your body is trying to tell you, to help you let go of blockages that are no longer serving you for your highest good and help you move forward in a positive and loving way.

Moment to Moment

How many times have people said to you “Live in the moment”?

 This is very challenging to do, if not near impossible, as each so called moment is so brief and no sooner has it arrived than it is gone. It becomes the past; it is no longer the now! Each moment in the now is constantly moving, becoming the next moment, so you need to become aware of one moment to the next. Continue reading Moment to Moment