Healing for the Elderly

A home visiting service for the elderly in their own home, care home or hospice

Each and every single one of us ages, whether we like it or not. We are living in a time where we live longer and the medical world has found many different ways to keep us alive. Yet, when it comes to caring for the elderly, modern medicine is often limited to physical therapy, surgery, and medication.


It can be especially important to receive regular complementary therapy treatments as we advance in age, as the body becomes more susceptible to wear and tear, and prone to ailments such as arthritis, dementia, depression, cancer, Parkinson’s and many other conditions, often suffering from many chronic ailments all at once.


As we become elderly we can often be challenged with loneliness, and many of us will live without a partner or family nearby to help. The lack of touch also contributes to physical decline and weakens the immune system.

Receiving Intuitive Holistic Healing will not only provide a level of energy and relaxation, but will also provide the emotional nourishment required – all through the simple act of touch, helping to feel safe, loved and grounded.

As an Intuitive Holistic Healer I am able to help you or your loved one during the various stages of ageing or during the process of dying. Often, an excessive amount of energy is exerted by an individual during the various stages and healing can replenish the diminished energy, relieve pain and provide relaxation, allowing better sleep and thus restore or maintain a balance of energy.


I offer a friendly, comforting, relaxed treatment. Being empathic and having the ability to see, sense and feel what is going on inside a person’s body means I am able to share with you, from an energetic point of view, where energy blockages lie within the body.


This can be very helpful if your elderly loved one is having difficulties explaining how they feel. This could be, for example, through dementia; people with dementia can become frightened, feel lost, confused, restless, angry or agitated. I am able to connect and bring messages from them to you, helping you to understand how they are feeling.

Intuitive Holistic Healing and Palliative Care

Even for the best-prepared care givers, dealing with elderly and terminally ill patients or loved ones can prove traumatic, exhausting and emotional, leaving you with negative feelings of burnout and fatigue.


It is therefore important that you look after yourself properly, and I recommend that you would also benefit from receiving healing, which includes chakra balancing and auric cleansing to release any build-up of negative energies within your physical body, mental and emotional energy fields.


Proper medical treatment is paramount for providing care; often the goal of palliative therapy focuses more on comfort than cure. For people suffering from terminal illness, Intuitive Holistic Healing can offer extra support, approaching death with a loving positive attitude throughout the journey, a miraculous event that each and every one of us will eventually take part in.


Our relationships with the people we love often revolve around what we do together, but when illness and death become part of life there must be a transition from doing to being.


Offering Healing to someone in the last few weeks, days or hours before they die can bring reassurance and comfort at a time of high emotional stress, enabling a person to release any anxiety and anger in those final days, bringing peace and acceptance as they move forward into the afterlife.

Benefits of Holistic Healing


It creates deep relaxation and assists the body in releasing stress and tension, which raises the vibrational frequency helping to accelerate the body’s self-healing, release of toxins and supports the immune system.

Reduce Side Effects

Helps with the side effects of drugs when recovering after surgery or having chemotherapy, and eases acute or chronically painful conditions giving you more energy and vitality.

Sleep Quality

Enhances your sleep quality giving relief from insomnia, reduced blood pressure, decreased anxiety and depression, improved concentration and reduced fatigue.