Becoming Aware

Hello and a warm welcome to you.

My name is Amanda Walder. I am a psychic, medium and holistic healer. I have been teaching others to develop their natural senses for over 10 years. I am here to help you discover how to recognise, develop and use your own senses in your everyday life, including connecting to your Spirit guides and loved ones in Spirit. I will be sharing some of my own personal experiences with you in the hope that you will be able to resonate with some of them in your own life and where you are now.

I will not be using any dates or personal names in my story unless I have had permission to do so. I will be sharing, giving guidance and, hopefully, answering some of the many questions you may have about your psychic development.

I have personally found that once opening up to the idea that there is more to life as we know it now, that it has not always been a smooth ride, by keeping a genuine interest in my own life, the life of others and remaining as positive as I can in any situation, (even if I do not understand it in full yet). By holding an intent of being enthusiastic, excited and a genuine wanting to know more, being willing to explore and hold a hope and faith in what is, sometimes, the unknown, I can honestly say that my life would not be as complete – if I had not been able to recognise that I was on a Spiritual journey.

By law we are not able to say that we are able to help heal others or can contact the dead, so here is where I legally have to say that this information is for your entertainment only.

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to recognise the difference between your own thoughts and feelings from those of another person and those who have passed over. When I first started to develop my own abilities, I had many occasions when I was absolutely amazed at what I was learning, experiencing and being witness to yet at other times I felt completely confused, even to the point of feeling I would never be able to understand it, let alone be any good at it.

I feel I must point out that, in the beginning, I had not consciously chosen to develop my psychic abilities in any way. In hindsight, I can see how perfect it was. I did not have any background knowledge about it so started from a place of it all being new. Life after death was never a subject that got talked about in my upbringing so I guess I was in a fairly neutral place where I had no influence about believing in it or not believing in it.

I got divorced at the age of twenty eight and, as you could imagine, life was a bit out of sorts, gone were all my regular routines and everyday life was changing rapidly. It was about this time in my life that somehow different people were coming into my life and I often thought that they were a bit strange! They seemed eager to give me Spiritual messages (that I myself had not even asked for) I remember somebody telling me I liked to change the colour of my hair. Well, I have been changing and highlighting my hair since I was 12 years old, so it was not what I would call real evidence of something of value. As far as I was concerned you only had to look at my hair to know that it was already full of different colours!

Another said I would be going to America and when I said I had already been, I was told that must have been what was being picked up – now my thought on that was: loads of people go to America!!! Others would tell me my Nan was around me a lot, sending me her love and looking out for me. Nothing specific, I reckoned that the chances of somebody in their late twenties/early thirties having a grandparent in Spirit were pretty high! I found that, at times, it was pretty frustrating – all these people starting to appear from nowhere and wanting to pass information on to me. They seemed to be like moths and I was the flame.

As the months passed, I was beginning to get used to being given messages that did not really add up to much and being somebody who never liked to confront others accepted them with an outer smile and went on my way. I was teaching ladies how to apply and wear their make-up as a living and on this particular evening had just finished working with a lovely lady and was just about to leave her house. I had said my thank-you and good-bye and was about to go through the front door, my back was to her and I had my beauty bags in each hand.  “Before you leave, I just want to give you a message from your “Nan” she said. Well, like I said, my back was to her and I can remember pulling a face and thinking – here we go again, why me? I only did her make-up!!

She carried on, “Your Nan is telling me that you have to get up every night to turn the television off.” Oh my! I can only describe what was like a feeling of warmth filling up my body and the hairs all standing up on end. I slowly put down my bags and sat on her sofa. My head was racing with thoughts, like how did she know that? What was this feeling I was feeling?

What I did know was that she had caught my attention! Every single night my eldest son would promise that he would turn his television off at a certain time and every night he fell asleep and then later in the night the buzz of the television would wake me up and I would get up and turn it off!! She carried on to give me more information about how much my Nan loved me and how special I was to her, I can remember just sitting in a daze, thinking all the time “How did she know about the television?” Later, at home, I continued to mull it over. I had been very professional about the time spent with her and there was no way that this lady knew anything personal about me. I can truly say that for me that short sentence “Your Nan is telling me that you have to get up every night to turn the television off” was the moment I started to have a genuine interest in the possibility that there might just be something more to life as I knew it.

I went back and visited this lady many times, becoming good friends and really listening and soaking up the information that she was giving me. Sometimes it made sense, sometimes it did not, sometimes I could not understand it all. I began to be more receptive to the people who entered my life and really started to listen to what they had to say and the messages they had to give, I started to ask questions and many times again, it was like a foreign language unknown to me, each one had their own personal truth and worked in a different way. How was I ever going to be able to do this myself – when it appeared there were no rules to follow?

At around the same I time I was in a relationship and it had just come to an end. I remember being upset and was crying, so I went and sat on my bed with tears falling down my face and feeling quite sorry for myself.  At the end of my bed on the opposite wall was my dressing table and on the wall was a huge round mirror that I used to put my make-up on. It was in direct view from where I was sitting and out the corner of my eye I saw a huge blue “balloon” in the mirror! – That is the only way I can describe it. I blinked, re-focused – it was still there. It looked like it was attached to my right shoulder. I stopped crying, this was profound! If I moved slightly to the left it followed and if I went to the right it disappeared out of sight as I ran out of mirror space!

Wow! I was intrigued, I slowly reached down the side of my bed, keeping my vision on the mirror and picked up my telephone, I had recently made a new friend who did re-birthing (deep breathing exercises) and dialled her number. I excitedly explained what I was seeing and what was it I asked? She took a deep breath and said “Amanda you must have been really expressing yourself, it is your throat chakra energy and that is why you are seeing it on the right hand side.”  We chatted some more and gradually my ball of blue energy faded in the mirror, I was actually quite sad to see it go, my eyes were really tired now and I just could not seem to get it back. After we had said “good-bye” I sat silently for a while with my eyes closed, I was tired, I had been expressing myself so much, to the point of shouting with the breakup of my relationship, but why was it on the right hand-side?

A few days later in the local paper a small advert caught my eye, there was going to be an Aura workshop held in the next town from where I lived. It was time for me to start getting some answers, I arranged a babysitter and along I went. It was a small, yet light and airy room and over a dozen other people there, the gentleman holding the workshop spoke clearly and he kept his vocabulary simple. He explained that everybody had an energy field around them and this was known as an Aura and that by using our peripheral vision, we would be able to see the colours that were surrounding a person. The technique was simple and I still use it today to help others see the auric field that surrounds us all.

I want you to remember at this stage you do not need to do anything except use what is your completely natural vision.  When you go to the opticians they check your peripheral vision, it is the test where you place your chin on a rest and look into a white box and every now again a small white light flashes at various places and you push the button each time you see one.

So here it is:

    1. Have somebody stand or sit in front of a plain wall, white or magnolia colours are best in the beginning and in a dimly lit room. Over a period of time it will not matter how the lighting is or even that there is patterned wallpaper behind the person. Position yourself in front of them so you are looking directly at them and at least six feet away.
    2. Take the time to have a look around the room noticing in particular where the shadows or any moving objects are i.e. a flickering candle. When you are completely happy within yourself that you know where they all are, then just allow yourself to relax, look forward to what you are going to see next and remember this: If you think you saw something you did! It was not your imagination. This is important, if you do not trust what you are seeing, it will hold you back from seeing more in the future.
    3. Now, I just want you to focus on the person’s face for a moment and in your mind I would like you to see it as a clock, with the nose being the centre and the time is five past eleven, follow the clock hands outwards using the centre rods of your eyes so that you can see either side of them including any walls, doors etc that may be in the room and also the ceiling above and the floor below. I repeat this is a natural vision, one you would use throughout the day on occasions – maybe to see what the children are doing when around you, without turning your head. Who knows, maybe this is where we get the saying we have got eyes in the back of our heads, when children are amazed you can see them when they think you are not looking at them.
    4. Keeping your eyes focused on the face of the person in front of you and continuing to use your peripheral vision, you will notice that there is a glow around them, this can often be seen as white or a very pale blue, very much like that of the Readybrek Advert it can vary in size from quarter of an inch to three or four inches. This is the first layer of the auric field.

As soon as you see this then you will know that you have the potential to see more. Over a period of time you will get to see many colours with different densities and various shades of colours. It is also from this vision that you will get to Spirit energy, transfiguration and much more. I will dedicate a longer period of time to this subject in a later chapter. Meanwhile, I would like you to just practice using this natural way of seeing as often as you can, enjoy the colours and start to accept that there is much more to be seen than your normal everyday vision you have been using up until now. In the beginning, your eyes may feel tired – but this will soon pass, it is only because you have not been using the muscles in your eyes to see this way, it may feel like a horse that has worn blinkers all its life and now somebody has taken them off!! The more you consciously make an effort throughout the day, the easier it will become and after a while you will find that you do not have to really think about it very much and when something or someone is meant to be seen, you will automatically see it. I really love being able to extend my natural vision, it has enabled me to really learn so much over the years.

As humans it is in our nature to learn how to act and behave in what we could call an acceptable way to society. There are some that are really good actors, and can fool us with their charms, there are some who stay looking as if they are really interested in what we are talking about although inside they may be feeling bored. So if you could recognise that a sales rep was trying to pull the wool over your eyes, baffling you with product and figures that sound genuine, wouldn’t it be great if in just a moment of your time you could notice the colours in that persons aura to see how truthful they were being or to be able to change to a subject that is far more interesting to the person that is politely listening to you? This vision comes under the heading external clairvoyance, the word itself comes under the heading of being psychic, for me it is a natural sight, one we were born with (as long as we are not blind) and as we started to grow up stopped using it to its full potential.

The more I started to look into developing the psychic senses and being able to connect with Spirit guides and loved ones on the other side, the more I realised that is was such a huge concept and that everything I was looking at, was just a small piece of the bigger picture. Would I ever be able to do it? –  a question I asked myself many times along the way. In fact, let’s change the many to hundreds of times. I have now realised that “yes I can” and that everyday I am still learning, and have accepted that I will always be learning, I have also accepted that I have many strengths and some weaknesses in my abilities to connect with the Spirit world, to those around me and, more  importantly, to myself. I am Spirit in a physical body. I use my strengths in a positive way to help myself and others around me and continue to work with my weaknesses. I also accept that I can not learn it all (in this short lifetime) and that others have strengths in areas that I do not have. In fact there are areas in the huge subject of being “Spiritual” that, although I have a genuine interest in, I have not been completely drawn to and I am happy to allow others to master those subjects. I have realised over the years that I cannot do it all and have discovered where to use my personal energy and how I can help others in their lives.

It has been my personal goal, for many years – in fact even before I recognised I was on a Spiritual journey to be able to help others. As we all know there are many ways of doing this, I believe that part of my purpose here this lifetime is to give people a “nudge” in the right direction for them to be able to help themselves and start living a more fulfilled life. So I have nicknamed myself “The Nudger.” I am certain that I am not the only Nudger here on earth (I am not sure they would call themselves by that name – maybe they would be known as something a bit more exotic) as many have nudged, pushed and pulled me along my pathway, with me pouting, ignoring and acting deaf on many occasions. I really do appreciate all those who have entered my life with all the experiences and lessons they have been able to offer me – A big “Thank you” to you all.

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