Marian says:

To start with, thank you very much for taking time to help me. Especially since you must be a very busy lady. I told everyone I met I read your ebook and got your reply straight away, and they were really impressed. I wish you all the success in the world.

You have written it in a very simple and nice way, and even more, what you say is TRUE. You are not one of those looneys who fool people.

You have been of fantastic help to me. But so far, you have helped me more than anybody in all these years with your book, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love and all the best in your personal and professional life.

All the love in the world from Spain, and please write more books.

Ashley says:

I have just finished your E-book. I found it to be very interesting in the area of starting development for people who are learning. Not only does it explain it in a way anyone can understand but it is also very easy to follow. Although I am already knowledgeable in the areas you cover in the book, it was nice to reflect back to when I had first started learning in my own self-development. The book is a safe and very interesting read. I would have loved to have seen more about your personal stories, as the interest I have in this world of spiritual living is the experiences that others have happen to them on their path. But all the same I found it to a great read and well worth buying.

I also liked the part where you talked about the situation about you being in a moment of deep emotions & what caught your eye in mirror. It is those short part stories that keep me reading and wanting more. Again, if anyone setting off on new development in the areas in which you cover such as auras & meeting spirit guides, then this be a good buy and a great bargain. I find that your teachings are easy to understand and follow. The vibration energy of your voice is also very well balanced so people always listen.

Amanda thank you for writing such an understandable book. Thank you for your great healing sessions too you’re amazing.

From one intuitive to another – well done!

Sherry says:

Hello, my name is Sherry…Yes the ‘near orgasm girl’ written about and forever recorded in scribe in Amanda’s first eBook!

When Amanda first talked about writing a book on Spirituality I have to admit I never in my wildest dreams expected the end result. Not because I had little faith in her knowledge or experience (The woman IS the oracle!!!) And nor because I thought her incapable of writing, it was just that we ALL say ‘I want to write a book’…and never get around to it.

Well, she did it and ‘the girl done good’! Seriously, it is one of the most intelligible, funny, informative, interactive and absorbing books on this subject I have ever read. Amanda has a style of writing that is all encompassing and endearing and makes you keep right on reading leaving you wanting more. It is so worth your time and effort.

Well done darling. For all the suns & moons that have passed by us you have been the constant star! Don’t stop now..!

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