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When you have a full and busy lifestyle, sleep may seem like a luxury, yet it is a necessity to keep you in good health physically, emotionally and mentally.

It allows you to switch off and recharge so that when you wake up you feel rejuvenated. However, insomnia affects 48% of people at some time in their lives and 22% of people regularly.

Sleep is something that not too many people think about until they start having problems with it. The brain is excellent at recognizing patterns and repeating them until they become a habit. That’s why poor sleeping can become not just an occasional inconvenience, but a struggle that can last for many years.

You are not designed to be on the go 24 hours a day.

Lack of sleep can make you feel physically unwell, stressed and anxious, and lead to more serious illnesses. Relaxing your mind at the end of a full day is challenging at the best of times, but when you also have anxiety to contend with, you may find yourself physically and mentally challenged when trying to convince your body to sleep. Being anxious during the day is tiring, which makes it all the more important to make sure you don’t have to deal with it at night when your body is trying to recover and heal.

When you use this MP3 regularly, it will help you install profound feelings of relaxation and retrain your mind to develop a regular sleeping pattern for wonderful deep sleep so you wake feeling alert, alive and refreshed after a night’s sleep giving you more concentration and a better day’s performance.

Listen to this MP3 each evening in bed for a minimum of 21 nights. Soon, you may find that you start to drift off within the first few minutes, when this starts to happen please continue to play the MP3 on a regular basis as it takes 21 nights to create NEW neurological pathways in your mind and 66 nights to hard wire it into your being. Unlike some sleeping medications hypnosis has no unpleasant side effects, making it an ideal tool to overcome your insomnia and rebuild healthy sleeping patterns for you, bringing you effective and long term transformations in your life.


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