Guided Aura and Chakra Cleanse

You create your world through your thoughts and feelings.

Most of you will have heard of the “Law of Attraction”

The Law of Attraction states that ‘like attracts like’ in the Universe

That which you think about, you attract into your life

Although most people understand the concept, many people are frustrated because they can’t seem to get it working for themselves.

Can you easily and effortlessly bring about positive changes into your life – or do you feel frustrated that you can’t get it to work for you?

Having been working as an intuitive holistic healer for over 15 years my clients often have similar life and health problems:

  • Feeling tired all the time with not enough energy to get through the day, let alone exercise
  • Headaches, poor digestion, muscle aches, back problems, sleeping problems, and being overweight
  • Not having enough money or time for their families, their partners, themselves or be able to pursue the hobbies they love

Life at times for many people can be a struggle

Even though many people have become more aware of what causes us to struggle – our unresolved past, poor nutrition, negative belief systems etc. –“knowing“ about it is not the solution, for any real change to occur it needs to happen on an energetic level.

Most therapies and self-help methods are mind based and do not directly work with the energy field.

Saying positive affirmations, trying to think more positively or talking about and processing past pain may eventually bring about change, yet when working with the conscious mind this can be exhausting and time consuming!

Hypnosis is a good tool to use when you wish to change your mindset, as it works with the unconscious mind to change the neurological paths in your mind to think differently. This can take 21 days to rewire your thoughts and then further commitment to get them hard wired into your mental system. I recommend hypnotherapy when a person’s willpower, which is connected to the solar plexus chakra, is weak and low in energy.

Your thoughts have a frequency (everything emits a frequency – even the humble atom has its own vibrations) and it is important that your thoughts emit a frequency that will attract the things that you want. Simple thoughts will begin to attract real things.

However, if there is resistance to the idea that you can attract the things that you want in life, the effect of the law of attraction will be dampened.

We are energetic beings, whatever frequency you are vibrating on, you are creating and drawing into your life.

You have an energy field called an aura and within the aura you have chakras and if I were to look into your energy field, I would be able to see and sense which ones were blocked and out of balance and share with you how they are affecting  your life. Whatever is going on in your energy field, will be going on in your life.  When your energy field is not resonating on a high energy vibration, you will be unable to easily and effortlessly attract what you want into your life, or if you do it will happen slowly and be difficult to do.

Whatever is going on within you energetically is creating your Universe. Your energy field is primary, and your life situation secondary. This means, the state of your energy field determines your life.

When your auric field and chakras are vibrating at a high frequency, this energy will positively vibrate within your mental thoughts making it much simpler and easier for you to focus with mental clarity what you would like to create and manifest into your life.

What you think doesn’t create your reality, your energy does!

Your thoughts are a by-product of what is going in within you energetically.

You are what you vibrate into your thoughts.

When you put a lot of effort into changing the way you think, without changing your vibration first, it can take a long time before you get any tangible results.

I would like to share with you some information about your aura and your chakras and how they are energetically designed.

As you begin to understand how they work, then your life can flow much easier for you, helping to lose those everyday struggles.

Your energy field, also called your aura, is a magnificent field of pure energy that exists within you and all around you. A healthy aura will be approximately three feet or more in size either side of you, above and below you and is shaped similar to an egg.

Within your energy field you have chakras, energy vortex’s, that are found at specific places within your physical body or in your energy field. There are seven major chakras that are recognised universally and many minor chakras, over 200 of them, which vibrate and energetically fuel and sustain different aspects of your life and your body.

They do this by receiving energy from the universe and then transporting this energy into a certain area of your life and body. Each chakra is responsible for looking after different areas of your life.

Each chakra has a different role in looking after you.  For example: One will look after your career; another chakra will look after your abundance. There is one who makes sure you rest and enjoy yourself, and one that supports you in discovering and living out your creativity.

Within you is a marvellous inbuilt system, which enables you to create a joyful, creative, abundant, fulfilling and beautiful life.

The chakras are funnels for energy as well as energy generators and distributors. If their ability to receive, generate and distribute energy is compromised, they can’t do their job properly. Chakras get blocked, stagnant and become weak when exposed to years of negative conditioning and programming which then become the cause of struggle and unhappiness.

So, the state of our energy fields creates our reality, and if our reality is not desirable, we simply need to change our energy.

Every aspect of your life works when the chakras are doing their job properly. If only some of them are balanced to their full potential, then blockages and upsets can occur in your day to day life and when most are not working correctly then life becomes a struggle physically, emotionally and mentally!

We are what we focus on, a person can remain ill by focusing on their illness – this is how the Law of Attraction works. We can have many beliefs, opinions, and habits that we didn’t consciously choose for ourselves, many of them could be inherited from our parents, our culture and how you have been influenced by people around you. Our memories remain within us, even if on a conscious level we may not be able to remember them, if they are of a traumatic experience mentally, emotionally and physically then they can also create blockages and fear within your chakras and energy field, slowing you down or even completely stopping you from moving forward in life and/or experiencing new things.

By now, you will be beginning to understand that our chakras and our aura are extremely important to our wellbeing and how and what we want to create in our lives.

I have created a hypno-mediation cd which is focused on healing your physical body, clearing, cleansing and balancing your auric field and chakras.

When you use this cd regularly, it will help you to be able to clear and cleanse your energy field, and be confident in channelling the universal white light healing energy. Enabling you to let go off any unwanted negative energies that are holding you back from achieving the health and lifestyle you deserve.

It will also get you into a routine for mediation on a daily basis, bringing you effective and long term transformations in your life.

Within this hypno-meditation cd you will be guided through a relaxing journey where you use your 5 senses within your imagination to walk through a forest leading you to a beautiful waterfall.

Throughout your journey within the cd, there are positive suggestions for you to let go of any past and present hurt, anger or tension you may be holding onto within your physical body, your emotions, your mind and your soul. It will also help you let go of anything that is weighing you down or keeping you stuck and stopping you from reaching your true potential.

You will be able to release the burden of thoughts, feelings, and experiences, yet, keep the wisdom and understanding from them.

You will use a healing and cleansing visualisation to cleanse your body, aura and chakras which will leave you feeling energised, revitalised, balanced and motivated to enjoy living your life, feeling refreshed and empowered.

I have combined my knowledge as a hypnotherapist  and a healer into a deeply relaxing meditation for you and recommend that you listen to it on a daily basis for a minimum of 21 days (if you miss a day, don’t panic, just resume listening as soon as it is convenient) this is because it takes this amount of time to adjust the neurological pathways within your mind to create a new way of thinking and, for this new way of thinking to become hard wired into your system on an unconscious level, you need to commit to listening to it for 66 days all together, so it becomes automatic, just like brushing your teeth in the morning.

The best way for me to explain how this guided meditation will help you is for you to remember when you were a small child and your parent, brother, sister or maybe your school teacher would read you a story. If it was before bedtime, you would have been snuggled up in bed and at school you would have been sitting quietly around the teacher. As you listened to the words spoken, without any effort, your imagination created pictures in your mind and being relaxed and focused, you would easily have been able to put yourself into the action of the story in your mind. You would have stayed in the present moment as your conscious mind captured every single word, with your unconscious mind taking in any new words and lessons within the story. I doubt you would even be thinking about what you were going to be doing later or even tomorrow.

Your unconscious mind is where you store and keep all that is required for you know and do without having to access it on a daily basis. It is where things become automatic – could you imagine if you always had to learn how to tie your shoes or clean your teeth each time you woke up. How about when you are driving your car?  Imagine if every time you woke up, you had to learn how to walk or talk again!

To listen to this CD/Mp3 you need to create a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. This can be in a comfy chair, your bed or even somewhere outside in nature. If for any reason you are disturbed you will immediately come back into the conscious mind and resume a natural state of being.

Just follow the guided imagery in your mind, as you allow yourself to relax, it will bring you into the present moment, and you will be focused and relaxed at the same time. Each and every time you listen to this cd it will become easier and easier to follow the script within it. Your imagination will create the scenery for you, while your unconscious mind will receive the instructions and act upon them.

After using this CD/Mp3 for a couple of months, you will be able to easily recreate it in your mind anytime, anywhere, even in the shower. This will ensure that you regularly let go of life’s everyday stresses and that you have a clean aura and balanced chakras, helping to keep you healthy in all areas of your life – emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This CD/Mp3 will help you to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Cleanse your body and mind
  • Release old and recent held onto emotions that do not serve you
  • Help you gain perspective
  • Give you clarity and insight
  • Leave you feeling fresh, balanced and grounded
  • Motivated and with a zest for life
  • Feel connected to your true authentic self
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