Healing Class

Healing Class

These classes are offered to support those wishing to continue to develop their healing abilities, in greater depth as well as explore broader spiritual issues and are suitable for people who already have an understanding and experience of giving Healing.

Amanda provides ongoing mentoring and guidance while offering a variety of opportunities for you to develop your own personal growth in a safe and relaxed atmosphere which will enable you to more strongly connect to your own unique healing abilities.

Classes will cover a range of energy healing topics including:

  • How to help you make positive changes to your own life.
  • Learning about the inter connection between the mind, body and spirit.
  • Learn about the energy matrix of the human body; aura and chakras.
  • Build your communication skills, in giving and receiving information.
  • Set up and build a successful and efficient professional practice.
  • Protect yourself and your Life-Force.
  • Learn about and communicate with Spirit Guides.

Classes are educational, enjoyable and life-transforming allowing time for discussion, coffee and socialising with like-minded friends.

Intuitive Holistic Healing Classes are held fortnightly on a Monday evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm and cost £10.

Please visit this page for the latest dates and times.

These classes are offered to Qualified Healers who are trained in various healing practices i.e. reiki, spiritual healers etc. and wish to continue to develop their healing practice to the highest possible level.

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