Personalised Hypnotherapy

Personalised Hypnotherapy

The benefit of using hypnosis is that your body does not know the difference between imagining something and having it happen. As far as the body is concerned, the physiological responses are the same, regardless of whether you are imagining something or actually experiencing it.

You therefore have the advantage of intellectually knowing that a situation is happening only in the imagination, and physically responding as though it has happened. You get the benefit of overcoming your fears or becoming motivated to name just a few without even leaving the chair.

You are unique and so are your problems, a Personalised Hypnotherapy Recording is as unique as you are, and is created especially for you. Regular listening to a CD that has been designed specifically for you will help ensure that the changes become permanent ones.

Your Personalised Hypnotherapy CD will contain the use of your name, a relaxing beach induction and deepening, enabling you to deeply relax. Your personalised script is created just for you and your specific needs. The total length of the finished CD will be approximately 50 minutes. As soon as I receive your order, a half hour appointment can be made either in person or by telephone to discuss your needs or, if you prefer, you can email me at and describe in detail your problem including how it makes you feel, how you would like to change and anything else that you believe is relevant, that you would like me to help you with and if I need any more information I will respond and ask for it.

Please allow one to two weeks production time before delivery.

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