Letting Go Meditation


Take the time to read through the wording a few times before starting your mediation – so you know the journey you are going to take.

You could also get a friend to read it out loud for you or record your own voice on your mobile phone.

Before you start – get yourself sitting comfortably in a chair and if you want you could also play some relaxing music softly in the back ground.

Begin by closing your eyes and giving your body permission to relax and start to slow your thoughts down.

Bring your awareness to your breath and, as you inhale, hold the intent of inhaling the future and as you exhale, exhaling the past, just allowing and letting yourself to release all past pain and hurt.

When you feel relaxed you can start your meditation. Follow the script and if your mind wanders – just become aware of it and gently bring your awareness back to your journey.

You can do this meditation as often as you like and should you decide to use it regularly, it will become easier and easier to let go of what no longer serves you for your highest good.

Let’s Begin

You are taking a brisk walk through a wood on a fine autumn afternoon. The ground is covered with a layer of fallen leaves, crackling and rustling under your feet.

Although the leaves are piling up on the path, making it barely visible, the branches of the trees are still dotted with leaves: some a golden yellow, some a bright orange, and others a vivid red.

Through the leaves you can see the sky, which is a deeper blue than you have ever seen before.

You can feel a slight chill in the air, but you are warmed by the radiance of the colours that surround you. You can feel a glow within you that reflects the colours of the leaves. Golden for the goals you want to achieve, orange for your energy to work towards them, and red for your courage to overcome your doubts.

You are still walking, but your steps are becoming slower. Although you know you must make progress, you also know that sometimes it is necessary to stop and look around you. You feel, with increasing certainty, that now this is one of those times.

You pause.

This must be the oldest part of the wood. Immense trees stretch up towards the sky on either side of you.

A maze of cracks covers the bark of the nearest tree trunk which looks as if it would crumble away if you touched it, but when you place your hand on the tree, it feels as solid and as steadfast as granite. The cracks are not a display of weakness; instead, they are channels of strength. Lower down the trunk there are pockets of moss and you brush your fingers over them. You expect the moss to feel slimy and damp, but it is dry and feathery to your touch.

As you stand near the tree a sense of age and timelessness seems to seep out from it, as though it is sending a message through your fingertips into your deepest levels of understanding.

It is as if the wisdom of the ancient philosophers, of the magicians of mythology, and even of our own ancestors, is collected together and preserved in the life of the tree.

You look down at the base of the tree. Powerful roots spread out in all directions, supporting and nourishing the tree.

You know that the roots spread out for the same distance as the height of the tree, and just for a moment, you imagine you can see them beneath the ground, reaching out for water and nutrients, dividing and becoming increasingly finer as they extend deeper and further out in their search to sustain the tree.

You look up and see the branches reaching upwards with serenity and confidence, mirroring the structure of the roots as they divide and spread out in search of sunlight.

Above you a branch trembles in the breeze and a leaf gently detaches itself and flutters down to the ground. Another leaf gently flutters down to the ground. Another leaf follows, and another. In only a few weeks from now, the tree’s branches will be bare.

In your imagination you can see time moving forward through the winter and on to the spring, and you see buds forming on the branches of the trees, then swelling, opening and breaking out into fresh young leaves, and you realise that none of this would happen if the tree did not give up its old leaves in the autumn.

You think of the things in your life that you would like to let go of: things you do not want to do any longer, your negative thoughts, held onto anger and hurt, and everything that is stopping you from being the person you would like to be.

The tree is shedding its leaves because it is the time for it to do so. You feel that it is the right time for you, too, to shed the things you like to see gone from your life.

And you can feel them breaking off, one by one, floating downwards, away from you, leaving you free to pursue new activities, to enjoy positive thoughts, to become how you would like to be.

An exhilarating feeling of freedom fills your mind, as you realise that from now on there is no need for these things to be part of your life any longer.

Allow yourself to continue to sit in this positive feeling, bringing it with you as you gently become aware of your surroundings and when you are ready slowly open your eyes.

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