Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask


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The Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask has a comforting, heavy weight to it that helps to relax the muscles of your eyes, forehead and temple area.

The Benefits of this Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask is that the cooling sensation of the Rose Quartz helps to minimise puffy, swollen eyes and dark circles underneath, thus brightening the eye area.

It helps with improving your blood circulation which, in turn, stimulates collagen production helping to tone and firm the skin.

The comforting weight of the Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask will also help promote calmness, tranquillity and stress relieving effects for those that experience frequent headaches or anxiety and is good for allergy sufferers that need relief from sinus pressure.

It can also be used in meditation and to aid you when you go to sleep.

You may also place the Rose Quartz Eye Crystal Mask in the fridge for at least 15 minutes before use to increase the healing benefits, encouraging the removal of toxins, improving muscle tone, reducing fluid retention, encouraging lymphatic drainage and helping to relieve any build-up of sinus pressure.

Each handmade Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask has an average of 150 beads and an average size of 22cm x 10cm

How to Use

After completing your normal beauty regime, simply lie back, get comfortable and gently drape the Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask over your eyes – starting with your nose in the centre gently spread over your eyes, forehead and temples. Next, close your eyes and allow yourself to relax or meditate for 20 to 40 minutes while you soak up this ancient beauty ritual provided by Mother Nature as this rejuvenating Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask helps the skin to further absorb your chosen skincare product and its healing energy infuses with your aura.

How to care for your Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask

Always handle with care, when using with facial products simply rinse with warm water and a gentle soap, then gently blot/pat dry with a soft dry cloth after each use and then lay flat on a clean towel and leave to air dry.

Due to natural variations in Rose Quartz and the handcrafted nature of the Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask, each one is unique in pattern and colour.

The Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask is a wonderful addition to any beauty regime or meditation and is a perfect gift for a loved one!


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