Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

You may like to have a private intuitive spiritual reading, where I connect to my spirit guides, who often first appear to me as orbs, and angels to bring through guidance which is holistic in nature, encompassing the mind, body and spirit, helping to provide you with insight and awareness to the influences presently at work in your life, bringing forward positive changes to help enable you to become more focused on your life’s journey.

Your reading would begin with me looking at your auric field, then followed by using cards to continue your reading, yet if a loved one who has passed over comes through within the session – they will be given top priority and their messages passed on to you.

You are welcome to ask questions over any specific areas in life which you would like spiritual guidance over and should you want to focus on connecting one particular loved one then bringing along a photograph of them is welcomed.

The average time for a reading is 30 minutes.

Free Mini Tarot Reading

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