What are Angels?

Angels have been believed in since before the Bible brought them to the forefront of people’s minds.

There are many different interpretations of what an Angel is – the most common being that they are messengers from God. I can only share my own beliefs in Angelic energy with you and, maybe, you will be able to relate to them in your own life/being.

As far as I am aware, Angels do not incarnate onto the Earth plane and have had no experience of human life, although sometimes I look into the faces of babies now being born and sense Angelic energy within them and a feeling of calmness that will be brought to the planet over the coming years!

My own personal experience with Angelic energy is that it is much lighter and expansive, with a sense of stillness, without emotions – yet with a feeling of Love and a delicate warmth. Whereas the energy from Spirit Guides and Loved Ones is slightly heavier and cooler.

I see Angelic energy as a pure white star which can vary in size from just a couple of inches up to a foot in diameter, and at other times I see it as an aura in the shape of huge swan-like wings wrapped around the person they are with at that moment in time. I am aware that the generally percieved appearance of Angels is that of a human being with large wings which enables them to fly. This perception is, I feel, symbolic and is something which we can understand, feel safe with and relate to.

Angels are with us in our hearts and soul, connecting to us in many ways that often go unrecognised in our daily lives – yet their presence can be greatly overwhelming at times of importance/safety, bringing you the knowing that you are truly blessed with their love, support and guidance.

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