Channelling will assist you in making a difference in the world. This does not mean that you will stop struggling, if you still choose to struggle. It does mean that you can learn to do things effortlessly if you choose. It doesn’t mean that everything will simply come to you, that you can relax and do nothing. It does mean that you can gain a greater sense of what you want to create, and find easier ways to bring it about. If you follow the advice of your guide and continue channelling, changes will occur in your emotional nature and you will less frequently have feelings of depression, anxiety or heaviness.

Channelling will not solve all of your problems. It will only change you in ways that you want to change yourself. You are the one who will make use of the words of wisdom. You are the one who will take action, get the work done and out into the world. Channelling is not a cure-all, or end all. Channelling simply accelerates your growth opportunities and lessons. You may find yourself re-experiencing and finally clearing up many of the old issues in your life. Although some of these experiences may not be comfortable at first, they will ultimately result in greater joy and power. Be open to small changes. You will find your efforts rewarded beyond your expectations. You will find that effort put into following your guide’s directions will produce great changes and rewards. These rewards won’t always be in the form you expect, so be open to pleasant surprises.

Channelling and working with your guide does not guarantee that people will love you, nor does it guarantee fame or popularity. It does, however, allow you to understand others in a more compassionate way. You will be able to observe yourself more objectively, free of your normal prejudices; it will teach you to love yourself more and help amplify and clarify your soul’s path. In following your higher path, you may indeed experience fame, recognition and popularity, but these will not have the same importance as before.

Besides channelling to obtain higher wisdom and personal guidance, some people will use it for their creative endeavours, such as writing plays, films, music or lyrics, painting, sculpting, ceramics and handiwork of all kinds. Some people’s guides assist them in counselling, teaching, therapy, healing or bodywork. Some guides are poetic, some are inspirational and some are instructive.

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