What are Orbs?

There are many different theories about what a spiritual orb is – ranging from them being dust, moisture in the air, defects in the film and faulty processing to name but a few.

I am going to explain what an orb means to me and then you can decide for yourself if it feels right to you also!

I have been able to see the human aura for many years and believe this is possible for every single person with vision; it is just a case of using your peripheral vision in a completely natural way – something that over the years many of us have stopped doing.

I will often see orbs around a person when I am giving a reading, teaching spiritual development or during a healing session. Often the orbs will appear as a ball of white light and then start to manifest into a colour and can grow in size to the height of a person or even larger. When I am out and about – especially in high energy places like near the sea, in the country or in a wood – I am delighted at how many are around and will often see millions of tiny white sparkles of light, which I now believe is the life force itself and we are able to breathe in this light through our lungs, skin and own personal energy centres. It has been scientifically proven that when our DNA is unravelled it is made up of light – so for all you light workers out there – just remember how beautiful you are.

Sometimes I will feel the presence of spirit energy around me and then see an orb, maybe in the corner of a room or doorway and, as I watch, it will move across the room, getting closer and becoming larger. I will often be given inspired thoughts or ideas or maybe even a message that I need to pass onto another person.

I have found it possible to take a photo of an orb that I can see with my own eyes. You have the ability to take pictures of orbs and with any camera of your choice. Orbs enjoy being photographed.

Find an area where you would like to take your photos and just click away for a while; if you are using a digital camera you will be able to check straightaway that no orbs are present. Then take a couple of minutes to slow down your thoughts and clearly welcome any orbs present to show themselves to you. Continue to take your pictures in a relaxed and friendly way, follow your feelings as where to point the camera and notice any thoughts that enter your mind at the same time. The more you focus, the more they will appear; the more relaxed you become the higher your energy will be to match theirs.

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