Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide?

Contacting and working with your Spirit Guide

Your Spirit Guide will encourage and help you discover your own inner guidance or knowingness. As you connect with your guide, you build a stronger, more open and refined constant connection to the higher realms. You will have more frequent and reliable intuitive insights and experiences of inner guidance or knowingness as the higher vibration flows directly into your mind. Your guide’s goal is to make you more independent and confident. The qualities of a perfect relationship – constant love, perfect understanding and unending compassion are qualities you will find in your guide.

You have a natural ability to reach the higher realms; you connect directly with these realms in moments of inspiration, inner guidance and creativity. You may not be able to reach these realms as easily and as often as you would like, but by connecting and channelling with your guide you build a bridge to the higher realms – a loving, caring, purposeful collective higher consciousness that has been called “God”, the “All that is” or the “Universal Mind”. Channelling involves consciously shifting your mind and mental space in order to achieve an expanded state of consciousness. To achieve this you will need to learn to concentrate, get your own thoughts out of the way and become receptive to higher guidance.

Your guide will assist you in developing your natural gift to connect to the higher realms. They do this by giving you a boost of energy, providing you with opportunities to grow in new directions, as your teachers and interpreters and showing you how to refine your abilities to navigate in the higher dimensions.

Guides will help you reach upwards in ways that are comfortable and aligned with your purpose.

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