Psychic Development Class

Psychic Workshop

Need some tips and pointers about your psychic or mediumistic unfoldment?

  •  When you expand your senses, you will recognise when and how your intuition “speaks” to you.
  • It will communicate with you in various ways.
  • Over time, you will feel, listen, taste, see, hear and experience the full language of your intuition.
  • Your sixth sense has its own frequency.
  • No one else can tune in to your psychic power but yourself.
    This is why you are special.

Delight your family and friends by hosting a Psychic Workshop where everyone will learn how to recognise and develop their own Psychic Abilities/Mediumship including how to see the Aura, and how to connect with spirit guides, angels  and loved ones who have passed.

The atmosphere is kept light and fun and each workshop is 3 hours.

People are often astounded as to how spiritually aware they already are.

All that is needed is to be encouraged to explore and expand your natural senses and connect with your sixth sense. What better way than in the safety and comfort of your own home or choice of venue with a group of friends.

Being a Host/Hostess to a Workshop is as easy as One, Two, Three!

  1. Invite your friends, family or work colleagues and be responsible for collecting their money beforehand or at the beginning of the event. An average workshop can be held with a minimum of 3 people. When 5 or more people attend, the host/hostess attends for free. Please confirm how many people are coming a few days beforehand, so that I can bring the correct amount of handouts.
  2. Supply a suitable area for the workshop to be held in, this could be your sitting room, dining room, or you may like to use a community/village hall, etc.
  3. You may decide to supply refreshments to your guests and depending on whether this is during the day or evening, it could be tea and cakes or wine and nibbles. You could even ask your guests to bring a plate of food and their favourite drink and create an instant buffet! The choice is yours.

Logic will get you from A to B; Intuition will get you everywhere.

This workshop is a good starting point for beginners, and is also suitable for those who already have some experience. Whether you are looking to expand your awareness, understand your energy and sensitivity, or develop your intuition (psychic ability), all of this can be done in a supportive environment.

The cost is £30 per person and the event lasts 3 hours.

Please note that travelling expenses may be added if your chosen location is outside of my local area.

Please feel free to ask any other questions by calling me direct on 07850 034920 or email me on

For legal reasons I have to advise that, due to the differing opinions as to the true nature of Psychic and Mediumship Abilities, I offer this service for entertainment purposes only.

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