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Self-Love Crystal Facial

Nicky L.

Nicky L told us:

I had the most amazing Self Love Crystal Facial with Amanda today. She explained everything she was going to do so I could completely relax. The Tropic products felt wonderful on my skin and lasted all day. I would definitely recommend the facial and would have one again.

Personalised Hypnotherapy CD

Laura M.

Laura M from Bognor Regis told us:

I recently had a hypnotherapy CD made for me by Amanda to help with a fear for upcoming surgery. I’ll admit I was sceptical to begin with but Amanda reassured me and filled me with confidence that it would work. I listened to the CD every night for 2 months at bedtime, only twice I reached the end of the CD still awake! In the
days leading up to my surgery I remained calm, and on the day I was really relaxed and calm. This would certainly not have been the case had I not have had the hypnotherapy CD made. It was a great help and I couldn’t have gone through with the surgery without it! Would definitely recommend it to anyone to help them!

Guided Aura & Chakra Cleanse


Natalie told us:

This meditation is extremely relaxing, it’s a great way to de-stress or unwind after a busy day or week. Amanda has such a gentle, peaceful voice which takes you on a journey helping to let go of every day worries and issues. I feel calmer, and emotionally lighter afterward and trust that my chakras are balanced and cleansed. I would definitely recommend this meditation.

4-day Intuitive Healing Course

Apryl B.

Apryl B. told us:

Absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute of gaining this knowledge and will never forget the feeling of being able to see my first aura.

Looking forward to furthering my knowledge with Amanda.

Joy C.

Joy C. from Patcham told us:

I have recently completed the Intuitive Healing Course with the lovely Amanda. Her teaching environment is friendly, comfortable and you are immediately made to feel welcome and at home. All of this is conducive to being taught in such an informative way you just know you are being guided by an expert who customises her teaching to each individual.

Thank you lovely lady for a brilliant course, I feel confident and well informed to progress in my healing.

I’d recommend you to everyone who wants to develop their skills.

Karen B.

Karen B. from Somerset told us:

I would recommend the healing course to anyone with a passing interest in healing or energy work. I liked the way it was presented with Amanda’s gentle approach on such a profound subject, covering a lot of information and instilling confidence in everyone on the course, combined with a down to earth, yet thorough covering of the practical aspects of healing.

There was ample opportunity for practising hands on healing. My own healing abilities and understanding of how to channel the healing energy and connect with my own intuition strengthened throughout the course. The course was presented in a warm and friendly way, with humour and insight by someone who clearly knows their stuff! Highly recommended!


Jodi from East Sussex told us:

I thought the course was amazing. I learnt a lot more than I expected, and now feel very confident to work with people on a energetic level. I also learnt to trust myself and my guides.

I thoroughly enjoyed it,I am very excited about this new enhanced understanding I have.

Amanda is incredibly knowledgeable, along with a huge connection with spirit – people and animals on all different levels.

Natalie F.

Natalie F. from East Sussex told us:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the healing course and have grown in confidence in my healing abilities. It is a complex subject and one in which I want to continue to learn. Amanda has been an amazing teacher, always welcoming, hospitable and teaches so much more than the healing. I leave here with a great sense of achievement and knowledge that Amanda is always there for me.

Jacqui G.

Jacqui G. from East Sussex told us:

The healing course was very enjoyable, clearly explained and, I believe, far more thorough than any other Healing Course I have attended in the past 30 years.

Stella C.

Stella C. from East Sussex told us:

I have found the Intuitive Holistic Healing course very well set out with clear and easy to manage sessions. Amanda is a very welcoming, warm person with a big heart. The knowledge I have gained will help me to go forward with my own plans to Equines as well as people. I now understand a lot more about our Body and Mind and how we work as Humans. I now feel confident about my success and hope to achieve great things in the future.

Nicky L.

Nicky L. from East Sussex told us:

I would recommend the Intuitive Holistic Healing course as I have learned so much over the four weeks, not only about the body and mind but also about myself which can only be a good thing!! Amanda has been a great teacher, very patient, considerate and supportive at all times.

Sharon E.

Sharon E. told us:

This course has given me a lot more information about energy, the aura and chakras. This will help me be a better and more knowledgeable healer. Thank you


Amanda’s Course as detailed above was a pleasure to attend . We received a detailed information file  which was an excellent resource. As participants we had the opportunity to practice attuning to energy fields, channeling and giving healing as well as to observing and experiencing healing . Amanda is clear in her affirmations and feedback which is both useful and encouraging .

The subject of the way we have a ‘sixth sense about things’ is also covered and time given to the way we do this; e.g. if we may be clairvoyant, clairaudient  or clairsentient for example.

The course introduces us to the tools and practice which sets us up well to move forward with understanding .

The lunches Amanda prepares are truly out of this world !


Psychic Development Class

Richard B.

Richard B. told us:

I first met Amanda in the spring of 2009, and subsequently attended her twice weekly Spiritual Development Groups until spring 2010 when she moved to Sussex.

During this time and ever since we have been close friends and confidants. Occasionally she is my mentor, wise and learned teacher.

I had sat in many different Circles before, over some fifteen years, but being in Amanda’s Circle, with people of both sexes and varying degrees of knowledge – some beginners, and some Old Hands, it soon became obvious that she offers that bit of extra-special Teaching in Spiritual matters of all kinds.

She has a natural affinity with people and manages them well. She is a natural leader and guide and holds people’s attention at whatever stage of Spiritual Development they are up to.

She is supportive emotionally, mentally and spiritually to all who come in contact with her. And is a very good Healer. In my opinion, second to none. I feel honoured to know her.

Sue P.

Sue P. told us:

I have known Amanda over 10 years; she is a very warm, caring, kind person, what you see is what you get with her.

I first met Amanda, in Seaford where she had a shop. It took a couple of times going in having a chat with her before I booked a healing session. The benefits of that healing led to more sessions. After about six months I was invited by Amanda to join her development group.

The way Amanda explained different topics was so easy to understand, and when things didn’t go quite to plan it wasn’t a problem for any of us. Amanda is such an easy going person. She deserves all the luck in the world. Good luck with any adventures you decide to do.

John M.

John M. told us:

Amanda has taught me a great deal about how to understand that part of me that others don’t see – my psychic intuitive self. I understand now that we all have this ability deep within us. Amanda has given me the opportunity to learn, practice and prosper in my search for psychic development. Her lessons are structured, comfortable and encourage group participation; they are for experiencing, not observing. The feedback and class materials are first class and there are weekly updates between classes to help you focus on your development outside the class room. Her courses are delivered in a safe and supportive environment that allows you to grow at a pace that is right for you, without feeling rushed or nervous. I have met some lovely people and shared some very positive experiences. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to develop their psychic skills and awareness

Animal Healing


Stuart from Eastbourne told us:

More recently you were kind enough to see Stella and myself with her little Siamese cat Jade whose thyroid was playing up.

I had done a reading with her fur and Jade said the operation to remove it would be fine, but that a golden light through another door would be necessary before-hand. So I contacted yourself and we all popped down to see what Jade had to say.

Well miracles do happen! Following your healing session for both Stella And Jade, Jade returned to sleeping with Stella after 2 months of sleeping in the shed, started playing cat and mouse games, ate for Britain, and breezed the operation as a result. Now calm is restored within her and she continues to be protected from the vicious energy of the other home dweller there. Magic? Co-incidence?

Neither…HEALING! Huge thank you, and not least from Jade herself who, at 14 pushing 15, is an old cat and entitled to worry about such a major operation. My readings confirmed all would be well – your healing energy was channelled beautifully. Thank you Amanda!

All the best, Stuart (on behalf of Stella and Jade)

Holistic Healing

Claire V

I have seen Amanda on two occasions for healing, and I have already come to the conclusion that she is a very gifted healer.  The first time I saw her was for a breathing problem I had suffered from for six years, and for which doctors were unable to help me with.

After just one visit to Amanda I felt so much lighter, and after just a week or two my breathing was starting to become easier and less suffocating! I came away from the first healing session feeling like a million dollars, and so relieved! The second visit, we talked more as the healing session progressed and a few days later I found that constant headaches I’d had for years on an almost daily basis just about cleared up overnight.

An infection in my left ear had also gotten better – brilliant! I’m very much looking forward to seeing Amanda again for her miraculous healing powers and it has encouraged me to think about becoming a healer myself. Thank you Amanda!


I initially met Amanda for a one off healing session. This was so powerful, I have not only grown strength to strength with my healed body, but I have grown spiritually and emotionally that I decided to become a medium and a healer myself. All credit to the fantastic support and knowledge Amanda has given me.


After endless trips to the doctors, receiving cranial osteopathy and other various treatments, including counselling, I was feeling very low. I had previously been in an accident that had left the left hand side of my body in a poor way, including my speech being affected, my tongue swollen on one side and my leg numb, amongst a list of other things. I was beginning to feel that I would never get better and the doctors were at a loss on how to help next.

My friend, who was getting very concerned for me, recommended that I go and have some healing with Amanda. She had used Amanda, and her ailments had been resolved.

In the beginning I was seeing Amanda once a week and within 3 weeks, my tongue was back to normal size, I was getting fewer headaches and walking better. It took a while longer to help improve my speech and with the help of one of Amanda’s Hypnotherapy CDs I was soon talking better, feeling better and enjoying putting into place some life changes that helped me feel more in control of my life, which in turn lessened the panic attacks I was having.

After I while I began to see Amanda fortnightly as my confidence was building, I was walking better and the numbness was gone from my leg and I was actually enjoying life again.

I continue to see Amanda once a month to help maintain my health, release any blockages I may have collected and always come away feeling relaxed and more energised. Amanda’s guidance and support throughout has really helped to turn my life around.


Amanda is one of the most intuitive and gifted persons I have ever had healing with. Her connection to spirit and being able to channel has helped me to release emotional blocks, and each session is always exactly what I needed in that moment.

She has helped me to let go of many emotional blockages in many different areas of my life. I feel so much clearer within myself and I am really looking forward to the future and what it brings. Thank you so much, I feel so much lighter within myself since so much baggage has been let go off.

I recommend that anyone who is suffering from emotional and mental burdens that are affecting their health that they see Amanda.


I just wanted to say “thank you” to Amanda. For the wonderful and powerful healing she did for me a few months ago. I had suffered a bad nervous breakdown caused by shock and lost myself entirely. Lost 2 stone in weight and anxiety was through the roof. I had been on medications for quite some time, but was still very weak. Amanda gave me healing explaining where the problem areas lay and it was an holistic experience. I went home and slept for 36 hours and woke up feeling stronger and more positive than ever. Since then I’ve got stronger every day and thankfully mentally I’m back to my old self. She explains about your chakras and colours and gives you great insight into why you are feeling like you do. She’s amazing..so professional…an absolute must for all !!!! Thank you so much Amanda for all you’ve done for me

Jill P.

Jill from Pevensey told us:

I was suffering with migraines, but following regular healing sessions with Amanda the migraines completely cleared.  This was such a wonderful relief! Thank you Amanda.

Tina W.

Tina told us:

Hi everyone I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank Amanda for her wonderful healing sessions I have been attending. They have helped me to become unblocked. My life is now so full of positive energy and I’m becoming more fruitful day by day. If you have never tried a healing session with Amanda, I would strongly advise that you try it. Once again, thanks Amanda.

Sharon D.

I have had 2 healing sessions with Amanda so far. I have been through emotional trauma for 8 months and have tried various doctors who prescribed strong medication, counsellors and a psychiatrist at £330 an hour all to no avail. I even thought I’d had a heart attack and ended up in cardiology.

I was a complete emotional and physical wreck and it was ruining my life. It dawned on me I needed healing, in this case Spiritual, although Amanda does everything. Immediately I was able to release all my pent up emotions and not be frightened to make a fool of myself! I cried like a baby and she listened and told me things I couldn’t know through normal channels about what was going on in my body.

After the first session I, hand on heart, felt brilliant. Although I slept a lot after the session I felt back to my old self and developed a more philosophical approach to my problems, which were obviously still there, but I also felt a powerful urge to fight it – which worked.

I had the second session this morning. It felt great and I could enjoy the healing and, on my life, I felt like my body levitated twice! Amanda said my body was on the couch and my Spiritual body rose. She felt it too. I believed before it was hocus-pocus or the phenomenon was only for the privileged. I slept the deepest sleep when I got home and my positivity and loving life has come back. The so-called problems have shrunk to pea size and Amanda has honestly saved my sanity. God bless her.

Stuart L.

Having known Amanda in excess of 4 years. She has a calm presentation and warm personality, whilst at the same time being focused on her clients disposition/anxieties and condition the moment she makes contact.

Over the years I have received healing from her on many occasions, from skeletal and muscular injuries to dealing with exhaustion, anxiety and stress – from which my body has received immediate relief from pain and discomfort.
Amanda’s “post healing session” advice and assessment is vital to take note of, as it does give you and awareness of what blockages or resistance we have and what “we” the client can do to assist with the post healing session process during our personal lives.

What I have experienced is the nature or intensity that surprises me time and again, some times without any touch and for the more severe complaints, extremely light touch and amazing energies surging through the body or limb, all resulting with very positive healing benefits.

I have had absent healing from Amanda that has also been successful and reassuring.

Amanda is extremely good in dealing with animals. Again with the pet/animal, whether absent or direct healing she immediately makes contact with the animal on the “mental level” and can convey the animals thoughts and distress to the owner/guardian. In our lovely elderly cat’s final months this was literally “priceless” for our family, giving details of the internal conversation she was having with him and the advice she gave us of what life was for him at the time which was extremely helpful and comforting. We then knew what we should look for and do when the time came.

In my opinion from what I/we witnessed with our lovely cat, is that the animals do not put up emotional defence barriers and communicate freely – “with the right person” such as Amanda whom we thank immensely.

Amanda’s eBook


Marian told us:
Acknowledging You Are Psychic eBook

To start with, thank you very much for taking time to help me. Especially since you must be a very busy lady. I told everyone I met I read your ebook and got your reply straight away, and they were really impressed. I wish you all the success in the world.

You have written it in a very simple and nice way, and even more, what you say is TRUE. You are not one of those looneys who fool people.

You have been of fantastic help to me. But so far, you have helped me more than anybody in all these years with your book, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love and all the best in your personal and professional life.

All the love in the world from Spain, and please write more books.


Ashley told us:
Acknowledging You Are Psychic eBook

I have just finished your E-book. I found it to be very interesting in the area of starting development for people who are learning. Not only does it explain it in a way anyone can understand but it is also very easy to follow. Although I am already knowledgeable in the areas you cover in the book, it was nice to reflect back to when I had first started learning in my own self-development. The book is a safe and very interesting read. I would have loved to have seen more about your personal stories, as the interest I have in this world of spiritual living is the experiences that others have happen to them on their path. But all the same I found it to a great read and well worth buying.

I also liked the part where you talked about the situation about you being in a moment of deep emotions & what caught your eye in mirror. It is those short part stories that keep me reading and wanting more. Again, if anyone setting off on new development in the areas in which you cover such as auras & meeting spirit guides, then this be a good buy and a great bargain. I find that your teachings are easy to understand and follow. The vibration energy of your voice is also very well balanced so people always listen.

Amanda thank you for writing such an understandable book. Thank you for your great healing sessions too you’re amazing.

From one intuitive to another – well done!


Sherry told us:
Acknowledging You Are Psychic eBook

Hello, my name is Sherry… Yes, the ‘near orgasm girl’ written about and forever recorded in scribe in Amanda’s first eBook!

When Amanda first talked about writing a book on Spirituality I have to admit I never in my wildest dreams expected the end result. Not because I had little faith in her knowledge or experience (The woman IS the oracle!) And nor because I thought her incapable of writing, it was just that we ALL say ‘I want to write a book’…and never get around to it.

Well, she did it and ‘the girl done good’! Seriously, it is one of the most intelligible, funny, informative, interactive and absorbing books on this subject I have ever read. Amanda has a style of writing that is all encompassing and endearing and makes you keep right on reading leaving you wanting more. It is so worth your time and effort.

Well done darling. For all the suns & moons that have passed by us you have been the constant star! Don’t stop now..!

Tanya B.

Tanya B. told us:

When Amanda told me she was venturing upon a new path of sharing what she has learnt through writing, I was immediately engaged with Amanda’s new idea, for one simple reason; Amanda’s gifts, saved and enlightened my life forever.

After a very long life journey of travel and experience, I found myself landed in ‘Seaford’, a quiet yet friendly and welcoming little cinque port on the South East of England’s coast.

I had already been experiencing many Spiritual wake-up calls but had no idea of how to understand, interpret or protect myself from unwelcome experience. I found myself walking through the quaint town and so strongly drawn, almost ‘pulled inside’ of a beautiful yet unusual shop called ‘Natures Nectar’ before I had left, I was unexpectedly given a start date for my new job as a sales/customer service representative.

The job opened my eyes, filled me with hope, joy, satisfaction and yearning to learn more. Then I found out I was expecting as a single parent and my journey just illuminated with love, comfort, support and hope. Why? My belongings comprised of a few bags and boxes….But I had Amanda by my side.

Amanda told me everything was as it should be and to embrace my experience. Let go of blame and accept my blessings with love, light and happiness. Amanda taught me how to develop my senses and being pregnant, my senses glowed with excitement and eagerness.

Amanda taught me how to ‘let go’ of past hurt, how to embrace and accept gifts of love and even gifts of support from all. Amanda taught me how to feel empowered by shedding my many faces and simply be myself.

She taught me how to understand my gifts instead of worrying about them and soon, I too, was sharing my gifts with all. Confirmation after confirmation glided into my life and with Amanda as my guide and teacher, I knew I was in the best place I could ever possibly be. She helped me feel at peace.

To say that I can see and read auras, be Clairaudient, Clairsentient, read tarot’s, receive and give accurate message, see Spirit guides, future, past and present events of strangers and loved ones and can teach others about crystal therapies and meanings etc. is all because Amanda came into my life in the most positive solid and trustworthy way.

Amanda is not only a person with things to say, Amanda Walder is the best experience of my life enlightenment and if you want this feeling too…then you should, in my opinion, meet Amanda.

Equine Healing


Amanda visited my horse when I knew there was something not quite right. I had my own instincts which not even the vets had picked up on. I was blown away that not only was Amanda precise on areas of my concerns, but she was also able to confirm past and present “correct” information around my horses behaviour and symptoms. This was later confirmed correct via the vet. Thank goodness Amanda spotted it early.

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